Fantasy LCS Week 8: Lineup Advice

The LCS is heading into week 8 of the 2016 spring split, which means your fantasy team has only two more weeks to bring home some wins and secure your fantasy LCS league title. As always, I’ll go through who to start, who to bench, what sleeper to look out for, and help out with those tough decisions that you need to make in order for your fantasy team to perform at a winning level. No time wasting, let’s dive in.




Ryu (H2k Mid):

H2k have a cake-walk of a schedule this week and the man in the mid lane for them should benefit the most from that. H2k faces off against ROCCAT and Splyce this week, two teams that are currently in the bottom 4 of Europe and should not be able to defeat H2k. Ryu will look to put up large fantasy numbers like he so often does against the lesser teams in the league. Ryu is the 7th highest scoring mid laner across both regions in fantasy this year and I think he will be able to climb up a couple spots after a huge week this week. Start him!

Reignover (Immortals Jungle):

It has been common sense all season to start every member of the Immortals roster and that should remain the case in the last two weeks of the season. I’m here to stop owners from worrying about Immortals 1-1 week when we last saw them and continue to play your Immortal players in fantasy. Reignover leads all junglers in North America when it comes to fantasy points and will look to build his lead over the rest of NA’s junglers this week as his team faces off against a struggling NRG team and a lower tier team in Team Dignitas. Reignover should be all over the map making plays and creating advantages for his team. Expect big assists numbers and a great fantasy day from him fantasy owners. Continue starting Reignover at all costs.


Doublelift (TSM ADC):

Doublelift currently ranks as the 7th highest scoring ADC in fantasy this season, which is disappointing, considering he has been a top 3 fantasy ADC each of the past two seasons. TSM, fresh off their IEM Katowice appearance last week, has a fantastic looking schedule this weekend. 7th place Team Impulse and the last place Renegades should not put up a massive fight and lead to some victories and fantasy points for TSM members, given that TSM shows up and plays to the level that they are capable of playing at. Doublelift recorded a Pentakill at IEM Katowice and I think he will regain some confidence and start dominating inferior bottom lanes across the North American LCS again. I’d start Doublelife without question this week.

Owners Beware

Hylissang (Unicorns of Love Support):

Hylissang has had a great fantasy season and is currently the 5th highest scoring support player in fantasy. This week, however, his team may not find the most success. Unicorns of Love have rotated junglers too many times this season for my liking and the synergy between Loulex and Hylissang is not there yet. UOL face off against Origen and Elements, the two teams right below them in the standings. Origen received loads of practice last weekend at IEM and could have helped them figure out some of their problems that they have had this season. Elements, on the other hand, does not like to fight that much and can turtle away and prevent many kills from going over to UOL and hurting their fantasy numbers. If you have a better option, then consider benching Hylissang. If you cannot find a suitable starter, then stick with him.


Febiven (Fnatic Mid): 

Fnatic had a good showing at IEM Katowice last weekend and brought home the silver medal from the tournament, but he and the rest of Fnatic are returning to Europe this week to face off against the buzzsaw that is Vitality. Vitality has won their last 6 games and find themselves at the top of the standings alongside H2k and G2 Esports. Febiven has had a down year in Europe and that could continue against Vitality, a team that pressures the side lanes better than any team in Europe. Febiven should not be able to gain a large advantage in the mid lane and will be the recipient of many ganks from opposing jungler, Shook. Don’t look for Febiven to put up massive fantasy points this week. If you have another great option this week, start him.

GBM (NRG Mid):

NRG has struggled mightily with their roster changes and it has affected GBM’s performance for his fantasy owners. GBM currently ranks 14th in fantasy points per game across all mid laners and his performances have decreased as the season has gone along. He gets no help from his jungler and his bottom lane is almost always behind. GBM is a man on an island that doesn’t have the tools around him to carry every game. This week NRG matchups with Immortals and Team Liquid. Pobelter and Fenix should be able to contain GBM very well and prevent him from carrying hard and putting up the fantasy points his owners are looking for. Sit GBM!




Wunderwear (Splyce Top):

This is a pretty massive sleeper if I do say so myself. Wunderwear is currently owned in only 2.3% of leagues and starting in only 0.7% of leagues. So why do I like him this week? I don’t really know. He receives the largest portion of resources when it comes to top laners, but fails to carry the game for his team in most cases. He has played well in a couple games in the past, but I think this week against Elements he can have a monster game. The matchup against H2k may not be that pretty, but I think Wunderwear can put up decent numbers this week and prove to be a good pick-up this week. I only recommend giving Wunderwear a chance if you have no good options for top laners this week. You never know, he could be the biggest sleeper pick of the year.

Soaz (Origen Top):

Soaz has had that bad of a year that he has become a sleeper in Fantasy. He is started in only about 48% of leagues and could be poised for a big week this week. I like his matchups against Unicorns of Love and ROCCAT. There should be plenty of team fights and skirmishes in both matchups which will lead to an abundant amount of points for Soaz. If you held on to Soaz from the start of the year, this week he could make it all pay off for you. Slide him into your starting lineup this week and watch him make you proud.


Keith (Echo Fox ADC):

It seems every week there is an Echo Fox player in my “Sleeper” section. They are without question the most slept on LCS team this season. This week Echo Fox faces off against Dignitas and CLG, two teams with bottom lane struggles in recent weeks. CLG was exposed at IEM Katowice last week and Stixxay has become a liability to their team. Keith can take advantage of Stixxay, along with Apollo from Dignitas this week and gain a massive advantage for his team. Keith has the ability to punish each opposing ADC this week and carry the game, so watch out for a huge performance this week from Kieth.

Only one more fantasy lineup article left for the 2016 spring split. I’ll be here once against next Wednesday to help you secure that one last win over your friend for bragging rights or better yet, the title.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBagGravy