FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII, Power Rankings: Week 2

Well week 1 of ACL is over and already we have seen a lot of surprises, and some early storylines. We have Quality Futbol actually living up to their name, Never Unlucky FC has had a rebirth, and FC Serenity has struggled out the gate again. Regardless, here is the week 2 Power Rankings:


1.) Viva Futbol – In Viva’s terms, last week wasn’t their best but they ended it with 2-0 win against (at the time) 1st place FC Phoenix. Viva Calvo has picked up right where he left off last season already compiling 6 goals and 3 assists and Dirty l 6 l not only is getting it done defensively, he has 2 goals and 2 assists as well. Viva have been capitalizing on set pieces early on this season and right now sit at 3rd in the table, but I’m not ready to move them down seeing as they are still in the driver’s seat. PREVIOUS WEEK: 1

2.) FC Phoenix – Look no further than Phoenix is you are looking for the league’s best defense right now. They have only given up 3 goals so far, and all three have been from some sort of set piece. While the defense has been doing it’s thing, iFarrell has been producing up top as usual. With 5 goals and 2 assists on the week, he has been more than enough for Phoenix and with a 5-0-1 record, Phoenix has been clinical and tied for 1st place in points with Never Unlucky FC. Next week they have a tough test and their position will be tested heavily and will finish their week against Never Unlucky FC. PREVIOUS WEEK: 2

3.) Never Unlucky FC– In case anyone hasn’t taken notice, since AVL, all of the Never Unlucky players have been on an absolute tear. They are currently in 1st place with Phoenix on points, but have an overwhelming 17 Goal Differential already and have scored 21 goals in just six games. Just to describe their week in simple terms, all five of their wins have been by 3+ goals and then they dropped a game to Arrechos SC. Unlucky Diggs and Unlucky Dblock have 6 goals each and newcomer Africa aR has added 5 as well. Right now they are a scoring machine and are looking at a huge match-up with FC Phoenix Thursday night to potentially decide 1st place. PREVIOUS WEEK: 10

4.) Xplicit CF – Outside of one rough game against Never Unlucky, they have been a team that shows some promise and a good week showed that. True Muller has provided 4 goals and 2 assists and overall the defense has been solid with only 8 goals against. Next week will be a test for them as they go against Viva, Phoenix, and American Outlaws. Xplicit should be able to grab at least 4 points from those 3 games if they are ready to take their game to the next level and be true contenders. PREVIOUS WEEK: 6 

5.) Quality Futbol – Quality Futbol have kept their pre-season form going into the regular season and they find themselves in uncharted territory in 4th place. League leading goalscorer and Noodle Squad member TheNatural21 has 7 goals already and Doobtrayn has been a nice compliment as well adding on 3 goals as well. Quality’s defense though have been the biggest surprise, and they have held it down with only 7 goals against. They have Viva and Phoenix next week as well and will need to prove themselves if they are serious. PREVIOUS WEEK: 11

6.) FC Serenity – Serenity is struggling and seemingly have the same problem as last season, scoring goals. Their defense hasn’t been as good either, but for a team with the quality that they have, 8 goals in 6 games is unacceptable. Lack of a stable formation, mixing positions, and just overall poor play has led to their stumble out the gate. Boateng x has been a pleasant surprise and seemingly their only offense with 3 goals and 2 assists. With an easy week upcoming, they can recover easily and become a force again. PREVIOUS WEEK: 3

7.) True Football – They pulled the upset of week by topping Viva 2-1 and that result has stood pretty well with the rest of their games by also beating American Outlaws and Quality Futbol 2-1. True Football look like their previous D1 experience has led them to early success and could very well keep it going. Iturbe l 7 l has kept his D2 scoring going into D1 with 5 goals already in 6 games. With a solid defense, don’t be surprised if True Football stick around for bit and even pull off more big wins, which they will need to next week and a date with Serenity and Never Unlucky on Wednesday could make or break their week. PREVIOUS WEEK: 15

8.) Arrechos SC – Arrechos had to thank their lucky stars to be back in D1 and have taken advantage of that chance. They are the only team to beat Never Unlucky on the season with a 3-1 victory and even pulled out a 1-1 draw with Serenity. Arrechos look like the Arrechos of old and have been solid thus far. They also have a tough week coming up with Viva and Quality but if they keep their form going, who knows what they could do. PREVIOUS WEEK: 13

