GSL Code S Ro. 16 Recap

GSL Code S Ro. 16 Recap


From April 1st to April 8th we had the pleasure of watching the Round of 16 in the first GSL Code S of the new expansion and it had a little bit of everything. Every matchup was played, upsets happened, and some players are starting to really assert a sense of dominance in their play, even playing this deep in the tournament. Going into the round of 16 there were six Terran, five Protoss, and five Zerg players all competing to get into the quarterfinals.


In Group A we had herO, Trap, Taeja, and Speed. Going into the games I would say that most people expected herO to easily make it out of the group with second place being a bit of a toss up. herO has shown strong play for a long time now and showed no signs of slowing up. While maybe a surprise to some, and a good one at that, Taeja made it out of the group in second place which did not surprise me too much. With Taeja he played excellent TvT games before so I had expected him to beat Speed if he played him, but Taeja also showed good TvP in his games even when he did not necessarily win. The game to watch for this group was definitely Taeja vs Trap’s first series which he would lose, but then come back and beat Trap 2-0 in the decider match. This was a very good group to watch to study TvT/TvP and PvT/PvP.


For Group B we had one of the scarier groups consisting of Zest, soO, Solar, and Cure. This was a pretty straight forward group with literally every series being a 2-0 map score. Solar came into Legacy considered to be the best player, and up until now he has continued to play well, but he had an extremely disappointing showing in this group going 0-4 in his 2 series. The first player out of the group was Zest, which was not really a surprise to most, as he 4-0’d his way through the group in a dominant fashion. The other player to make it out of the group was Jin Air’s Terran Cure; he has been performing pretty well as of late in Proleague and in his last GSL showing, so I expected him to make it out of this group and was excited to see him pull it out. But just an interesting tidbit is that the overall map score for TvZ in the round of 16 was 8-0, with Cure 4-0’ing his Zerg opponents.


Group C was the group I was least sure about as far as who would make it out of the group. Containing Dream, Losira, Dark, and Curious I had mixed feelings about Dreams chances as he has played so well this far in the GSL and has showed great games in Proleague. He also only had to practice for one matchup for this group, but on the flipside all of his opponents could see what he might want to do if they were to play him after his first series which can always be problematic at the top level of play. However Dream showed there was no reason to be concerned as he emulated Cure in 4-0’ing his two Zerg opponents. Which left Losira, Dark, and Curious and to be honest with Dark in the finals of SSL I think many people would agree with taking Dark to advance. However, Losira was not going to allow him the chance at a double title this season. Losira beat both Solar and Dark 2-1 to take the second place group, adding that extra bit of excitement of seeing an older player still doing well, with him and Taeja advancing to the Quarter finals.


Last but not least was Group D, which in my opinion was the toughest group to be in with all four players being really good; we had TY, Dear, Myungsik, and Bunny filling out this group. With both TY and Dear being touted as the top players of their respective races, this group was lined up to be explosive with the addition of Myungsik (who actually won the Preseason of GSL, but that was on the old patch I am pretty certain), and Bunny, who had played some good games lately as well. I feel safe in saying most people predicted Dear and TY to get out of this group, and I have to say that these players really put on a show. Dear advanced out of the group in first place dropping only one map to Bunny, while 2-0’ing TY in the winner’s match. TY came out of the group in second beating Myungsik 2-1 and then beating him again in the deciding match 2-0.


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