Xbox Smite: Official Announcement for Juice Gaming

The competitive gaming scene for Smite is ever changing, sometimes harsh, and an art form in itself. We all watch as players dance between teams and the drama that unfolds after an individual plays their previous teammates. The captains put pieces of the puzzle together to create a perfect team; a team that will go on to potentially dominate the scrim scene and win the Season Splits. The real prize and the most sought after achievement will come this January- 1st place at the Smite World Championship. The winning team will walk away with thousands of dollars and pride that they succeeded in what they set out to accomplish earlier in the year. Right now teams are setting up for these obstacles facing them, getting ready to endure anything and everything at the Splits and Worlds. A new team that has reinvented itself has been working vigorously and to overcome these obstacles, that team is Juice Gaming.

Many know Juice Gaming from Season 2 of Smite; headlines were made after the team placed highly at multiple events including the UMG Invitational and the MLG Pro League. Tyler (Teevee) Ocasio has stayed with Juice Gaming through their extreme changes, competing in the previous season. Teevee has made a name for himself as a formidable, adaptable, and confident player in the competitive Smite scene. In the past he had made a name for himself in the Super Smash Brothers competitive gaming scene but easily transitioned to Smite, playing professionally and showing unfaltering, high levels of play. As a regular in the Masters Division, Teevee is a player who is comfortable jumping between PC and Xbox without his talent being affected. With his experience and age, Teevee often jokes that he is the dad of Juice. His love and compassion for the team is undeniably making for an interesting entrance into Season 3.

I sat down recently and talked to Teevee about the upcoming season, asking him a few questions,

“A lot of people have said that your God pool wasn’t large enough in Season 2, what are you doing to get better individually and what do you have to say about that perception?”

“I am a totally different player since last season. A lot of people remember that my Support God pool was not very large or good. I only played early game supports like Ymir, Fenrir, and Awilix. I’ve increased my God pool and can play any support at this time. I also feel like I can actually carry the game from the support role, even with traditional supports like Athena, Geb, and Sobek. I already have strong mechanics from playing in the previous season so now I’m just focusing on building team synergy. You can only get so good on Smite and then the experience cap is reached, the rest of winning is reliant on team synergy at that point. My shot calling has also increased drastically; I’ve definitely tried to get better with it. There are some strong teams going into this season but I feel like if our team practices enough we will be contenders for the number one spot.”

“You say that there are strong teams going into this season, who are you specifically referring to? Who do you feel most threatened by going into this Season?”

“This question is a three way split for me. As of right now El Chapo’s team is indefinitely the strongest on Xbox. They have a very strong grasp of the season 3 meta and are able to play super aggressively in the early game. This makes them exceptionally hard to deal with. Eager is going to be hard to deal with as well; they are all extremely talented and have insane experience as well. The third team that I feel most challenged by is Clow’s team. Thanks to Rosterpocalypse, they’ve made some pretty drastic changes. With the addition of Wubbn (who’s a top five, PC, North American support) and Adjust, they are going to be very scary. The only plus side is that some of their players aren’t used to the Xbox controller at this time, which is a huge deal and something that may be a big obstacle for them.”

(Rosterpocalypse was the time between the Smite World Championship ending and the start of Season 3. On many different well-known teams players were cut, changed roles, retired, and flat out quit. Although no drastic roster changes have happened recently, we expect to see more changes after teams initially compete.)

“If there are so many strong contenders going into the new season, what made you want to enter the Xbox scene?”

“Personally, I just wanted to compete this split. There was potential for a couple really strong PC teams but they ended up falling through last minute, so I figured I would try to compete on Xbox, it is something that I care about and really enjoy Even with these top three teams, I know that we still have the potential to be the best team. We all honestly have such a good mindset going into the new season, we’re really trying to work together to place highly and win. We’ve decided to add Wolves and Hotbow- with those additions alone, Juice Gaming plans on not only qualifying for SCL but performing well, winning, and going on to Worlds.”


The Roster

Mid- Purified

Like many other players on Smite, Purified has been successful in jumping between Xbox and PC. On Xbox he played for Juice, on PC he played for PolyJ. Purified is arguably one of the best mid laner’s on Xbox Smite. Usually seen as the hard carry and the person who can take a team to victory, Purified will be a force to be reckoned with in Season 3. With his God pool in mid nearly unlimited this season, he is adaptable, able to counter any picks, and a player that you don’t want to cross on this team. People who have played with him consider him unstoppable when he is motivated.

Support- Teevee

Teevee is the captain and support for Juice. This entails making all the shot calls, including when to attack the Gold Fury, obtain Fire Giant, gank other lanes, and when to initiate, and fall back from a team fight. Teevee’s resolve, optimism, and willpower to succeed makes him a tough opponent to play against, his heart is in the game giving him an edge that other players may lack. Playing aggressively in the laning phase, making sure to deprive opponents of buffs, waves, and gold is something that Teevee is known for. He is considered to have the most experience on the team having played on the original PC Juice Gaming team, PolyJ, and Yomi (which has now become Elevate on PC). We don’t know what to expect from him God-wise as his pool is bigger than ever. Counter-picks can be expected, potentially even aggressive early game Gods as he’s done in the past.

Jungle- Dust

Dust has changed lanes and roles going into Season 3 becoming a jungler and leaving behind the solo lane. Although he has limited competitive experience, Dust is still considered one of the strongest players in the competitive community. His playing style favors high crowd control and God’s who are also able to support while jungling. His style could potentially be explained by the higher cooldowns on the trinket, Beads. It could also be explained by the powerful, danger, and influence of Mages going into Season 3. Dust is considered to have great morale by teammates. Having an extensive knowledge of the Gods, plays, and items in Smite makes Dust more than capable of making the crucial plays and picks in the game that we love to see.

Solo- Wolves

Teevee made a point to express in our interview “Wolves will be considered the best player in the world on Xbox by the end of Season 3 SCL”. This was a brave and optimistic statement, clearly one that not only Teevee but also the entire Juice team whole-heartedly believes and agrees on. This is a clear message to all teams playing Juice, a message that screams- Wolves can and will solo you in lane, he will more than carry us. Wolves has played on teams in the past that didn’t come out as strong as they had hoped, his performance never faltered though. With the strength of solo laners and their ability to snowball into higher levels in Season 3, we can expect to see Wolves make early rotations in order to get some assist’s and dominate other lanes. Even though Wolves is often passed over due to his quiet nature, his actions will speak louder than words in the new Season as he secures kills, obtains objectives, and dominates the solo lane.

ADC- Hotbow

Hotbow, a prominent figure in the Smite community and a brilliant player, has been good friends with Juice since they made the original switch to Xbox in Season 2. Since the relationship between Hotbow and Juice was created before this season, the synergy is already existent thus cutting a crucial step in the process of practicing and playing professional matches. Hotbow has been known for playing on some well-known teams, including Elevate in Season 2. He is a strong hunter who has the capability to snowball in games if left unchecked. His God pool of carries is limitless, he is able to play any carry that he wishes and/or the team wants. His highly vocal nature and ability to work with the team makes him a great player to work with, he is a great contributor to the synergy of Juice Gaming. Hotbow is a player that can and will provide a lot of advice to teammates due to his high levels of experience in competitive Smite. His ADC experience can be expected to help carry Juice Gaming and shut down opponents.