Top 10 Champions You Should be Banning on Patch 6.4

Today I’m here to help you all answer one of your most important pre-game decisions while in champion select, who do I ban? The banning phase of each game plays a huge part into how each game is played. Whether you take out the most overpowered champions or want to prevent yourself from getting counter-picked, the ban phase should be taken seriously. While each team only gets 3 bans, I’ll go over 10 champions today that should be on your ban list each game. Let’s get into it.


1) Udyr

Udyr has been tearing up the jungle the past couple of patches and even with his nerfs in patch 6.4, he still maintains the highest win rate for junglers. He clears extremely fast and can split push better than most junglers. His ganks are not the greatest, but can burn summoners and rack up kills if coordinated correctly. Udyr becomes an annoying tank in the late game that you can’t really catch or kill. His team-fighting is weaker than most junglers, but that doesn’t affect him from being on my “must-ban” list. Unless you plan on first picking the Godyr, ban him.



2) Soraka

If you find yourself in the bottom lane, Soraka is not the support you want to face off against. Even though Janna has the highest win rate at support, Soraka is not that far behind her constant healing is enough to tilt players. Soraka provides an insane amount of healing for her team all game long that can save lives, prevent sieges, and win team fights. Soraka is a pain to play against and the headache she causes you is enough to put her on the ban list.

3) Kog-Maw

The scariest two item champion in the game right now is Kog-Maw. The power spike Kog-Maw gets after his first two items are complete is enough to win a team a game. If you pair a Kog-Maw with the likes of Braum or Janna in the bottom lane, you will not be able to get to him before he kills you. His attack speed and AOE damage will be too much for your team to handle in team fights. Unless you plan on assembling a very hard engage composition, Kog’Maw should be on your ban list each game. Don’t let the void puppy wreck havoc in your games.


4) Nautilus

Nautilus currently holds the highest win rate for any champion in the game at 55.43%. His presence in the top lane is extremely strong and he can impact the game in several ways. His teleport plays are top tier, he can bully other tanks in lane with his spells, and can build an effective split push with the ZZ’rot Portal and Banner of Command items. He’s a good team fighter and brings more CC (crowd control) than any other champion can. Nautilus should be discussed with your team in your pick and ban phase without question.

5) Malphite

Malphite is a massive tank in the top lane that can change the game with one button. Unstoppable Force is one of the best team fighting ultimates in the game and can win teams if used correctly. Malphite struggles in lane and may fall behind, but he will become extremely tanky in the late game and will be hard to kill. His tankyness, his ultimate, and the low skill level required to play Malphite are enough to earn Malphite a spot on this list. Good players can figure out ways to defeat a Malphite player, but lower tier players are better off avoiding him altogether.


6) Rammus

Rammus is a must-ban if you play on running multiple attack damage based carries. He is the best tank in the game when facing a heavy AD squad and can output tons of damage against fellow tanks. He has a deceptively good split ability as well with the bonus AD he receives from his passive. Couple that with a ZZ’rot portal and he will be taking your base in no time. He offers good CC in team fights and can soak a very large amount of damage. His laning is not the best, but his disruptiveness is nothing to brush aside. A good Rammus player can take over the game and lead his team to victory.

7) Nidalee

Nidalee is the queen of the jungle and can take over a game in the first ten minutes. She clears the jungle at a higher speed than any other jungler and is one of the most effective counter junglers at the moment. She builds CS leads over opposing junglers and dominates mid-game skirmishes across the map. She is extremely mobile and can gank from anywhere. A great Nidalee player can win the jungle matchup early and snowball her lanes to an easy victory. Nidalee should be discussed in the pick and ban phase simply because of her overpowering presence in the first 15 minutes of every game.


8) Graves

Even with nerfs in recent patches, Graves still holds the highest win rate for a Marksman. He also holds above average win rates in the top lane and jungle position as well. He is a great flex pick for teams and can provide an abundance of damage in team fights and skirmishes. He is a strong laner and items like Maw and Sterak’s Gage can make him an extremely tanky marksman when you factor in his passive. His jungles with ease as well and take minimal damage. Graves is a strong pick in 3 position and can even be used in the mid lane to success. He’s a strong overall champion across the board and should be banned when you do not have an answer for him.


9) Sivir

This pick may surprise man, but Sivir holds the second highest win rate for ADCs after Graves. Her ult provides so much utility for her team and is one of the best team fighting ultimates in the game. Her laning is great and her wave clear is one of the best, if not the best, of all the ADCs. Sivir’s Spellshield also gives her safety to play aggressively. She is not seen much in the competitive scene that much as of now, but she can wreck havoc in your solo queue games. A buff recently to her Ricochet ability has helped her become a great ADC pick once again.


10) Braum

The man with the big shield that prevents your damage. Braum is a very disruptive support and can save his ADC from dying in so many ways. He may not be the strongest laner, but his team fighting is one of the best for a support. He can apply his passive to anyone he is close to and provide stuns and slows across the entire enemy team while shielding his valuable carries from damage. Braum’s damage reduction and CC for his team earned him the last spot on the “10 champions you should ban” list.

As always, this is not a set list of 10 champions that should be banned. Other champions deserve bans in certain situations. Fiora and Pantheon in the top lane, Lee Sin and Elise in the jungle, Lux and Corki in the mid lane, Lucian and Caitlyn at ADC, and Alistar and Janna at support all could receive bans. The beauty of League of Legends is how situational each game can be and how each game is different. Talk with your team, find out which champions you hate playing against the most, and see who will prevent you from taking home a victory and place a ban on that champion/champions you or your team decides on. I hope this list can help others develop a better idea of who exactly you should be banning for all your games on patch 6.4.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBagGravy