League of Legends Newest Champion: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger

A new champion is coming to Summoner’s Rift and his name is Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol is a celestial dragon that is one of the best visually appealing looking champion to ever be introduced into the game. He is a medium ranged mage that will most likely be used in a solo lane. However, Aurelion Sol has seen loads of play in the jungle while being tested on the PBE server. He does not have a defined single role as of now and that is common with new champions. Players across the globe will try to find the best way to play Aurelion Sol and where he will fit the best. It’s hard to judge how strong a new champion is, but Aurelion Sol’s kit gives him a good amount of crowd control, consistent damage, and mobility. After his release week, where everyone will be trying to play him, I believe Aurelion Sol will stick around and be played at a high rate due to his visual looks and fun kit. Here’s what Aurelion Sol’s passive and abilities look like.



Center of the Universe:

Center of the Universe  INNATE: Aurelion Sol is constantly orbited by three stars that deal magic damage and apply spell effects to enemies hit by them. The stars are temporarily disabled if you are stunned, displaced, or suppressed. The stars deal 20 – 97 (based on level) (+ 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50) (+ 18 – 35 (based on level)% AP) magic damage. Aurelion Sol is a unique champion in that his passive is a major component in his total damage and allows him to farm effectively and output damage continuously.




Q: Starsurge

Starsurge  Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star in a target direction that explodes—dealing damage and stunning all nearby enemies—upon reactivation or once it travels beyond his stars’ maximum orbital range. Aurelion Sol can travel alongside Starsurge, and by keeping it close he’ll nurture it, growing it in size so that it damages and stuns a wider area when it explodes. You can charge Starsurge up from your base and walk it across the entire map if you want to. If used effectively, this ability can be game changing for a massive team fight. The stun duration of this ability increases from 1 second to 2 seconds as it is ranked up.


W: Celestial Expansion

Celestial Expansion  Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to his outer ring, significantly increasing their power. Celestial Expansion costs mana to cast and drains mana every second the ability is toggled on. Once he toggles the ability off or runs out of mana, Aurelion Sol pulls his stars back. Celestial Expansion increases his passive damage by 50%, and can output large amounts of continuous damage in long team fights.


E: Comet of Legend

Comet of Legend  Passive: Aurelion Sol builds up increasing movement speed as he travels continuously in the same direction, and loses speed on sharp turns. Some of this speed is stored away as Escape Velocity stacks, which are lost entirely whenever he takes damage from an enemy.

Active: Once Aurelion Sol maxes his Escape Velocity stacks, he can activate Comet of Legend to pull in his orbiting stars and take flight, traversing over terrain for a long distance. He cannot turn once his course is set, and enemy damage will bring Aurelion Sol back to earth, restoring his orbiting stars.

This ability gives Aurelion Sol a large amount of mobility across the map and allows him to effectively roam quicker than his opposing laner or simply get back to lane.


R: Voice of Light

Voice of Light  Aurelion Sol shoots out a long wave of starfire in a target direction that damages and slows all struck enemies. Nearby enemies caught in the blast are also knocked back to Aurelion Sol’s outer ring.

Aurelion Sol’s ultimate does a good amount of damage and can be used to peel off attackers or it can be used to engage onto enemies out of position and hit them with a devastating slow. The slow decays over 4 seconds which gives you and your team plenty of time to react.



Aurelion Sol looks more and more like a mid laner in my eyes and can bring great pushing power and fantastic roaming to any team comp. A perfectly orchestrated expanded Starsurge can win your team the game and a great ult allows teammates to kite or chase down opponents. Aurelion Sol can wave clear easily when he expands his passive, but players will have to monitor his mana pool. Aurelion Sol should make an impact in solo queue right away, but it might not be the best for competitive play due to the ability to counter most of his abilities. If played correctly, Aurelion Sol can dominate a game and carry hard. Watch out for the celestial dragon coming to a rift near you soon.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy