ACL Season 12 Power Rankings: Week 1

Alright, time for redemption after a rough AVL for me in terms of predictions. This season looks a lot more promising and clear cut, even with all the different “snaking” going on from club to club. This might have been the most hectic off-season we have seen in ACL history. Regardless, another ACL is around the corner, and it’s time for teams to get back into the swing of things. I’m even going to try my hand at predicting where teams finish again. But first, the Power Rankings going into Week 1 of ACL:

1.) Viva Futbol – The defending champs are back at it again and I think they’ll be just as dominate last season. Last time we saw them, they slayed FC Dragonz 7-0 in the Final, holding absolutely no mercy. One issue has arose though, their leader Viva Pep has decided to take a season off and they also will not have their GK Viva Tracy for an extended period of time. Replacing them for the time being will be LoCoTrAcK5tAr, 2x runner up CB, and former Viva GK Joker l 1 l. Those two signings will need to be effective immediately. Although, Viva is so talented they might not be as crucial as many may think.

Impact Player: Ramani x – Ramani is back again for Viva and looking for yet another title at CB. Coming off an impressive AVL with relatively no name CBs and he helped lead them to Clean Sheet Leader. Viva might not need him to do too much but when they do, he’ll need to be effective. Ramani should be more than capable of achieving that though.

2.) FC Phoenix – If you this this off-season was hectic in general, just look at Phoenix alone, and that should tell you the magnitude of change in the ACL. Phoenix may have lost a lot of players, but their gains have actually been better and they are looking like true title contenders again after winning another Pre-season Tournament title. Their back-line is almost completely new by adding James l 15 l, DoN l 2 l, and HELIX l 7 l. On offense, they added free scoring iFarrell to the mix. Will this be the season Phoenix breaks through and makes a Final?

Impact Player: iFarrell – Farrell is statistically one of the best strikers in this league but a lot of people doubt his actual skill. Farrell might be on the first team that can support his skill and be success as this is by far the most talent that has ever been around him. If he has a good season, so will Phoenix, if he struggles, you could see Phoenix drop some points as well.

3.) FC Serenity – Serenity come back again after a surprising 1-0 loss to FC Dragonz in the semifinals last season. They return with most of the same roster while adding legend streets1014 and CBs Viva Fbn and the ever venomous Fiddleton. The only question about this roster is who sits and will their outstanding egos get in the way of sharing games? Serenity have all the talent in the world and can easily be as dominant as they were when the won 2 seasons ago.

Impact Player: streets1014 – This signing was a NEED for a struggling Serenity offense last season. Serenity lost a lot of points last season because just couldn’t score. Streets will certainly help with that problem and will help supply the much needed goal threat they were missing.

4.) Eclipse CF – l Marvinho l and Air Japes made this squad after not liking their experience on Phoenix. They have actually managed to built a solid squad that can compete. Though I don’t think they are on the tier of the Top 3, they are still a solid team. The offense should be elite, but the defense is a little questionable. Last minute pick-up of DeStefano x will certainly help but there are still some questions left to be answered. Eclipse will need to gel quick together if they are to get a good playoff seed.

Impact Player: FP l Kahn 1 – Kahn isn’t that well known but he will need to be for a suspect Eclipse back-line. Kahn played at a high level in the Pre-season tournament, and will have to keep that form going. Kahn could be the rise and fall of this team.

5.) Artistic – Viva Deen is back with Artistic again but this team actually looks like a true threat. Whether they still reschedule 37 times or not shouldn’t matter because they have 19 people on the roster and shouldn’t have to do it again. The squad is a deep roster too. To help Deen manage this time, is l 16 l De Rossi and former Top 5 CAM WarMachine199. The squad is solid around and doesn’t really have any holes, they’re just not elite anywhere but overall a solid squad.

Impact Player: WarMachine199 – As I said earlier, he was once an elite level CAM and then retired out of the blue. Now he’s back and should be able to dominate the middle again, assuming he actually plays that is.

