FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII – Power Rankings Week 6

With playoffs right around the corner, every team will have to fight for their position. Some for relegation, some for a good playoff seed, and others for playoffs in general. This is possibly the tightest race down the stretch we have seen in a while and this final week will be absolute chaos!!


1.) Viva Futbol – Viva struggled last week but still control their own destiny heading into the final week. Headlined by a tightly contested 1-0 loss to FC Phoenix that felt like a playoff game, Viva found it to be tough sledding with a shock loss to giant killers American Outlaws 2-0. Even with those two losses, they are in 2nd place behind Serenity by a single point but with a game in hand. Their final game against the defensive Artistic could decide a lot of seeds for playoffs with Viva almost guaranteed a top 3 finish.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 1

2.) FC Phoenix – Phoenix are still in it for the long haul and a #1 seed is within their grasp. Last week they pulled out tough wins against Viva and Never Unlucky but also stumbled against American Outlaws 2-0. Phoenix sit in 5th place at the moment but if they were to have their make-up games played and presumably win them, they would be tied with 1st place Serenity on points. Phoenix went 5-1-0 to start the season and with the same slate of games this week, that same success could win them a #1 seed. Their last game against rival Empire Football will more than likely be their deciding game. PREVIOUS WEEK: 2

3.) FC Serenity –Serenity have really been hot down the stretch and have made this race as tight as they can. They are 10-1-1 in their last 12 games and that includes a current 8-game winning streak. Easily the hottest team in the league right now and proved it with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Never Unlucky which is up for game of the season so far.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 4

4.) Never Unlucky FC – Never Unlucky suffered a couple tough losses last week but are still in good shape and they still lead the league in Goal Differential. NUFC have had a lot of that come from the outstanding play of MVP Candidate, Africa aR. He has supplied 15 goals and added 13 assists. That’s amazing for his first time in D1 competition. He will be crucial for NUFC to finish strong and carry over his success into playoffs.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 3

5.) Xplicit FC – Xplicit right now sit in third and have an outside shot to finish in 1st place but barring an epic collapse they will realistically finish outside the top 3. Excel Dybala has had a good season so far with 16 goals and 7 assists to lead the offense, but the defense will be the reason why this team has success in playoffs or not.   PREVIOUS WEEK: 5

6.) Eclipse CF – Eclipse right now can be dream killers for Serenity and Phoenix and those games could have playoff implications with them sitting at 6th right now. Their defense has been better than expected but their offense has been a little underwhelming. Eclipse have been an above average side and will make playoffs but the seed of their spot will be important. PREVIOUS WEEK: 6

7.) Artistic – I jinxed Artistic last week and I apologize for that. They got smacked 5-0 by Serenity and then lost 2-1 to NUFC. Their offense is still being carried by their defense and that could save them a bit in playoffs if they make it there. They control their own destiny, but their offense needs at least one good week to get them there. PREVIOUS WEEK: 7

8.) Empire Football– Empire have finally put themselves in playoff position but they got Viva and Phoenix this week to make their life difficult. Arrechos will be right on their tail the whole way to try to take their playoff spot. A couple of big wins this week could see them complete their comeback and have one of the best 2nd half comebacks this league has seen. PREVIOUS WEEK: 9

9.) Arrechos SC – Arrechos flip-flopped with Empire this week and now they need to find something deep within them to will themselves into a playoff spot once again. Arrechos, regardless of what happens, have had an incredibly good season, outperforming a lot of low expectations. Playoffs to them would just be extra. PREVIOUS WEEK: 8

10.) American Outlaws – AO are still sitting just outside of the playoffs but were able to pull off HUGE 2-0 wins against Viva and Phoenix. They are going to have to have a lot of good fortune and good play to get into playoffs. Although it looks like it won’t happen, you never know. This last week will need an almost perfect performance. PREVIOUS WEEK: 10

11.) True Football –This is where all the eliminated from playoffs teams start but True Football will have the benefit knowing that they will finish much higher than any team also from D2. A mid-table finish for them is a good result. True Football should be proud of their play and look forward to another season in D1. PREVIOUS WEEK: 12

12.) DEMOLITION FC– Demo once again disappoint this season but to make matters worse, they will actually have to fight to stay in D1. They can control their fate but they will need to win a couple games. More than likely, they should be able to survive. PREVIOUS WEEK: 11

13.) Quality Futbol – The only thing they have going for them is that they have TheNatural12 scoring 21 goals this season. Besides that, they have been extremely sub-par since their scandal of their goalie. Either way, their only concern is to stay in D1 and start over again. They were successful in this week of matches last time, but that was a different Quality.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 13

14.) InFinite Sports – InFinite are still fighting for their D1 spot but they were in this exact same spot last season so their experience in must need wins could come in handy. A loss in iFVPA for these Colombians could be lingering in their heads too going into the final week. InFinite will need to be clutch this week if they want to avoid D2. PREVIOUS WEEK: 13

15.) Babooshka FC – Babooshka also are fighting to stay in D1 and are included in the slew of lackluster D2 teams to get promoted into D1 last season. If it makes them feel better, they aren’t the worst D2 team from last season.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 17 

16.) JoGa FC  JoGa are willing their way out of the relegation zone and can sneak their way back into mid-table with a good week. JoGa John could even lead the league in assists when it’s all said and done. He currently sits at 11.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 16

17.) Regulators –They are going back to D2 as quickly as they got into D1. Overall, they were disappointing for being a D2 Champion and are the worst D1 has seen yet. Last place is up for grabs, if that helps them get through the week. PREVIOUS WEEK: 17


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