Player Rankings: Striker

Day 3/4 of the Rankings (I know it’s a little overdue), we are now down to the strikers! Strikers are always hard to judge because everyone has their own definition of what a striker should and shouldn’t do. Here’s my rankings of the Top 10 Strikers of the FVPAA:

1.) Viva Calvo – (Viva Futbol, VPN Bayern Munich) – Well if you didn’t see this one coming, I don’t know what to tell you. He’s far away above the rest, does it in ACL and AVL (harder than you think) and he is always improving somehow. Calvo once again leads the Viva attack as they go for back to back ACL titles.

2.) Draxler x10 – (Viva Futbol, VPN Manchester City, iFVPA USA) – Draxler will join Calvo on the attack in Viva but Draxler is coming off a special season at Manchester City that saw him rack up 12 goals and 12 assists. Draxler has been the most consistent player in the VPN and continues to put on an attacking clinic every time he plays.

3.) Dylshkin 67x – (FC Serenity, VPN Manchester City) -Dylsh may be from across the pond, but he sure knows how to play FIFA and play it well. He hasn’t been quite as good as we have seen him before but is still an amazing player and arguably the most talented on this list.

4.) streets1014 – (BigBad FC, VPN Norwich, FC Serenity, iFVPA USA) – Streets has given up his manager boots to make one last run at a title and he brings loads of attacking talent to a Serenity side that struggled to score at times last ACL. Streets has been a cornerstone to the FVPAA and is still a top player no matter where he plays.

5.) Viva Reyes – (FC Dragonz, VPN Schalke 04) – Rey has been lighting it up this FIFA and doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down anytime soon either. For newcomer FC Dragonz, he managed to walk away with a Golden Boot and lead them to the finals of ACL. He has been the spark-plug to their offense and looks to continue banging in goals this upcoming season as well.

6.) iFarrell – (Rare Footage, VPN Watford, FC Phoenix) – Farrell has been doing his thing for a while but still rarely gets mentioned as a top striker. Farrell will now have the task of leading the charge for FC Phoenix and will have plenty of help for the first time. He could actually somehow put up even better numbers than ever.

7.) Thibeault x – (FC Dragonz/FC Serenity, VPN Leicester City, Crusaders FC) – Thibeault is the man when it comes to scoring, and snaking, but with that being said, he still lacks assist numbers and is once again making a D2 club. He is a great striker, but will he ever settle for a D1 team and win an ACL title or even attempt at one?!

8.) habsguy11 – (FC Serenity, VPN Monchengladbach, Eclipse CF, iFVPA Canada) – Habs was the shadow of Dylshkin at Serenity but in AVL he still proved to everyone why he deserves to be regarded as a good ST and has now moved on to the newly founded Eclipse CF. He may finally be able to run the show up top and flaunt his ability more which could very well put him in a great spot to have his best season yet.

9.) Jeeremy x – (FC Phoenix/FC Dragonz, VPN Watford) – Jeremy was struggling at Phoenix out of the gates last ACL but he made his way over to Dragonz and reminded everyone of how good he was and proved he wasn’t a flop. Ever since that move from Phoenix he has been solid and will continue to try to prove his worth.

10.) xMasterChief15x – (Rare Footage, American Outlaws) – MasterChief has been one of the better Strikers since his brother, iFarrell, brought him into the league. This upcoming ACL will be the first time the brothers don’t play together in an ACL season. This could be a big turning point for how people view how good MasterChief actually is.