6.) Xplicit FC – Formerly known as Rare Footage, but they’re back and looking a little better than last season as a team. I’d put them in the same boat as Artistic. They are both solid all around, not elite anywhere though. l TerryGod l was a huge pick-up for them and the addition of IGI Dom l7l on offense should help bring more goals to an average offense last season.

Impact Player: Cannavaro l 5 l – Assuming that Cannavaro is the starting GK for Xplicit, he looks to continue off of an impressive AVL where he was the Bundesliga Clean Sheet leader and helped lead Monchengladbach to the best record.

7.) FC Dragonz – Well… This has been quite the off-season for Dragonz. Losing almost half of their roster but for the most part replenishing it, just with less talent. Their back-line is completely different and now is made of TheePastorDave, Twistd AsSaSsin, and FHz Wanyama 12. That’s a lot of thrust for those three to try a 3 back formation and ultimately I think that will be the reason they drop some points. Then again, they could make another run to the final and surprise everyone again.

Impact Player: Viva Reyes – Rey was close to collecting the MVP award last season but came up just short and still got the Golden Boot. He will more than likely have to repeat that performance since the defense is still a little questionable to say the least.

8.) American Outlaws – DiLo and co. are back again looking to improve on an impressive season last ACL. A 6th place finish with an outside shot at top 4 was their result last season while losing to FC Serenity in Golden Goal in playoffs. That’s a major improvement and they have improved again on paper. Picking up Matic 21x to replace Clutch l 14 l’s CDM spot was huge and picking up xMasterChief15x on offense was also big to help an already loaded offense. They are primed for another run to the playoffs.

Impact Player: l ZlatanFish l – Zlatan last season was one of the catalysts for this offense and once again he’ll be asked to be the leader now since Dom has left. He will need to have just as big of an impact as Dom did if AO aspire to cause upsets.

9.) DEMOLITION FC – Demo is back and look to improve on their first experience with D1. Missing out on the playoffs had to be a bummer and just a few more point would have seen them through. Regardless, Demo picked up oLdSkooLKaRmA for GK to let Havens play on the field and they picked up AVL Clean Sheet Leading defender Logsdon l 24 l. Those two could be enough to push Demo through into playoffs.

Impact Player: PureTxBadAss – He finished 5th in the MVP race last season and once again he will lead the attack for Demo. Pure unfortunately had to play on an AVL team that quit mid-season but he still could be the reason DEmo have success again if the offense goes through him.

10.) Never Unlucky FC – Lovelady09 thankfully rallied the troops together and brought this club back. NUFC is such a nice team to have back because they help bring balance in the league. It’s the new faces on this team that will be the most important to NUFC’s success though. z Uh Oh makes his way over from AO, Owen l 10 l comes back to control the back-line, and Africa aR up top could be the key to how this team fares in what looks like a competitive ACL this season. (Or so I hope)

Impact Player: Paul l 5 l – Paul has taken a step back as a player but even then his is still quality and is going to be man to control the midfield for NUFC. A solid player on both sides of the ball, he will have to be the two-way player this midfield needs to make playoffs.

11.) Quality Futbol – Formerly known as Criminal Futbol but with some new faces. Air Ronaldo still runs the club but actually has more recognizable talent on the squad. They picked up xl TyranT lx for defense, Cpt Juizo and AntDP425 for the midfield, and TheNatural21 and Doobtrayn up top to score all the goals. In Pre-season, they had two blowout wins and took eventual champs FC Phoenix to golden goal. They have a lot potential and can sneak into playoffs if they pull off some surprising results.

Impact Player: l TrappHouse l – I think this is Criminal Trapp from last season but regardless on the app it says his first games played were in the Pre-seaosn tournament. Either way, he played EXTREMELY well for Quality and his play alone could bring more point to a Quality side that needs them after missing playoffs last season.

12.) Regulators – This is the first D2 team from last season to make the list and that’s because they were the champs of D2 by 1 points. Taco Bale supplied 22 goals and Xmobxgetxmoneyx also scored 17 goals to lead them to the D2 title. Their first taste of D1 should be interesting with all the talent starting to spread out a bit. Regulators could sneak into the playoffs and be the surprise of the season.

