Overlord Drop Tweak

Overlord Drop Tweak

In my experiences, playing against the popular Ling/Queen drop style from Zerg on maps like Ulrena and close air spawns on the four player maps, is not the actual drop ability itself. In my opinion the builds that seem “unstoppable” are the builds where the Zerg gets overlord speed, loads them up with Speedlings and Queens with Roaches and is just able to do a lot of damage.  To be honest there are very few ways Protoss can actually kill the overlords at the time they hit. Side note, this is my first ever real balance post/idea so any input would be highly appreciated, for example this will not work because x, or I think this could work if you also did this type feedback.

So what am I suggesting you might ask. Well I think if Blizzard wants to keep Zerg drop play at the hatchery, leaving the Drop requirement on the evolution chamber is fine, because as a Protoss if you see an evo chamber that soon you know that it is coming. However, if they move the Overlord speed upgrade to Lair tech it would substantially hinder the builds that include dropping Queens. (Main maps that come to mind are Ulrena and Ruins of Endion) With this change you would need to have your overlords placed more aggressively close to the opponent’s base in order to drop at a reasonably quick time. But if you tried to load Queens as well, you would either have to walk them across really early, or wait for slow overlords to come across which would allow Protoss additional time to put down pylons in good positions as well as poke overlords away with stalkers, and from Terrans point of view having the time for extra bunkers and potentially another round of units to be out.

I am under the impression that with moving Overlord drop to Lair the playstyle will be pretty much removed from competitive play, which is clearly against Blizzards ideology. I feel as if when you get a Lair that early, there are better options for aggressive plays. For example if I was rushing to Lair for overlord drop, I would rather go for a Nydus play instead because I can keep rallying units if I want to fully commit as well as have Queens mass transfuse. With my suggested tweak to the Overlord speed the option for early Ling drops is still viable, but has a little more of a risk to it, and seems a bit less abusive.


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