Fantasy LCS Week 9: Lineup Advice

The last week of the LCS is here and with it comes the last week of everyone’s Fantasy LCS league. As always I’ll let you all know who should be starting, who should be benched, and which players should be kept tabs on as sleepers. 30 seconds until minions spawn, so let’s go.



Jankos (H2k Jungler):

Jankos has been the 3rd highest scoring fantasy jungler this season across both regions and should already be a regular in your starting lineup. His matchups this week make him an absolute must-start for any fantasy owner. H2k face off against Unicorns of Love and Elements this week. Unicorns of Love have struggled with jungler issues all season long and Jankos should exploit his matchup easily. The same goes for the Elements game. Jankos should live up to his nickname, “The First Blood King,” and rack up loads of fantasy points by slaying his opposition this week.

Seraph (Renegades Top):

Renegades may be in 10th place at the moment, but they have been revitalized ever since Seraph and Ninja joined the team. Fresh off their win against TSM last week, I’m expecting big things from the Renegades this week, especially Seraph. With games against Team Impulse and Echo Fox this week, Renegades could very well get their first 2-0 week of the season. Seraph should remain the focal point for the Renegades and continue to receive the resource and ganks for his lane in order for him to get ahead of his matchup. Look for Seraph to out-farm his lane matchup with ease and rack up kills as he carries Renegades to another win or two this week. If fantasy owners don’t have a great top lane pick for this week, give Seraph the starting nod.


Hjarnan (Vitality ADC):

Vitality has the 7th place Spylce and the 9th place ROCCAT on their schedule this week, which bodes well for their team members in fantasy this week. Hjarnan should be the biggest beneficiary of the easy matchups for Vitality this week. Vitality can out-rotate their opponents around the map this week, or simply just outplay them in a standard lane set up. Hjarnan and Kasing should have a huge week ahead of them when it comes to CS numbers and racking up kills and assists. Hjarnan thrived on Sivir last year and with her back in the meta, I expect at least one good Sivir game out of Hjarnan this week.

Grab Some Bench

Yellowstar (Support TSM):

Yellowstar has not had the greatest split this season in North America and I don’t expect that to change in the final week of the regular season. TSM faces off against first place Immortals and the LCS roller coaster squad, NRG. Immortals are the first place team and look to be out of TSM’s league at the moment and NRG beat TSM earlier in the split by racking up 18 kills and not giving up a single kill in a shutout effort. Yellowstar and Doublelift are still struggling to get into a groove with each other and that’s leading to lower fantasy numbers than we are used to from them.  Send Yellowstar to the pine this week and go with a different option for your support role.


Dignitas (The Entire Team):

Dignitas just suffered the most demoralizing weekend in the history of the LCS last week. Their playoffs dreams are dead and they are pretty much guaranteed to be playing in the promotion tourney at the end of the split to win back their LCS spot. Their matchups against Team Liquid and CLG are tough as well this week. I don’t think Dignitas will be at their best and I don’t think they will be able to recover from last week. I expect two lopsided losses from Dignitas this week and plenty of sad fantasy owners if they start any Dignitas players. Stay away from Dignitas.

Sencux (Splyce Mid):

Splyce is fighting for the 7th place spot in the standings, but their schedule this week is not promising at all. Splyce will take on first-place team G2 Esports (13-3) and 3rd place team Vitality (12-4) this week, which will most likely result in two losses for Splyce. Sencux came into the split with big expectations because of his success in the Challenger scene, but he has struggled to snowball and carry his team against the best competition in Europe. Perkz and Nukeduck are two tough matchups in the mid lane and I don’t see Sencux overcoming all the odds against him this week and putting up respectable fantasy points. Tell Sencux to grab some bench this week.



Lourlo (Team Liquid Top):

Lourlo has been the 6th highest scoring top laner in fantasy across both regions, yet he is only owned in 28.4% of leagues and is started in only 9.4% of total leagues. Chances are, this guy is available in your league and you need to pick him up unless you have a top 5 scoring top laner in fantasy. His matchups this week are BillyBoss from Team Dignitas and Balls from Cloud 9. Lourlo should make a big impact this week and I expect him to put up great fantasy numbers. Get him and start him for your fantasy team this week. Stop sleeping on him people.

Altec (NRG ADC):

Altec took a week off from the LCS in week 7 and had the IEM break as well to regain himself. He came back and performed slightly better than he had been all season long. With matchups against CLG and TSM, Altec could sneakily rack up a ton of kills this week. Stixxay continues to be a question mark for CLG and TSM’s duo in the bottom lane are extremely inconsistent. Not to mention Altec exploded for 31 fantasy points in his last meeting against TSM. Altec is owned in only 57.8% of fantasy leagues and should be available for a last minute pickup if you want to take the chance.



Klaj (Fnatic Support):

Klaj has had an up and down split for Fnatic since he replaced Noxiak after a couple weeks into the split, but he could be poised for a week full of ups due to the favorable matchups he has this week. Fnatic will face Elements and Origen in their final two games of the split, two teams that Fnatic should beat. Klaj is only owned in 13% of leagues as well, so he will be available to be picked up in most leagues. Fnatic’s bottom lane will be all over Element’s bottom lane and should be able to snowball their lead into more kills around the map. Klaj can take advantage of the many mistakes Origen commit each week as well and make picks that his team can capitalize on. Klaj may be the missing piece to your puzzle this week.


Well then readers, this concludes our weekly Fantasy LCS writeups for the 2016 spring split. after 9 weeks of battles hopefully, we were able to influence your team on their way to your league’s title. Playoffs should be an exciting ride and we are looking forward to bringing everyone playoff coverage in the coming weeks. Enjoy the last week of the LCS regular season and the playoffs that follow.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy