FIFA Pro Clubs: iFVPA Copa America Final Preview

The Copa America finally comes to and end with a big rivalry as the Final. It’s USA vs Mexico, and it is a rematch of their match-up in the group stages. This rivalry has had it’s twists and turns but in this final, all best are off.

How They Got Here:

Let’s start with Mexico. They haven’t lost a single game yet, and they have won and tied against the same USA they are about to play. Mexico won the group with 5 wins and 1 tie. Then they moved one to beat Chile on a 4-1 aggregate in the Quarterfinals, then best Honduras 3-1 on aggregate. Their defense has been elite this tournament and second to none. USA on the other hand finished with 3 wins, 2 ties, and 1 loss. in the group stage, then moved on slip by Canada in Golden Goal 2-1. In the semifinals, then they beat a persistent Peru 3-0. Their road to the finals has been tougher and they have earned their place in the finals.

Keys to the Game:

For Mexico, they need to score early. Their defense can hold things down but their offense needs to get on the board quickly. A comfortable, and free flowing USA is extremely dangerous. Mexico also will need to capitalize on every opportunity they can, as there may not be a whole lot of offense for either side if the defenses keep playing as well as they are.

USA on the other hand, will need to play team defense and shut down Mexico’s dangerous midfield, especially in the early-going. I’d be more confident in Mexico coming back from a goal or two down than I would be for USA. The offense for USA needs to create chances, a lot more than what they did against Mexico in the group stages. USA can punish opponents with clinical passing, and that passing needs to result in goals.

Players to Watch:

Mexico – Viva Pep – CB: As a player that plays in the FVPAA, he knows the USA roster extremely well and even plays on a team with a couple of them. Him knowing player’s tendencies and knowing how the team wants to play gives him a big advantage and his defense alone can carry a backline.

USA – That Bottleface – GK: Bottle just suffered a loss for his club in a Final but now looks to bounce back for his country and lead them to victory. He may not have the most action but when his team needs him, he will need to step up to the occasion and be what many people describe him as, “The Best GK in the FVPAA.”


As much as I’d like to pick Mexico, my gut is telling me that USA rebounds nicely and squeaks out a win 3-2. I think the midfield for both teams make the game a back and forth battle but the USA offense proves too much and USA finally lives up to expectations.

Check out the game here:

Copa America Final: USA vs Mexico