2-Piece TvP Cheese

TvP Proxy Mine/Liberator

Hey guys if you are having TvP issues this can be a pretty good build to get you free wins vs greedy Protoss, being on both sides of this build I can tell you even knowing it’s there can be hard to deal with. There are many variances to this build but this is the way I have had the most success.


14 Depot


15 Refinery


16 Barracks


19 Proxied Factory then Orbital/Second Refinery


20 Reaper (You will want this to distract the protoss while you plant mines in his main.)


as soon as you have the gas start Starport with SCV that made Factory


23 Depot


32 (3:18) Benchmark for first Liberator


35 Engineering bay incase of Oracles/DTs as well as starting 2nd CC


From here you will start producing mines inside of the Protoss base and hopefully can get them to the mineral line with aid from the Reaper being a distraction. Once your Starport finishes you will want to start making Liberators to siege the mineral lines.