FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII Power Rankings: Week 5

I know, I’m a terrible person for skipping last week’s Power Rankings, and for that I do apologize for the lack of consistency. Either way, there hasn’t been a ton of movement but there have been plenty of surprising results as the push for playoffs begin! This is where we find out who is a contender and who is a pretender.

1.) Viva Futbol – Viva are getting close to another regular season crown but the other teams won’t quite let them separate just yet. Right now they currently have a 5 point lead and are trying to stretch the lead as much as possible, even though they haven’t been at their best recently. Regardless, Viva Calvo has actually been putting up better stats and is currently leading the Golden Boot race and Franc11x has been providing amazing service on the wing with 11 assists so far.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 1

2.) FC Phoenix – Phoenix are staying in it, but haven’t looked good doing it. They once again lost to Artistic and drew Serenity 1-1 in an ugly played game. iFarrell has been absolutely dominant though as he leads the league in assists and is only 4 goals off the mark from Golden Boot as well as he sits with 17 at the moment. Phoenix hasn’t had a consistent defensive line-up and it has started to show a bit but right now they are still in great shape to make a push for the #1 seed and a potential 1st place game against Viva on Thursday night. PREVIOUS WEEK: 2

3.) Never Unlucky FC –Never Unlucky has seen their lead come and go but they are still hanging around while only being 7 points behind. They still lead the league in scoring and have seemed to have raised their level defensively. Overall, they are going to be in playoffs and give any team trouble. Just a matter of how they finish. These old guys need to stretch because this race to the finish in going to be tight! PREVIOUS WEEK: 4

4.) FC Serenity – Serenity are still rising up the table and have now reached to tie Phoenix with 2nd place (Phoenix has a game in hand). Serenity still seem like they can’t score when it matters but their minor blip they had defensively has gone away and now they are looking at a realistic shot at the #1 seed after a brutal start to the season. Their midfield alone can carry them as far as they want.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 5

5.) Xplicit FC – Xplicit recovered well from a poor week and now see themselves in a promising position. If Xplicit can keep their momentum going and hit their stride with playoffs coming up soon, they can be one of the more dangerous teams to play and knock off someone in the first round.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 8

6.) Eclipse CF – Eclipse have improved majorly since I last wrote about them but now have hit a groove where they are a bit stagnant with their position. They are riding 5th place but are easily susceptible to rising or falling a few spots. As for now, they are quietly making a run and could really finish anywhere in the top 8.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 11

7.) Artistic – Deen has finally pulled this squad together and they are making a HUGE run here the past couple of weeks. They are currently tied for 6th but their defense led by lvl 0 arcanine has been absolutely brutal. They have only given up 17 goals which is the best in the league in that category and the offense has come around but still needs a bit more. This is a team I’d hate to play right now. PREVIOUS WEEK: 10

8.) Arrechos SC– What Arrechos are doing right now is absurd. They shouldn’t be in D1 but here they are still hanging around and in playoff position. cesitarae has come out of no where and currently put in 21 goals and only 1 behind Viva Calvo for the lead! not only that, their defense has only given up 24 goals as well. This team is over-achieved and could be a Cinderella story in the making. PREVIOUS WEEK: 9

9.) Empire Football – Speaking of Cinderella runs, Empire has fought mightily out of the depths of relegation to just missing out of playoffs at the moment, but right now, they are the hottest team in the league. This isn’t unexpected to see them here seeing how I predicted them to finish fourth, but whatever they did at the trade deadline worked and they are slowly making it back into contention. PREVIOUS WEEK: 14

10.) American Outlaws – AO are currently on the outside looking in but can still make a push and get back to their typical low playoff seed. The offense needs to start gelling in the final third and the defense needs to start locking it down. And before I could even finish, Matic 21x got another red card. PREVIOUS WEEK: 8

11.) DEMOLITION FC –Demolition are the perfect mid-table team. They will show you moments of brilliance, they moments of utter failure but they are unpredictable. They look unlikely to make playoffs but are still no easy team to beat. Just a shame because this team has so much promise but just can’t figure it out. PREVIOUS WEEK: 11

12.) True Football – True Football are still hanging around 12 and it looks their their strong start was only just a tease as they will probably hang out around this position and look forward to next season. For now, they just need to keep getting decent results and relegation will be no issue for them. PREVIOUS WEEK: 12

13.) Quality Futbol – Remember when they were in 3rd place and fighting for first place? Yeah, that was the definition of too good to be true. Not only have they been losing all of their regularly scheduled games, they are losing the rematches of all the make-up games they have to play due to their ineligible player. This ruling of the ineligible has hit them hard and now it has gotten so bad that they could be looking at relegation if they keep falling as rapidly as they are. PREVIOUS WEEK: 3

14.) InFinite Sports – InFinite have some games to make-up so their position isn’t as bad as it seems but they need some good results from those reschedules or they will be be in major trouble and will have to stave off the relegation zone. The more they hang around the bottom, the more pressure they will have on getting good results. PREVIOUS WEEK: 13

15.) Babooshka FC – NKG HD is currently putting the squad on his back and taking them out of relegation. Sooner or later, someone else will have to step up and help him but for now, they’ll take what they can get.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 17 

16.) JoGa FC  JoGa are the last team in the relegation zone and still can’t find the right formula. JoGa John has been a pleasent surprise with 7 assists so far but they are really struggling to grab points right now. PREVIOUS WEEK: 16

17.) Regulators –Regulators are still losing and have yet to find their stride. While the might not be in last place anymore, they are still likely to be relegated to D2. They are still the most disappointing team to be a D2 Champion last season. PREVIOUS WEEK: 18

18.) Bohemian Grove – You know, for a team that’s losing, they actually got better! Bumbadawg retired! That means that they might not give up 100 goals this season, which for me is sad, because I really thought they could do at least one thing right this season.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 15

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