GSL Code S Quarter Final Recap

GSL Code S Quarter Final Recap
Starting with eight of the best players in starcraft having now played their matches, the Quarterfinals have come to a close, and we are now left with just four players and one last round before we will find out what our Grand Final makeup will look like. After watching the games I cannot help but to be excited for the rest of this GSL season as the games to come look amazing. The four remaining players are all very good, showing some of the strongest performances, and I am very glad that things played out the way they did so these players did not meet earlier in the tournament, as they all deserve to be here.


The first game was herO vs Cure which I had expected to be a very good back and forth series between two really strong players. Something Artosis brought up that was important to note, was that herO has actually been playing pretty much one style since the beginning of LotV which should give him a disadvantage going into these games.The first game between these players was a very good game. herO went for a Phoenix Adept build and never really managed to get any damage and once Cure was able to kill the Phoenix he was able to drop herO and get a lot of damage. But the real story was just the pure amount of bio Cure was able to get up at home while harassing herO and being able to push across the map and kill herO. The second game was decided by a huge move out from Cure to target the third from herO.  herO had no MSC, or any other units, to stop the 30 or so supply of bio which killed a lot of herO’s probes and his third Nexus, which led into Cure killing herO when herO tried to counter with Adepts and a Warp prism as a double drop went into herO’s natural sealing the game for Cure.

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The third game started with Cure doing a Tank marine push against herO, and then through a little mis micro and good play from herO, he lost the Tank and Marines which set the game back to a normal pace. herO followed up with Oracle and Phoenix behind the push. Once he built up a reasonable supply of Adept Phoenix he launched a big attack onto Cure picking up the Tanks and killing the bio taking his first game of the series. Cure opened the fourth game and seemed to know that herO wanted to open with an Oracle scouting the entire map for a proxy Stargate but the Stargate was in herO’s main. Cure lost a handful of SCV’s but not enough to make it worth it. Cure sent out a big chunk of Marines and Medivacs to attack herO as herO was coming across the map with his force of Adepts and Phoenix with a proxy pylon right beside Cure’s third. As soon as Cure got to herO’s base he immediately shut down the third and took the majority of his Marines into the main and unpowered all of herO’s buildings, kicking off a full fledge base trade. Cure managed to kill all of herO’s Nexus and forced herO to recall home which ended up being a bad choice as he lost his last probe in that and then ended up losing as Cure still had his production.


In the next series we had Dream vs TY which I had also expected to be a good series with TY to come out on top. The first game between these players had a very similar feel to a lot of mirror matches very identical openings, until one player makes something happen. This came in the form of Dream getting his Stim and 1-1 way faster than TY did. TY set up a pretty safe base by getting early Sensor towers but even with that, Dream managed to get two drops into the main and natural of TY which killed about 24 SCV’s. In response TY dropped the natural of Dream while sieging up and cancelling Cure’s 4th base,which led into a back and forth positioning fight for tanks and marines until eventually in the later game Dream had his army in medivacs coming home and TY managed to snipe off a few full medivacs which leads to TY having the bigger army and winning the game.

TY decided to flip the script in game number two going for a Double proxy Reaper build which ended up being controlled magnificently and just straight up ended the game killing SCV’s and any units Dream made. Game three Dream went for a 3 CC build while TY went for more of a two base tech oriented build, and with cross spawns I liked the build choice from Dream. However, TY gets a small drop into Cure’s main, which gets a little bit of damage, followed up by a Cloaked Banshee and with no Turrets the Banshees just go to town on the mineral lines. Off of the back of the Banshee harass, TY walked some tanks and marines across the map to start sieging up the natural meanwhile setting up his third base. The game turns into a bit of a standstill as Dream does try to get a bit of drop damage in but never really manages to get into TY’s base and just tries to survive until TY moves across the map and crushes Dream.


Starting the second day of games, Zest and Taeja were set to have a rematch from earlier in the tournament, which I had strongly favored Zest to repeat history and take Taeja out for good this time. All throughout the series Zest was calm and in the driver’s seat without any real concerns of losing, as Taeja really seemed uncomfortable throughout the games making weird decisions and big mistakes. In the first game Taeja researched banshee cloak and never made a banshee, which leads me to believe he either changed his mind on making it or he misclicked the upgrade. Zest managed to get up to four bases really quickly and keep Taeja contained and through good use of Blink Stalkers and other units to close out an easy game one. In game two, Zest opens with a pretty standard open into a DT drop and Taeja had no Turrets so he had to rely on scans which he did not have many of and sustained too much damage causing him to lose the game.

Game three was not too much better for Taeja, and in the game something Naniwa actually pointed out that when Zest dropped the DT’s the first time Taeja actually lifted both of his Orbitals, which you could see the main lift and then the natural SCVs all returned minerals to the main. All in all Taeja was never able to get any traction going in this series and will probably sting for quite a while.


Last but not least was Dear vs Losira, in what was thought to be one of the most interesting games with Losira playing a very different style of Zerg and Dear being touted as a top tier Protoss. Game one was on Dusk Towers which is a map most Protoss players will prefer against Zerg, and Losira went for overlord speed and an evo chamber but never really got to utilize it considering Dear opened with Phoenix and was able to pick off mostly every overlord on the map. In this game we actually saw a storm drop from Dear which managed to kill 12 drones. However when Dear attacked across the map Losira had a ton of Banelings which melted all of the Zealots and the immortals were all cleaned up afterwards by the lings. After this attack the game slowly transitioned to a full sky game with corruptor Broodlords from Losira while Dear switched to Tempest, Archon, Storm with a Mothership. Over time Dear whittled away Losira’s forces and took the first game. Game two Dear showed a different tendency by opening with Resonating glaives and 7 gates in a very all in fashion. The adepts get a decent position on Losira’s main ramp, funneling all drones and Lings into the choke and them getting massacred causing the game to end right there.

Dear decided he would go ahead and try to end the series by dropping a quick proxy 3 gate, which was scouted by Losira. Losira took a pool first build however, he took a more exposed natural hatch which gets picked off, but Losira still ends up being in a fine position. Dear walls off his main but Losira decides to go around that by getting overlord drop and deals some damage but not as much as he maybe could have fighting in an overcharge. While Dear is holed up in his base Losira gets his three bases up and transitions to Hydras. As soon as Charge finishes, Dear decides to move across the map; perhaps he was underestimating his position in the game, as he attacked into a well defended position by Lurkers and he lost a little too much of his army to stay in the game, which gives Losira his first win of the series. In game four Dear decided to go back to a standard style of play. However on the other side of the map Losira was going for a Roach rush. Luckily for Dear he was going for early Immortals as well as a few pylons at the natural to buy time. With some good micro on the Immortal Dear is able to hold the attack without losing too much. After holding the attack from Losira Dear does a strong 2 base push with Immortals and Stalkers with a few Sentries which kills Losira putting an end to the Quarter finals.


After the dust had settled we were left with four players to continue the path to becoming the first GSL Champion of the year and the new expansion. Our remaining hopefuls are Zest, Dear, TY, and Cure. With each player playing a mirror we are guaranteed a PvT finals for this season. If this part of the tournament was anything to go off of the next stage should be explosive with each of the players either 3-0’ing or 3-1’ing their opponent in the Quarter finals the games to come should be over the top with nothing held back.


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