Player Rankings: Utility/Managers

For all of you anxiously awaiting for the midfielders, it’s going to be presented tomorrow. As for now, we move to Utility players and Managers. Utility is for the multiple position guys who almost get no love and deserve some respect and the Managers that do everything for their teams. For Managers, some I might group with a couple others and some might be singular. Anyways, enjoy the list and come back tomorrow as we round it out the rankings with the midfielders!

Top 10 Utility Players:

1.) Luka Lockup – (FC Phoenix) – Luka didn’t get to play too much last ACL but when he did, he was unstoppable. In 13 games, he scored 12 goals at Striker and scored twice in the Semifinals against eventual champion Viva Futbol playing as striker. He is even better in the midfield and proves to everyone how dominate of a player he is. He will lace up his shooting boots again this season for FC Phoenix.

2.) Viva Pony – (Viva Futbol, VPN Liverpool) – Pony is one of the legends of this community. The league’s best winner has found even more ways to improve by playing LM/RM, and CDM just as well as he plays CB. Pony can dominate in just about anywhere he plays.

3.) l Sir Marcus l – (BigBad FC, VPN Bayern Munich, Crusaders FC) – Marcus is just a circus of positions. In fact, he bases his position on the team he’s playing with. He played both DM and ST last season for BigBad, CB in AVL for Bayern, and now going back to DM for Crusaders. Thankfully, he is a great player at every position.

4.) Havens l 6 l – (DEMOLITION FC, VPN Watford) – Havens has moved past his “strictly RB” days and has flourished as a GK and a good CM. Whether it be at CAM or CDM he is solid at both and would have made the GK list had he not been playing in other positions.

5.) Cannavaro l 5 l – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Monchengladbach, Artistic FC) – Cannavaro is coming off of his best season in any position as he just won Clean Sheet leader playing as a GK in AVL. That combined with his solid season playing on the defense of FHz last season brings him up to #5.

6.) Lovelady09 – (BigBad FC, VPN Leverkusen, Never Unlucky FC) – Wouldn’t be surprised if he edited this to make himself higher on the list, and he very well could be. Whether he is at GK, ST, DM, or anything really; Lovelady will give you solid performances. (I’m probably going to be fired after this for putting him so low)

7.) Dearing l 15 l – (FC Phoenix) – Dearing was unable to play this last AVL but he is still a solid player. He doesn’t have the most games played but can be slotted anywhere on the field and be an above average player. With more games played, he could have be a little higher.

8.) GoodburgermanO – (Viva Futbol) – Burg is in the same boat as Dearing, only everyone knows how good Burg is when he actually plays. Could be one of the best in the game if only he actually played more.

9.) DiLo l 19 l – (American Outlaws, VPN Frankfurt) – Dilo has gotten better every FIFA and also continues to improve as a CB and outside back along with being a decent GK as well. He doesn’t always play but when his team needs him, he’s always around playing whatever position necessary.

10.) AntDP425 – (American Outlaws, VPN Frankfurt, Quality Futbol) -Ant has had an interesting positional movement but overall he plays in the midfield and most of the time does a good job. He’s even proven himself to be quite the fullback as well.  He is consistent in any position he plays.

Top 5 Managers:
(Before we begin, to remove any self-bias, I asked a various number of people in the community, especially other managers, their opinions on other managers, and I got a lot of the same answers.)

1.) Viva Pep/Viva Suarez – (Viva Futbol) – No doubt about it, consensus number 1 by everyone. Viva is the class team structure and has been around for a multitude of seasons. Can’t say much more to describe them.

2.) LickMyBalotelli/TGxCFD15 – (FC Serenity) – There’s always debate about who really runs this team so I put these two because that’s what most people think. Either way, Serenity went from rough beginnings to eventual back to back champions last FIFA and have built a solid core even with all of the overwhelming egos.

3.) Lahm l 21 l/Midget l 23 – (FC Phoenix) – Phoenix have slowly made their way up the food chain and are a great example of starting from scraps. They were built from the old remains of the first version of American Outlaws and now turned into title contenders with new players coming in and out every season with a solid 5-6 player core.

4.) Lovelady09 – (Never Unlucky FC) – Lovelady has been doing this for quite a while and it shows in the way he elegantly manages his teams. Last season he shuck things up by playing with some different guys but went back to his roots with NUFC and will still have a surefire playoff team.

5.) DiLo l 19 l – (American Outlaws) – If you want the definition of consistency, look no further than DiLo. Whether or not you like him, he is one hell of a manager. Constantly bringing in playoff teams, granted they are always average, but last year he finished higher than ever before and almost took out Serenity in the first round. DiLo just simply knows how to manage.