2016 EU LCS Summer Split Promotion Tournament Preview

Tomorrow kicks off the European LCS promotion tournament which will determine which 3 teams will be joining, or returning, to the LCS. The bottom 3 teams from the European LCS in the spring split will try to retain their spots in the LCS by fending off the top two Challenger teams out of Europe who are looking to break into the professional scene. Here’s exactly how the tournament works.


Tournament Format


Each series in the bracket is a best of five series. The first matchup is a single-elimination round where the team that loses will be eliminated and unable to earn an LCS spot. The winner of the next 3 series will earn themselves a spot in the European LCS. Tomorrow the 10th place team from the LCS, Giants Gaming, will do battle with the 2nd place team from the EU Challenger Series, Copenhagen Wolves. Then on Saturday, the winner of that first series will take on the 8th place team from the EU LCS, Splyce, with the winner earning an LCS spot. Then the 9th place LCS team, ROCCAT, will do battle with the 1st place team from the EU Challenger Series, Huma. The winner of that series will also secure a birth into the European LCS. The losers from the 2nd and 3rd series will then face off on Sunday in one final battle to determine the 3rd team that will join the European LCS for the summer split. Here’s some brief insight into each team that you’ll be seeing this week.




Top: WunderWear

Jungle: Trashy

Mid: Sencux

ADC: Kobbe

Support: Nisbeth

The full Danish squad is my favorites to win back their LCS spot and should be able to defeat whoever they face on Saturday pretty handily. Spylce has the most talent out of the 5 teams competing this week and also the best coach in YamatoCannon. Sencux is probably the best player in this tournament and I will not be surprised if he takes over games and puts up huge numbers. Trashy needs to have a strong early game in the jungle and not fall behind like he did in the majority of games this past split in the LCS. Splyce was actually slightly improving as the season was going along, which makes me believe they will easily win back their LCS spot. The bottom lane of Kobbe and Nisbeth will have to show that they are better than their counterparts and be able to earn advantages on their own. That way Trashy can be freed up and get the teams star, Sencux, ahead of his matchup. I expect Splyce to be right back in the LCS after one series on Saturday.



Top: Freddy122

Jungle: Airwaks

Mid: Betsy

ADC: Tabzz

Support: Noxiak 

ROCCAT finished 9th in the EU LCS this past season, but I believe they should be able to navigate their way back into the LCS this weekend. This team is full of veterans that have almost all been in this position before and know what it’s like to fight for your job. The stage experience from this team should be enough for them to overcome one of the Challenger teams or Giants Gaming. Huma might actually beat ROCCAT in their first series on Saturday, but I believe ROCCAT will redeem themselves by winning on Sunday and earning that last spot back into the LCS. Freddy will have to stop getting caught out in the early game from being greedy and give Airwaks a chance to make a play for him. Noxiak has been a slight improvement for the team since his addition, but he will have to improve his lane phase with Tabzz in the 2v2 lanes to give ROCCAT more map play options. I’m worried about Betsy in the mid lane, but he has shown in the past that he can show up when least expected. Don’t write off ROCCAT in the slightest.


Giants Gaming

Top: SmittyJ

Jungle: Wisdom

Mid: Xpepii


Support: Hustlin

Giants Gaming had a very disappointing spring split this past season, finishing in dead last with a 3-15 record and undergoing five roster changes. The only man that remains from the start of the year is their mid laner Xpepii, who hasn’t looked great at all this split. However, the Giants perform best in the promotion tournament and should not be overlooked in their matches. I am not a believer in SmittyJ, who has bounced around more than a kid in a playpen this season, to make plays. The bottom lane of S0NSTAR and Hustlin is still unproven as well. There is a lack of synergy throughout the entire team and a shortage of talent. I think Wisdom can be a great jungler for the EU LCS, but the talent surrounding him will come up short and prevent Giants from earning back their LCS spot. Giants Gaming will need to fix a lot of their problems if they want to remain and LCS caliber organization.



Top: Werlyb

Jungle: Rudy

Mid: GodBro

ADC: HolyPhoenix

Support: Je Suis Kass

Huma defeated the Copenhagen Wolves 3-2 in the Challenger Series final to secure themselves the top spot in the Challenger Series for the spring split and a bye from the first round series. This team is full of players with previous LCS experience and I fully expect them to snag one of the 3 LCS spots that are up for grabs this weekend. Rudy spent time with the Unicorns of Love this season in the LCS and played pretty well. He moved on to Huma and dominated the Challenger series playoffs. Along with HolyPhoenix killing everything in his way, Rudy should be able to make a huge impact in each game this week. GodBro is a safe mid laner that will need to stay even in CS with his opposing mid laner and allow his team’s talent in the side lanes to create advantages and lead him to victory. Werlyb, formerly of Giants Gaming, has performed well on more than just his Jax pick that EU LCS fans remember him by and will be playing a big part in team fights and help set up devastating split pushes situations. There is a good chance everyone will be seeing Huma next split in the European LCS.


Copenhagen Wolves

Top: Wickd

Jungle: Kou

Mid: Caedrel

ADC: P1noy

Support: SirNukesAlot

The Copenhagen Wolves are very close to Huma in skill level and very well could snag an LCS spot away from them and another LCS squad this weekend. P1noy led the Challenger Series this past split with the most kills and has looked like an LCS caliber ADC all year long. Caedrel has an insane 81% kill participation this season for a mid laner and makes the most out of his teleport plays and his roams. Wickd is old reliable for this team as he is able to consistently perform and survive his lane without much help or without many resources. The Copenhagen Wolves are a threat to take back a spot in the LCS this weekend, but they have the longest road as they have to face off against Giants Gaming tomorrow in the first round elimination match. If they can defeat Giants Gaming, other teams should fear for their chance to make it into the LCS.

The action will kick off tomorrow at 11 A.M. EST and should provide exciting matches throughout the week as players fight for their dream job of being a professional LCS player. There is a lot at stake this week, so tune in and don’t miss out.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy