FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII: Week 3 Power Rankings

1.) Viva Futbol – Viva are once again on top again and they are still rolling through the competition again although they did trip up against Quality Futbol. Viva Calvo once again leads the charge with 10 goals already on the season and Viva lead the league in overall goals. PREVIOUS WEEK: 1

2.) FC Phoenix – Phoenix once again slide into the #2 spot after being in first place for most of the week but struggled on Thursday with a loss to Eclipse and a tie against Never Unlucky. They were also active at the transfer window by picking up Zephy l 7 l and Viva Reyes from rivals Empire Football. In doing so, Do iT Like Chky exited to Never Unlucky so their offense will need to gel quickly. Phoenix have an insanely easy week upcoming so seeing them in first place after this week could be very well possible if the offense can find early success. PREVIOUS WEEK: 2

3.) Quality Futbol – Quality have once again posted a very impressive week and are tied with Phoenix for 2nd place. TheNatural21 has led the way with 12 goals in just 10 games and he leads the league in goals as well. I think everyone is asking how long this run will last or will they be like Elusive a couple seasons ago and shock the league by finishing in the Top 3. Only time will tell. PREVIOUS WEEK: 5

4.) Never Unlucky FC – Age certainly hasn’t slowed Never Unlucky and they are still going strong coming off of the third week of play. They got even stronger by picking up Do iT Like Chky to add even more to their goal threat. They have 3 players with 8 goals so far and their defense has been predominantly solid. Overall, Never Unlicky are in a good spot and still legitimate title contenders. PREVIOUS WEEK: 3

5.) FC Serenity – Serenity have found their form again and once again starting to pick it up after a very slow start. Their offense is starting to show hints of return but they finally seemed to have figured out a formation that works for them and the right midfield to play it with. This week I think we will see them break the top 3 again. PREVIOUS WEEK: 6

6.) Eclipse CF – Eclipse finally seem to have found their offense and once again look like a solid team. Eclipse capped off their week with and exciting 3-2 win over Phoenix. They were losers in the transfer window though by losing their best defender in DeStefano x. With their gauntlet week next week, they are going to be tested mightily. PREVIOUS WEEK: 11

7.) American Outlaws – American Outlaws are slowly creeping back up the table and they are making up ground by grinding out tough wins. The pickup of xMasterChief15x has been vital with him leading their team in goals and assists. Next week they will need to keep the momentum going with matchups against Eclipse, Never Unlucky, and Serenity.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 10

8.) Xplicit FC– Xplicit have yet to find a stroke of consistently but are doing just enough to hang around. I think top 5 is still very possible and very realistic for them, but their performances are proving otherwise. Picking up TheePastorDave in the transfer window should help their defensive flaws and I think they are a team on the rise. PREVIOUS WEEK: 4

9.) Arrechos SC – Arrechos are still in a great position and have seemingly figured out whatever their issue was last season. Their offense is being carried by cestiare who has 11 of their 14 goals. They will need other contributors if they want any chance at playoffs. PREVIOUS WEEK: 8

10.) Artistic – Artistic are back on the right path towards the team they want to be. They destroyed True Football 6-0, but half of their goals this season have come that one game. They seemingly found out their problem though. In the two games l Sanders l wasn’t at striker, they won. This isn’t a coincidence.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 13

11.) DEMOLITION FC – I still can’t figure out Demolition. They are a mess right now and a sinking ship at the moment. This team is a pretender and don’t look anything like the team that had potential in pre-season. Demolition needs a leader and need to access what their issues are and how to solve them before they go back into D2. PREVIOUS WEEK: 9

12.) True Football – True Football are again one of those teams that’s tough to figure out. They’ve had some incredible results in their favor and then some results that make you scratch your head. Their offense has disappeared on them and their playoffs hopes are looking more dim with every game. PREVIOUS WEEK: 7

13.) InFinite Sports – Infinite have the ability to score, but they don’t have the ability to prevent scoring. Their defense has been lackluster to say the least. They haven’t played well against contending teams and have been decent against the teams they should beat. Overall, they’re a below average team and a huge pretender. PREVIOUS WEEK: 12

14.) Empire Football – Not only are Enpire losing games, they’re losing players too. They lost their Golden Boot winner from last season, Viva Reyes; they also lost their most competent defender in TheePastorDave AND they lost their do-it-all midfielder, Zephy l 7 l. 8 points in 10 games for last year’s runners up is inexcusable. They at least are out of the relegation zone, for now. PREVIOUS WEEK: 15

15.) Babooshka FC – Babooshka can’t attack, they can’t defend and overall are just a bad team. Their only bright spot is NKG HD is a semi-consistent scorer for them but other than that, relegation is a very real destination if they keep going in the form they’re in.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 17 

16.) JoGa FC  I tried to be positive for JoGa last week, I really did. Of course, they let me down. They have the worst offense in the league with only 7 goals to their name and are honestly putting up decent fights against everyone. If only the had an offensive player that knew how to be better than a drop-in player. PREVIOUS WEEK: 16

17.) Bohemian Grove –Bohemian still have the worst defense in the league and legend has it, Never Unlucky are STILL scoring on hem at this very moment. Once again I put my faith into them to be the first team to give up 100 goals in a season. PREVIOUS WEEK: 15

18.) Regulators – Regulators round out the list at #18 again and  PREVIOUS WEEK: 18

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