Collegiate League of Legends Takes Another Step; Big Ten Network to Televise Ohio State vs Michigan State LoL Match

When I say Ohio State vs Michigan State, I almost immediately think about football or basketball games between the two colleges. In this instance, I’m talking about League of Legends. Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, and the Big Ten Network haver partnered together to bring viewers the BTN Invitational. The BTN Invitational will be a League of Legends match between Ohio State and Michigan State, two Big Ten rival schools. Out of the 14 schools in the Big Ten conference, 13 have official League of Legends clubs which makes them the biggest League of Legends conference in the country. Colleges currently compete in the Univeristy League of Legends (uLOL) series. For more information about the uLOL check out their site here.


The BTN Invitational will take place on April 22 at 12PM EST with live streaming provided by as well as BTN2Go. The event will be broadcasted on April 25 at 7pm EST and will officially be the first League of Legends event to ever be broadcasted on a collegiate network. The game will take place in Boston at the event, PAX East. PAX East will also be the home to the Final Four of the 2016 uLoL Campus Series Finals. The Final Four teams competing are Robert Morris, Georgia Tech, the University of British Columbia and the University of Maryland. The semifinals will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Sat., April 23, leading up to the finals from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sun., April 24. It will be an eventful weekend in Boston for collegiate League of Legends players everywhere.

Esports Continues Taking Steps To Become Even Bigger


Riot Games continues to explore and expand their options when it comes to collegiate League of Legends. Their uLOL series replaced the North American Collegiate Championship at the start of the year and more colleges have gained interest since. Last month, UC Irvine became the first college to announce that they will be giving out scholarships for League of Legends players to compete for their school. They have planned to build a gaming cafe in the central location of the school that will resemble gaming cafes in Korea. It will be equipped with gaming PCs and with the help of Riot Games, UCI will look for their eSports section to take off. For the full story on UCI’s plans with eSports, check out their article on their site here.

Collegiate eSports is still very young, but it is continuing to take big steps in becoming a very real thing that every school may start participating in. League of Legends, in particular, is dominating college campuses with groups forming everywhere across the country. Universities, as well as their respective conferences, are seeing what the eSports industry is doing and are beginning to hop on board with it. College students across the country should look up their respective college’s eSports group and get involved. As for the High School LoL players, you may be getting a scholarship offer from schools now for your Leauge of Legends play. The eSports movement is very real and continues to make strides to embed itself into our culture more and more each day.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy