Global Starcraft 2 League Ro. 16 Group B Preview

Global Starcraft 2 League Ro. 16 Group B Preview


The second group in the round of 16 is the only group to have each race in it, containing two Zergs, one Terran, and one Protoss. This group is looking to be the second strongest group out of the four. Solar, Zest, and Cure each came out of their round of 32 groups in first place leaving soO to be the only player who did not; with that in mind soO lost to Dear in his group so definitely nothing to be overlooked. This group is set to play on March 25th.


The first player in this group is Solar, the guy who was widely considered the best Legacy of the Void player upon release, with an outstanding number of ladder games in the first week, also winning the DreamHack LotV event. This player has done extremely well for himself in the past two years with a laundry list of first and second place finishes, and upon the release of Legacy of the Void, has set out to continue on his path of glory. Solar won his group beating out Speed and Classic, both 2-1. His first game however, is against another Zerg  and since he is currently 1-1 in Proleague for ZvZ, we have not seen much of Solar’s ZvZ so there still is not much to go off of. With ZvZ being the volatile matchup that it is, I am sure that neither player is extremely confident moving into the games.


Next I will cover his opponent soO, who has not dropped a game in Proleague yet, and has shown a few good ZvZ games. In the round of 32 soO got out of his group by beating DRG 2-1 in the loser’s finals. The biggest down side to seeing the amount of success he has had in ZvZ is that there are quite a few games for the Samsung coaches to go over and try and find any flaws in his play. soO is a player who many will know from his streak of 3 consecutive second place finishes in the GSL 2014 season. I am sure he will be looking to finally win a GSL this time around.


On the other side of the group, we actually have one of the players who beat soO in a GSL finals in Zest. Currently recognized as one of the top Protoss players, Zest has a good record in Proleague currently and is often an ace player for KT Rolster. Zest played through his round of 32 group with a map score of 4-1 against two Terran players. Even with the information about Zest’s playstyle being out there, I just think this should be cause for concern with how well Zest rolled through his group. Zest is a player who has been doing extremely well ever since he came into the scene and I do not see that stopping any time soon. I think he has a strong chance of getting out of this group, and I favor the winner of his match to take first in the group.


Last but certainly not least, we have Jin Air Greenwings Terran player, Cure. Cure does not have a list of achievements like most players, but he is a very consistent Proleague player who has made it to the semifinals of one GSL before he was eliminated by the future champion Innovation. For me Cure is a question mark as far as where he stands because he walked through his round of 32 group 4-0 and outside of that, he has played all TvT in Proleague this season. While I do not know a ton about his playstyle or what he likes to do in the other matchups, he has shown that he is very solid in each one and should be taken seriously in this group. While I think Zest is far better then Stork, Stork showed that he was good enough to play in Code S during his group.Beating him 2-0 is impressive but Stork had a very different style of play than Zest will bring to the table. Win or lose he will play a Zerg second, and with him beating Curious 2-0 I am sure he will be confident going against either soO or Solar, however I do feel like Curious has not quite found his stride yet in Legacy so it will be interesting to see how the styles of the players collide.


I have little doubt in my mind that Zest will make it through the group the only thing that concerns me is that soO and Solar will get to see what their opponents have planned for certain maps.



soO vs Solar 1:2


Zest vs Cure 2:1


Zest vs Solar 2:0


Cure vs soO 2:0


Cure vs Solar 2:1

(All player pictures taken from Liquipedia)

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