Player Rankings: Midfielders

At long last we finish off the player rankings with the Midfielders. I saved these for last due to the overwhelming hype surrounding it and the overall depth of each position makes it the most interesting and by far the hardest to judge. I will rank CAMs, Outside Mids, and CDMs. Before I’d start, I would like to thank you all for reading this past week and hope you enjoyed these. The rankings will be coming every month so that way we have 4 a year. The formats may be different in the future but they will be back in due time. Be on the look for them around June or so. Without further ado, here’s the best of the best in midfield:


1.) Viva Suarez – (Viva Futbol, VPN Liverpool, iFVPA USA) – No surprise to anyone here that Suarez tops the list. His constant stellar performances no matter who’s around him make him a key to any attack he’s on. Arguably the biggest game-change the community has.

2.) LickMyBalotelli – (FC Serenity, VPN Wolfsburg, iFVPA USA) – Even though Balo has had his numbers dip under his usual tally, he is still a highly skilled player and still one of the best CAMs in the community.

3.) Cheeky Vision – (FC Phoenix, VPN Hamburger SV) – Cheeky once again won Assist Leader last ACL with Phoenix and is in position to repeat that performance again. Cheeky has improved most out of any CAM on this list.

4.) l Marvinho l – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Arsenal, Eclipse CF, iFVPA Canada) – Marvin goes into next ACL managing a team on his terms for the first time and will be playing CAM full time. He has proven himself the last few seasons to be one of the biggest offensive talents in the community.

5.) IGI Dom l7l – (American Outlaws, VPN Schalke 04, Xplicit FC) – Dom nearly won assist leader last ACL but just missed out. Still with 18, it is no laughing anymore that he actually is a threat, just no longer on the wing.

6.) Cheeks Mcfly – (FC Dragonz, VPN Chelsea) – Cheeks has been successful on any team he has been on except this last AVL season but nevertheless his last season at CAM he helped lead Dragonz to the ACL Finals and improved immensely at CAM.

7.) l EcuaDt10 l – (Arrechos SC, VPN Bayern Munich, iFVPA Ecuador) – DT being this highmay shock some people but overall he is an outstanding CAM with underwhelming talent around him. Imagine if he played without his friends and with better talent.

8.) Huether 10 – (Rare Footage/FP United, VPN Leicester City, Dab on Em) – Huether has been bounced around the midfield the last couple seasons but take nothing away because when playing CAM, he is undoubtedly a difference maker at CAM.

9.) ForeverShiek – (Rare Footage,  VPN Chelsea, Xplicit FC) – ForeverCheeks may not be good in a lot of people’s eyes but you can’t deny his numbers the last few seasons and he has improved since he first started.

10.) l Zlatanfish l – (American Outlaws, VPN Chelsea) – Zlatan has also bounced around at ST, and even occasionally DM, but regardless he is still a solid CAM and puts in his work for Outlaws.

Now for the Top Outside Mids:

1.) Omar l 1 l – (Viva Futbol, VPN Norwich, iFVPA USA) – Omar, like Balo, hasn’t put up the numbers we are used to seeing, and that may be due to lack of games played. Either way, his talent is beyond everyone else.

2.) l Franc l -(Viva Futbol, VPN Leverkusen, iFVPA Canada) – Franc and Omar on the wings for Viva is just frightening alone. Franc, like Omar, is an out of this world dribbler, and has even improved on his defensive play in recent seasons.

3.) Midget l 23 – (FC Phoenix, VPN Leicester City, iFVPA USA) – Midget has made incredible strides towards the upper echelon of wingers and has proven it every season. His positioning on the field is what has brought him to the top and has helped make him an elite player.

4.) Viva Oscar – (Viva Futbol, VPN Wolfsburg) – Oscar joins Omar and Franc as the Viva trio of wingers. Just think about it this way, one of these three sits out every game. Oscar is better defensively of the three wingers and has constantly put in great performances no matter what team he’s on.

5.) FHz Anarchy 7 – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Arsenal, FC Dragonz, iFVPA USA) – Anarchy is constantly made fun of for the amount of tracking back he does but lately he has been putting in more offensive numbers to show improvement and making people wrong about him while winning an AVL title with Arsenal.

6.) Boateng x – (FC Dragonz, FC Serenity) – Boateng came back from his hiatus with a storm. He ended up with 8 assists after fizzling out towards the end of the last ACL season but still produced a solid season while only playing half the games.

7.) Cherry I 10 I – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz/FC Phoenix, VPN Dortmund, iFVPA Colombia) – Cherry has been incredible since making his move to Phoenix and while he has played some games at Striker, he has been good for his national team as well at RM and has proven himself a solid winger.

8.) DTGxSNUBNOZE – (BigBad FC, VPN Wolfsburg, Eclipse CF, iFVPA USA) – Snubnoze has declined a bit but it’s hard to repeat the amazing numbers he put up in FIFA 15. Snubnoze surely will pick it back up and become an elite attacker again.

9.) Ronaldinho xl0 – (FC Dragonz, VPN Hamburger SV) – Ronaldinho made his first TOTS with Dragonz last ACL and has made big improvements to his game since moving to RM. He still has a little bit to work on and more to prove if he is to move up on my list.

10.) MLedda – (Artistic, VPN Arsenal, iFVPA Canada) – MLedda is one of the better players no one talks about. He quietly does his business, puts up solid numbers, and just came off an AVL title with Arsenal.

And lastly, the Top 20 CDMs:

1.) TGxCFD15 – (FC Serenity, VPN Bayern Munich, iFVPA USA) – TG once again tops another CDM list and yes, he is THAT good. To me, he is the biggest impact player in the community and one of the few that can literally carry a whole team to a win if need be.

2.) Rewind l 7 l – (Viva Futbol, VPN Leverkusen, iFVPA Canada) – Rewind has a similar impact that TG makes, but Rewind is better offensively. He just killed it playing CAM for his first time this last AVL once again proving why he’s a top player in the FVPAA.

3.) FHz Ozil 11 – (FC Serenity, VPN Monchengladbach, iFVPA USA) – Ozil maybe the the most versatile midfielder that doesn’t like to change positions. At DM though, he is truly special when it comes to controlling the pace of the game.

4.) FHz Vallejos 8 – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Monchengladbach, FC Serenity, iFVPA Peru) – Vallejos gave it one more go with FHz and finally dipped out for Serenity. Overall, Vallejos is a great combination of a ball winner and an attack starter.

5.) OP KNOCK -(FC Phoenix, VPN Liverpool) – Knock may be the best overall ball winner on this list and his tackling is what makes him elite. Offensively, not as good as the others above him but defensively, it’d be hard to find another better.

6.) Zephy l 7 l – (FC Dragonz, VPN Leicester City, iFVPA USA) – Zephy, like Knock, if a defensive specialist. His passing may be below elite standards but he is an elite defensive mid and can change the game drastically.

7.) Janye l West – (FC Serenity, VPN Norwich, iFVPA USA) – Janye hasn’t been as active lately and it has forced him to suffer a bit but he is still an animal in the midfield. Janye has been the so called “mentor” to about half of the top 10, and can pass better than just about any mid on this list.

8.) Live Easily – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Manchester City, Eclipse CF) – Live Easily has made the biggest improvement of anyone on this list and is still improving. His passing out of the midfield and defensive efforts are what got him noticed and now he is heading towards the top of the list quickly.

9.) Clutch l 23 l – (American Outlaws, VPN Chelsea, Never Unlucky FC, iFVPA USA) – Clutch has also made huge leaps above other DMs towards the top. Clutch also specializes in defense and is about on par with Zephy in terms of offense. He is pretty interchangeable with some of the others ahead of him.

10.) l 16 l De Rossi – (FC Dragonz, VPN Frankfurt, Artistic) – De Rossi is coming off of a break from FIFA due to personal matters but now he’s back, and still killing the game and messing with everyone’s hearts with his composure. No one better at holding onto the ball than him.

11.) Specia1 B1end – (Rare Footage, VPN Leicester City, Xplicit FC) – Blend is one of those midfielders that is good at just about everything, but doesn’t specialize in anything specific. He is jsut an overall good, complete midfielder who continues to improve.

12.) II Foehammer II – (FC Dragonz, VPN Dortmund, FC Phoenix) – Foehammer finally got his chance to shine at Dragonz last year when someone finally gave him a chance in the midfield with good players around him. Not many thought that he’d be this good so quickly.

13.) o2DaTruth3o – (FC Phoenix, VPN Schalke 04, Crusaders FC) – Truth had his struggles at times with possession last season on Phoenix but stepped up when they need him to. Defensively, he read passes very well and will surely dominate D2 with Crusaders.

14.) Matic 21x – (Criminal Futbol, VPN Manchester City, American Outlaws) – MAtic is another new guy that has made a splash in the league. With Criminal, he shined as a lone DM and made his presence known at Manchester City. Now he takes his chances with DiLo and American Outlaws.

15.) l 6 l Pogba – (Artistic, VPN Everton, iFVPA Canada) – Pogba has been one of the more consistent DMs and has been around a while so everyone knows he is a solid player. Pogba hasn’t been as good as he normally is but at least he finally has a somewhat stable connection.

16.) Paul l 5 l – (Black Market FC, VPN Chelsea, Never Unlucky FC) – Paul has taken a deep decline in form but that has also been due to his positional changes. Rotating between ST, CAM, and CDM is a tough ask but he still makes it work somehow.

17.) Ibuprofen600 – (VPN Arsenal, Eclipse CF) – Profen is another guy who has returned from retirement and came back to winning an AVL title with Arsenal this last season. Talk about coming back with a bang.

18.) Cpt Juizo – (American Outlaws, VPN Werder Bremen, Quality Futbol) – Juizo is probably a name not many people are familiar with but he is a solid DM with loads of potential. He has steadily improved every season and with more time, will climb the ranks.

19.)  Raynor28 – (FC Serenity, VPN Werder Bremen) – Raynor is an amazing DM, he just doesn’t get a lot of playing time. I would rank him higher but his lack of games played has made his rank suffer.

20.) x APUF x – (FC Dragonz, VPN Watford) – APUF is one of those guys that doesn’t play a whole lot either, but when he done he makes a huge impact on a game. APUF could be a really good DM if he started somewhere and played more game.