Impact Player: KEVINHHO – Being the only recognizable D1 player on the roster, he is the only one with experience and assuming he is the starting GK, his performance could see them get some decent results and get them into playoffs.

13.) Arrechos SC – Through some crazy way, Arrechos are back in D1 after a rough season of relegation last season. I’m thinking that they don’t want to go through the same feeling of that so they will be thanking their lucky stars they are back in D1. l EcuaDT10 l will NEED to get his team off to a good start so their confidence is demoralized again. Arrechos is one of longest lasting clubs and it’d be a shame to see them struggle badly again.

Impact Player: CAMBALACHE11 – Their GK was one of the very few reasons they had points last ACL and he is back with them again. Camba will need to be immortal again if Arrechos are to avoid the drop again.

14.) Bohemian Grove – Bohemian is another D2 team making their first appearance in D1 and they were a solid D2 team last year with a 4th place finish. I put them ahead of some of the other D2 teams becuase they played at a decent level in the Pre-season tournament and I guess I’m trying to be bold in a way… They looked good, that’s the point.

Impact Player: JibraeelHD – Jibraeel had a really good to follow his 20 goal performance in D2 last season. He’ll need to step up for the missing pieces they lost from last season. Maybe he could put up some more assist numbers, just a thought.

15.) True Football – The Jamaicans have finally made it back to D1 and it’s refreshing to see them back. A weak defense but a competent offense got them through D2 last season and it looks like it’ll be the same in D1 this season. iturbe l 7 l and former assist leader Islandrast will lead the offense again and will need to score in bunches if Tru Football want to avoid another D2 trip.

Impact Player: Maestro l21l – A decent AVL and an extremely good ACL last season has since him improve tremendously as a player. He had 14 goals last season in D2 and will once again be the midfield force True Football need.

16.) Babooshka FC – Babooshka finished D2 well last season and are welcomed into D1 where the big teams look to just sweep them under the rug and move onto their next game. If my memory serves me correctly, I recognize some of these names primarily for them playing NHL instead of FIFA. Either way, they were a good D2 team last season so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had some sort of success in D1.

Impact Player: NKG HD – NKG led D2 last year with an astounding 32 goals in 30 games. If NKG can repeat even half of that performance, Babooshka can have an outside shot at playoffs..

17.) InFinite Sports – InFinite barely survived the drop last season when they were known as STREET K1NGS. The roster isn’t bad but I just believe that winning in D2 is better than being lackluster in D1. A huge addition of Armero l 27 l on defense will help a lot, but the offense is still underwhelming on paper. They need to score to stay above the drop, simple as that.

Impact Player: Ryu l10l – Ryu used to be one of the best offensive players in this league but now it’s starting to look like a 1-2 season wonder. If he can find that form again, you could see InFinite improve in a big way.

18.) JoGa FC – JoGa aren’t necessarily the worst team in the league, they just have the worst looking roster on the list. ACE OF JAMAICA was their best pickup. If anything, that alone should tell you what their roster is like. Nothing more needs to be said.

Impact Player: Uptop sekooo – I believe he was on FC Dragonz roster for about 3 days or so but immediately got removed with them picking Inform Vidal. Uptop will see A LOT of action here at JoGa so his play will dictate how this team fares.

Predicted Finishing Table:

1.) Viva Futbol
2.) FC Phoenix
3.) FC Serenity
4.) FC Dragonz
5.) Eclipse CF
6.) Xplicit FC
7.) Artistic
9.) American Outlaws
10.) Never Unlucky FC
11.) Quality Futbol
13.)True Football
14.) Arrechos SC
15.) InFinite Sports
16.) Bohemian Grove
17.) Babooshka FC
18.) JoGa Fc

Thank you for reading everyone and thank you for everyone who appreciated the rankings last week. Let’s make this a fun ACL and I think this will be one of the more competitive ACLs we have in recent seasons. Look for the next Power Rankings next week!!