GSL Code S Quarterfinal Preview

GSL Code S Quarterfinal Preview



After starting with the initial 60 players in the GSL Code A we are now down to the top 8 players in Code S for the first season of 2016. The remaining 8 players are herO, Cure, Dream, TY, Taeja, Zest, Losira and Dear. With a racial makeup of 4 Terrans, 3 Protoss, and 1 last hope for Zerg players. This is a very exciting group of players to make up the Quarterfinals for many reasons. Looking at it from just this seasons perspective, we have a rematch from the round of 32 in Taeja vs Zest, as well as a feeling of seeing players who have been around for a long time performing well once again. For example, Losira has been around since 2010 and this is going to be his highest GSL Achievement since 2011 when he lost in the finals to NesTea. These players will have had at least a week to prepare for these games so I cannot wait to see what they have in store.


The first match, which will be played on April 13th at 18:30 KST, is herO vs Cure. This looks to be a very good matchup on paper; looking back at the round of 32, Cure 2-0’d Stork who had previously beaten Innovation. Now I know it has been some time, so many things could have changed as well as Innovation had not been playing his best but that is still no small feat. While herO played against Dream, who shocked most when he came out of the group in first beating both herO and Seed. Looking a little more at the round of 16, herO beat Speed 2-0 and Speed has been playing quite well, while Cure lost 2-0 to Zest. While I think that Zest is a stronger player than herO, at this moment I do believe that he could use a little bit of what he saw Zest do to exploit Cure. Neither player has outstanding results in Proleague at the moment, however herO did take a game from Dream who has been performing pretty well overall lately.


The second game is TY vs Dream; this matchup should be a very exciting one as these are two of the highest performing Terran players in the Korean scene at the moment. TvT has shown to be a very exciting matchup and played on a knife’s edge; one mistake, one misplaced tank can start a snowball of problems for the player. TY has been highly thought of for a long time and considered to be the best Terran at times, but lately has shown some weakness (for example he dropped a few games at the All Stars event in World vs Korea Showmatches). Dream was kind of a Dark horse in his GSL run so far; while he was playing well no one really thought too highly of him until he beat herO and Seed, coming out of both his round of 32 and 16 groups in first place.


The first game being played on April 15th Zest vs Taeja,  is a rematch from the round of 32. In the series from earlier, the players had a very one sided game in favor of Zest. Zest got a quick 2-0 over Taeja when he showed off his DT drop build that got a really quick win, and then he used a safe Blink build to secure game 2 after a long drawn out game from Taeja which ended with a mass Chargelot warpin. Zest has honestly seemed really unstoppable lately; crushing his way through the GSL to this point and very strong showings in the Proleague as well for KT, while Taeja has also played very well but has fewer games to show since he is not in a team affiliated with Proleague.


The last game of the Quarterfinals is between Losira and Dear which is going to be an exciting game to say the least. Losira is a player who has been around for a long time and people are excited to see doing well again, however his opponent is being touted as one of the best Protoss in the world right now. Dear just dropped two games to herO in Proleague the other day but I do not think that is indicative of much as it is a mirror match, in which he was ahead both games. Losira on the other hand has had a weird season as far as Proleague goes; he has finally won his first game in Proleague. Even though he has shown to be very strong in the GSL he has not brought that performance over to Proleague which leaves me a little concerned for him.


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