CJ herO Pylon Rush

CJ herO Pylon Rush


herO did this build twice in his group and on 2 player maps. The biggest note is that the Cyber core comes before the expansion. Something to keep in mind if you probe scout the Terran early is to try and keep the Probe alive and hidden after the scout.



**Done on Prion


13 Pylon


14 Gate


15 Assimilator


19 Cyber Core


19 Nexus


19 Pylon


22 Adept


24 MSC


2nd assimilator


Warpgate 2nd Adept *Keep 2nd adept home


*Send probe across map with MSC and First Adept


he then followed up with a stargate


(Link to image) http://randomwallpapers.net/i-want-you-to-construct-additional-pylons-starcraft-protoss-games_w351433


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