Global Starcraft 2 League Ro. 16 Group A Preview

Global Starcraft 2 League Ro. 16 Group A Preview


The first season of the GSL for the 2016 year, as well as first of the new expansion, Legacy of the Void is quickly approaching its first group in the round of 16. This group is slammed full of great players, as any round of 16 would be expected; players who have won almost every major title there is except for one. The GSL title has eluded all of the players in this group, and they are all hoping to get it this go around.

Starting with the newest player in the group we have Speed. He is a Terran player from KT Rolster who is looking to prove he belongs with good showings against players like Creator, and Classic in his last group, he bounced two veteran Protoss players straight out of the GSL. With that in mind, Speed has a group of two Protoss and one other Terran, with him showing he is pretty good at the PvT I would normally say he has a decent shot at making it out of his group. However he starting off against herO who is looking very strong. Another troubling thing for me is that he showed good TvT in the early stage of the tournament, but it has been a while since we have seen him play TvT as he has only played once in Proleague and that was against a Zerg player. All things considered, I do not think it is impossible for Speed to get out of the group, but I do find it hard to see him getting out in first.

Next off we have Speed’s first opponent CJ Entus herO. I will be honest herO is my favorite to win this group. herO has consistently been performing in Proleague losing only to Reality so far; he has beaten sOs, Trap, Seed, and Dream. Even though herO lost to Dream in the Round of 32, I do believe that he could have won that series as well, which leads me to believe that herO will be able to beat out Speed in his first series, and no matter if he plays Taeja or Trap, he has shown strong play in both PvP and PvT over the course of LotV. My biggest concern is that with the amount of games played, herO is at a bit of a disadvantage as far as playstyle information goes; for example he pylon rushed each Terran in his last group so we can expect builds to be a bit more safe against that sort of play from herO. With that concern aside I still believe that herO will be leaving this group in first place into the Round of 8.

Our third contestant in group A is Liquid’s Taeja, a player who dominated from 2012-2014 winning all sorts of events from IEM’s, Dreamhacks, Homestory Cups, and others – everything except for the GSL and SSL tournaments in Korea. I do not recall the exact player or event, but at one event a Korean was being interviewed and when he had to play Taeja, he said even with all of his accomplishments, he was not worried because in Korea they just considered him the best foreign player and that he did not stand a chance against the Korean’s. Now it seems that Taeja is back and looking for a GSL title. While he had been quiet for quite some time before the GSL qualifiers he surprised everybody by making it into Code S, and then following up with his round of 32 performance putting himself through into the round of 16 over Journey and Rogue. My main concern is that Taeja has not won any TvP matchups in his run so far, which is a problem considering he is playing Trap first, but he might be ok – time will tell.

Last but not least we have Jin Air Greenwings Trap. A player who has been put out a few times in Proleague, but mostly against Zerg players. However he has lost a lot of PvT games so the biggest point to make about that is that they have all been losses against TY, who is arguably the best Terran in the game right now. While Taeja might not be TY, TY has still given Taeja a blueprint of things that can get to Trap. My biggest questions become how much has Trap improved in PvT since his last showing, and will it be enough. Even if he beats Taeja, I do not see him beating Speed or herO, which could be a problem. Trap has never really been a big tournament winner; his most recent individual performance was taking second place in the IEM World Finals against Zest in early 2015. I am still optimistic about his chances however and having a player like sOs in the team house could always mean he has something devious planned for any series.

All things considered I do think this will be a very close and competitive group. My predictions are herO winning the group while Taeja squeaks out a second place over Speed.


herO vs Speed 2:0

Taeja vs Trap 2:1

herO vs Taeja 2:1

Speed vs Trap 2:0

Speed vs Taeja 1:2


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