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Who should pursue Polt?


For the first time in many years Polt is now teamless. Now is the time for teams everywhere to really break the bank; if they want exposure this is the player to get it for them. In a recent interview at IEM Polt said that he will not really be looking for a team because they will all be coming to him, and to be honest I feel like he is right. However, I personally believe there is one team that should be trying to get him if they are still interested in pursuing the Starcraft scene, and that is Evil Geniuses.


Polt Winning WCS Season 1

Now for starters, I would like to point out that yes, Evil Geniuses is still definitely in the Starcraft scene.However, they are nothing like the EG that I knew  when I first started watching Starcraft back in 2012. If you have been watching the competitive Starcraft scene since then you will know the former glory that EG held in the scene, once even being compared to as playing for the Yankees in the MLB. When I first learned about the website Twitch, TV Starcraft was the top game with 3 standouts from the rest of the streamers being EG.idrA, EG.Demuslim, and EG.iNcontrol. Also at this time you had EG Stephano who was a tournament winning machine. While holding the majority of the best foreign players, they also had a team house in Korea, and holding a Korean roster with the likes of aLive, Oz, Revival, and JYP. They were playing in every team league there was from the ShoutCraft clan wars, Proleague, and the Global Starcraft 2 Team League (GSTL). Pretty much anyone who watched Starcraft at least knew of Evil Geniuses.


While I am not trying to make them seem unknown, their presence of actual players has decreased dramatically. When they decided to not participate in Proleague, and the GSTL dissolved, they had no reason to keep the Korean roster and released them all except for Jaedong; while also having incontrol take a step back into a much more of a personality role, and also having many of their iconic players retire or leave the scene. Incontrol is one of the hardiest personalities in Starcraft at the moment; hearing his laugh can make anyone’s day (unless you are the poor caster next to him that he has made the joke about), and probably one of the most important people at Evil Geniuses. Since his time as a player he has quickly transitioned into the role of a streamer/caster/host, and to be honest, people just love to see him being himself. Thorzain is a player who was once very common in tournaments but has been inactive pretty much since 2014. Stephano retired and streamed occasionally while attending school until he left for a Meltdown eSports bar sponsorship, and idrA was removed from the team after some comments on the Team Liquid forums. All of these things have led to a dwindling active player count that has not seen an addition since they signed Xenocider back in 2013. It is crazy for me to think that a team that I once held so high, seems to have really not gotten interested in anymore players over the past few years. Looking at the roster now you have Jaedong who is a BroodWar Legend, and if you were around for the 2013 season you will know this guy was a monster taking second place in virtually every major tournament he participated in, while unfortunately falling off lately with both results and appearances all together. Suppy has recently made a small return, while I’m honestly not sure as to whether he plans to stick around or not – only time will tell. Another player who just returned to the scene was Xenocider, with the qualifiers announcements he came back and streamed here and there in an attempt to be ready for the qualifiers, but he is also another wildcard as far as longevity goes. Now for Evil Geniuses torchbearer you have HuK. HuK is a guy who has been with EG since 2011, and has served them quite well always being relevant to the scene, always at least having one good run every year, and has already started this year off pretty well by making it to far into IEM Katowice.

Polt Hoisting the massive IEM Trophy

Polt Hoisting the massive IEM Trophy

Putting all of these things together should show that Evil Geniuses have been a powerhouse in the Starcraft scene. With them also being strong elsewhere, like Dota winning Internationals and all, it should show that this a team that can probably afford to sign a multiple time WCS Champion, who is also currently running his way through IEM Katowice. This kind of power play from EG signing Polt, could put them right back on the map as the Premiere Starcraft team. With Acer recently disbanding, the only other foreign teams really standing in the way are Team Liquid, My Insanity, Millennium, and Root Gaming. Now I am saying this both as a Polt fan who wants to see him land a good home, and an EG fanboy who wants to see them rise back to glory – EG PLEASE SIGN THIS MAN. In the end, whoever signs Polt, unless something happens and he goes full Dear after signing to a new team, is going to gain a huge asset in the eyes of fans and sponsors everywhere. Again, I would strongly encourage anyone with the resources to do so, to try and pick up Polt, because I mean hey, the guy literally lives with Violet.There are some pretty good chances he could just say hey, I have been teamless long enough, is eNvyus interested, and I can tell you they probably would be. The strongest teams I see coming for Polt are the following: Evil Geniuses, Root, FlipSide, and My Insanity. These teams are both big enough to support a player like Polt and could also massively benefit through doing so.


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