9.) DEMOLITION FC – Demo has been playing exactly as expected; free scoring but have games where they do nothing. A 2-2 draw with Serenity and a 4-0 defeat against Never Unlucky prove just that. Demo recovered well after a rough opening night and next week they can take advantage of a pretty easy week disregarding Phoenix. PureTxBadAss will need to add to his 3 goals already if Demo are to take advantage. PREVIOUS WEEK: 9

10.) American Outlaws – Well.. they didn’t really have a bad week, but they didn’t have a good one either. They have made my pre-season analysis of them wrong by actually have a stellar defense and a lackluster offense. AO lost to Phoenix, True Football, and struggling Empire Football but and beat all the D2 teams they should have. Their level of play must improve or else AO will be sliding down the table faster than Empire is currently. PREVIOUS WEEK: 8

11.) Eclipse CF – Like AO, Eclipse has a disappearing act on offense, but have managed to find some success defensively and late signing of DeStefano x has certainly helped. But back to back games of getting destroyed by Serenity and Never Unlucky 4-0 and 3-0 have shown that they also are not a next level team yet. They have the talent and the players but the results have been awful with only 5 goals to their name. An easy week could boost morale or diminish it. This week could be their biggest of the season if the goals don’t come. PREVIOUS WEEK: 4

12.) InFinite Sports – In what has been a surprise, InFinite have actually been keeping pace with the mid-table teams. 9 goals scored and 9 given up have showed their consistent decency. Posto l 6 l has been good so far with 3 goals and 2 assists. They actually have played well in their losses too by losing by 1 in all three of those games. If they don’t have some of their mental lapses in those games, they could be a lot higher in the table. They will need to keep outperforming expectations with the toughest week out of all the teams on. PREVIOUS WEEK: 17

13.) Artistic – Once again they pick up right where they left off last season, drawing every team in their path. With 4 already this season and their pedigree of tying teams, something needs to change, especially since the games they don’t tie, they lose. They haven’t put up a win yet but the talent on this team should see them get through their struggle. Their defense will always keep them in games, but the offense needs to step up seeing as they are tied for worst in the ACL. At least they are getting a point when they play. PREVIOUS WEEK: 5

14.) Bohemian Grove – Bohemian have given up 5+ goals on three separate occasions already this season. That alone in itself is hideous; but, they did beat Eclipse 2-1 and InFinite 3-2 so there is some hope and they do have some scoring ability. Defensively, they are a nightmare with 22 goals given up in just six games, so it looks like they will need to outscore teams if they are to win. B0bbyDigital22 has 5 goals already and will need to end next week with 65 if Bohemian are to try to keep up with the others team’s offense. PREVIOUS WEEK: 14

15.) Emipire Football –Awful, pathetic, terrible, miserable, disgusting. All of those are valid words to describe Empire’s play at the moment. How can you have this much talent on a team and be worse than having 11 Sugabetes on the field?! Their play right now is a disgrace. Their 3 back clearly isn’t working with the personnel they brought in, the offense has been lacking creativity, and the midfield is easier to get in than Kim Kardashian. But hey, if we are being optimistic, in their loss to Viva 4-1, they scored this time. Improvement is all you ask for.  PREVIOUS WEEK: 7 

16.) JoGa FC  You know, if you forget about them getting shattered by Phoenix 5-0, they actually had a decent week. Only have 9 goals given up overall isn’t bad at all, but only scoring 5 goals is. If the offensive effort was matched by their defensive effort, JoGa could actually be in a decent spot on the table. JoGa have potential to be decent, they just need to show it. PREVIOUS WEEK: 18

17.) Babooshka FC –Welcome to D1, Babooshka. They easily had the toughest week of any team and obviously struggled badly. Next week doesn’t look promising either with matchups against Serenity, Eclipse, Arrechos, and 1st place Never Unlucky. PREVIOUS WEEK: 16

18.) Regulators – Regulators go from D2 Champions to last place in D1 after 1 week. That is not how they were looking to start their first D1 campaign. If they keep this up, they are going right back to D2 and leave D1 as quickly as they got there. PREVIOUS WEEK: 12

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