NA and EU LCS Quarterfinals: The 4 Biggest Players to Watch This Weekend

This weekend, the LCS playoffs begin in Europe and North America. There will be four series this weekend and this article will highlight one player from each series that will have the largest impact on his team whether it be positive or negative. Viewers should keep an eye on each of these four player’s performance and look at the correlation of the team’s success and that player’s performance. I’ll go in order of the series and their broadcast time.




Role: Top

Series: Vitality (3) vs Fnatic (6)

Time: 4/2/2016 11AM EST

Cabochard has been a top tier top laner in Europe this season and will need to continue to perform at his best for his team to advance this weekend. Cabochard recorded the most kills from any top laner in Europe this split and also holds the highest KDA of all EU top laners. His kill participation is also the highest for all top laners. He makes plays in his own lane as well as around the map with his team. Cabochard is extremely vital to Vitality’s success this weekend. Whether he makes great teleport plays or wins lane so hard that he snowballs into the mid game, Cabochard is the key piece of this Vitality puzzle. An element to Cabochard’s game that we have seen in recent weeks is his ability to play tanks and not only carry oriented top lane champions. Fnatic’s top laner, Gamsu, should be having a rough series if Cabochard continues his form from the spring split into the playoffs. Watch out for Cabo the Carry this weekend.




Role: Mid

Series: Cloud 9 (3) vs TSM (6)

Time: 4/2/2016 3PM EST

Jensen led all NA LCS mid laners in kills this split and will need to continue his killing ways in order for Cloud 9 to defeat TSM this weekend. The most important thing for Jensen in this series will be surviving the continuous ganks that come his way. He may not be able to grow a lead on Bjergsen and snowball, but Jensen will need to prevent Bjergsen from doing just that. Jensen finished 3rd this split when it comes to CS per minute and will need to farm well to stay relevant long enough for his team to get to the team-fighting stage where they thrive. Expect Azir to be a highly contested pick in this series as well as Zed. It could be an explosive battle in the mid lane, so keep your eyes on Jensen this weekend.




Role: ADC

Series: Origen (4) vs Unicorns of Love (5)

Time: 4/3/2016 11AM EST

In comparison to his summer split of 2015, Zven had an off split. He earned the 3rd most kills of all ADCs in Europe, but managed the 2nd most deaths. He also finished with the lowest kill participation out of every ADC, but he finished 1st when it comes to CS per minute. Zven wasn’t always in the right place at the right time, but he made up for it by farming exceptionally well. Zven and his team closed out the split very strong and surged ahead of Fnatic and UOL and secured the 4th seed for playoffs. Zven is the biggest carry on Origen and he should be getting your full attention this weekend because of that. Zven and his lane partner Mithy will need to step up their game if they want to get back to earning advantages in 2v2 standard lane setups like they used to do. When Zven becomes strong in any given game, his team usually has a much easier time closing out victories and earning wins. Zven should be Origen’s focal point and be given the support to carry his team into the next round.



Role: ADC

Series: Team Liquid (4) vs NRG (5)

Time: 4/3/2016 3PM EST

Speaking of ADCs that need to carry, Piglet has been a force in the NA LCS this season. He has been the best ADC in NA this season and led a team filled with rookies to the 4th seed in their first split. Team Liquid’s inexperience from their 3 rookies is partially countered by the experience from their star ADC Piglet. He has performed at an elite level in best-of-fives series his whole career and I don’t think NRG’s bottom lane of Altec and KonKwon stand much of a chance against him. In comparison to all the ADCs in NA this split, Piglet was 2nd in KDA, 2nd in kills, last in deaths, 2nd in assists, and 2nd in kill participation. He is almost always in a great position for his team and doesn’t get caught out. He can mechanically outplay opponents in the laning phase as well as in team fights late. Piglet is the man that can take Team Liquid to the promise land, but he will need his teammates around him to step up. Watch for Piglet to go man-mode this weekend and force NRG to have nightmares about him.


There you have it. The four biggest stars this weekend that viewers should be keeping their eyes on. Whether they rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure, these players mean the most to their teams this weekend. Action starts Saturday at 11AM EST. Tune in to see the best teams in Europe and North America fight for a birth in the semifinals.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy