FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII – ACL Awards

Wow, what an ending to a wonderful season. The reign of Viva Futbol and FC Serenity is in danger, and 1st place came down to the very final game. FC Phoenix comes away with its first regular season 1st place campaign but that was one of the many story-lines on the season that made this season, I think, the best and most competitive in ACL history.


Will someone finally end the Viva/Serenity dynasty?

If there was a season to do, this is it. If Viva Futbol or FC Serenity wins it this season, it would be really demoralizing for a lot of members of the community; it would almost be bad for the community. Last season, FC Dragonz gave the community hope by beating Serenity in the semifinals but then going on to lose 7-0 to Viva in the final. This season, the playoffs will be more competitive than ever. FC Phoenix and Never Unlucky FC go in at the #1 and #2 seed and for the first time since Viva and Serenity have been in ACL together, neither of them are in the top 2, or even winning the regular season crown for that matter. Viva and Serenity now have extremely tough match-ups in the first round now, and they could be in serious danger of not even making the semis. While Phoenix and Never Unlucky are the favorites to end the dynasty but Artistic and Xplicit FC could upset these giants too. Eclipse CF and Empire Football may have a slimmer chance than the others, but it’s not out of the realm to say that it could happen, and Eclipse are easily the best 8-seed to be in playoffs. This may be the first time in ACL history that there is a realistic shot at all 8 ACL teams winning the title. For FVPAA’s sake, someone end this dynasty. Make FIFA fun again.

Not One, but Two EPIC comebacks

Artisitc and Empire Football both looked done and dusted in the first half of the season. If you want to go back even further, they both were fighting for relegation 2 weeks in almost 3 even. Slowly but surely, they both rose back into playoff contention and now both will be fighting for an ACL title in the playoffs. But I think the most interesting thing about these comebacks is that it happened in vastly different ways. Artistic ended up in 5th and used team defense to rally the troops. While they overall struggled on offense throughout the season, if they went up 1-0, it was almost like a chokehold. Hell, they beat FC Phoenix twice while only letting them have 5 shots between the two game. Empire on the other hand used the transfer window to offload key pieces and bring in players that wanted to be apart of a team. They eventually brought in lower talent but enough to where they could use an offensive surge into 7th place. They are one of the hottest teams going into playoffs now. Both of these teams really made incredible strides to make it into playoffs and both comebacks were impressive in their own way.

BigBad Team of the Season:

GK – That Bottleface – FC Serenity – 17 Clean Sheets

LB – Gordon23 x – FC Serenity – 18 Clean Sheets

CB – Aztecas l 8 l – FC Serenity – 15 Clean Sheets

CB – lvl 0 arcanine – Artistic – 17 Clean Sheets

RB – Walker l 2 l – FC Phoenix – 15 Clean Sheets

CDM – OP KNOCK – FC Phoenix – 1 Goal, 1 Assist

RM – FHz Vallejos 8 – FC Serenity – 13 goals, 6 assists

LM – Unlucky Diggs – Never Unlucky FC – 14 goals, 8 assists

CAM – Viva Ideen – Artistic – 7 goals, 21 assists

ST – Viva Calvo – Viva Futbol – 26 goals, 7 assists

ST – iFarrell – FC Phoenix – 21 goals, 14 assists

Utility – Midget l 23 – FC Phoenix – 12 goals, 9 assists (Played ST, RM, CAM)


GK – Vahllstrom – Artistic – 16 Clean Sheets

ST – TheNatural21 – Quality Futbol – 25 goals, 11 assists

ST – Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC – 21 goals, 14 assists

CB – Unlucky Masters – Never Unlucky FC – 10 Clean Sheets, 8 assists

CB – Fiddleton – FC Serenity – 15 Clean Sheets

CAM – Unlucky Dustin – Never Unlucky FC – 14 Goals, 8 assists

CDM – TGxCFD15 – FC Serenity – 1 goal, 1 assist

LM – MLedda – Artistic – 17 goals, 3 assists

RM – Franc11x – 2 goals, 12 assists

LB – DoN l 2 l – FC Phoenix – 14 Clean Sheets

RB – xxKRONERxx – 15 Clean Sheets

Utility – FHz Ozil 11 – FC Serenity – 9 goals, 8 assists (ST, RM/LM)

(I made a second team for the bench because there was so many players that deserved TOTS and there are still many others left off)

ACL Awards:

Most Valuable Player: lvl 0 arcanine


Wow, what a story this is. This may be controversial, but I, among others, truly think lvl 0 Arcanine have earned this award. He was the biggest reason why Artistic was so great defensively and that Artistic was able to rise to 5th place out of a dismal start. Arcanine has been through numerous CB partners this season and he has been able to withstand all offensive efforts by opponents. Arcanine has been one constant on a team, a league even more so, full of inconsistency. His play elevated teammates around him and he stepped up when he needed to. Congrats to lvl 0 arcanine and the rest of the MVP Finalists on tremendous seasons.

2.) TheNatural21 – Quality Futbol

3.) FHz Vallejos 8 – FC Serenity

4.) Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC

5.) Viva Calvo – Viva Futbol

6.) iFarrell – FC Phoenix

Golden Boot: Viva Calvo


Assist Leader: Viva Ideen


Manager(s) of the Season: Lahm l 21 l/NotMikeD/Midget l 23/Luka Lockup – FC Phoenix

Runner-ups: Cheeks Mcfly/Ronaldinho xl0 – Empire Football, Lovelady09/Unlucky Masters/Unlucky Dustin – Never Unlucky


Most Improved Team: Never Unlucky FC

Runner-ups: Artistic, Arrechos SC


Most Improved Player: TheNatural21 – Quality Futbol


Runner-ups: Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC, MLedda – Artistic


Defensive Player of the Season: lvl 0 arcanine – Artistic


Runner-ups: Aztecas l 8 l – FC Serenity, Walker l 2 l – FC Phoenix


Rookie of the Year: Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC


Runner-ups:  NKG HD – Babooshka FC, Taco Bale – Regulators


Biggest Disappointment: PureTxBadass – DEMOLITION FC

Runner-ups: habsguy11 – Eclipse CF, streets1014 – FC Serenity


Best GK: That Bottleface – FC Serenity

Runner-ups: Vahllstrom – Artistic, Itz Hotpants – FC Phoenix, CAMBALACHE11 – Arrechos SC


Best Midfielder: FHz Vallejos 8 – FC Serenity

Runner-ups: Viva Ideen – Artistic, OP KNOCK – FC Phoenix, Unlucky Diggs – Never Unlucky FC


Best Striker: Viva Calvo – Viva Futbol

Runner-ups: TheNatural21 – Quality Futbol, iFarrell – FC Phoenix, Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC


Best Match: Never Unlucky FC 2-3 FC Serenity 

Runner-ups: FC Phoenix 2-1 FC Serenity, Eclipse CF 2-1 Viva Futbol

Thanks to everyone who made this season special! This season was full of intrigue and was one of the best ever! Whoever wins it this season deserves a lot of credit!