Fantasy LCS Week 7: Lineup Advice

Here we are with 3 weeks left in the season and your fantasy championship hopes dwindle. Tired of your normal starters not putting up the big numbers when you need it? Make some changes. Each week matters and this week is no different. Just like every week, I’ll highlight players that you need to insert into your starting lineup, players that need to head to the bench, and players that everyone is sleeping on. Let’s dive in.




Steelback (Unicorns of Love ADC):

Steelback has been on a tear this season and is currently the highest fantasy scoring ADC in Europe. With matchups against ROCCAT and Splyce this week, it’s a no-brainer for Steelback owners to start him. Unicorns should still be playing aggressively with their new jungler, which will result in a bloody match. Steelback has done a great job all season securing kills and has a high chance of scoring double-digit kills in both games this week. There’s no question that you start this man this week if you have him on your squad.

Cabochard (Vitality Top):

The hottest team in the European LCS right now is Vitality and their win streak should extend to 6 wins this week given their cupcake schedule this week. Giants and Elements are massive underdogs in their games with Vitality this week and rightly so. Vitality should be dominating each lane and eventually the map in both games this week. Cabochard is a top 5 scoring top laner in fantasy and should be able to put up huge numbers against two lower-tier teams. Cabochard has the skill advantage in both his top lane matchups this week, so I expect giant CS leads and snowballing from the Vitality top laner.  Cabochard would be my first choice for the top laner this week in fantasy, so make sure he’s in your lineup.


Impact (NRG Top):

Impact has been a disappointment this season when it comes to fantasy points for top laners. He ranks 10th in scoring across both regions for top laners, but he was projected to be a top 5 fantasy top laner at the beginning of the year. This week could be a big one for Impact. NRG face off against the last place Renegades and a declining Team Impulse squad. RF Legendary and Feng are not on the same level as Impact when it comes to skill and gameplay, so I expect Impact to be able to out CS and outplay his opponents easily this week. Unless NRG puts Impact on a useless champion like Maokai, expect big numbers from the former world champion this week.

Owners Beware

CLG (The Whole Team):

The toughest schedule of the week easily goes to CLG. They have to face off against the unstoppable 12-0 Immortals train and an 8-4 Cloud 9 squad that is coming off a very impressive 2-0 week. CLG has shown that they are a quality team with exceptional team work, but they are not as talented as the two teams that oppose them this week. I don’t expect CLG to win either game this week, which means low fantasy points for their members as well. I would be really hesitant to start any CLG player this week. Any decent option to replace a CLG member this week should be played.


KFO (Echo Fox Top):

Last week I told the readers to start KFO and it paid off, so maybe this week when I say to bench him it will pay off as well. KFO has been fantastic in the top lane since his return, but with matchups against TSM’s Hauntzer and Immortals’ Huni, he will not be putting up massive fantasy numbers like he did last week. Echo Fox has dramatically improved since their full roster returned, but now the true tests come as they face off against top tier playoff teams. If you have a good alternate, then send KFO to your bench this week.

PowerOfEvil (Origen Mid):

POE has been a large disappointment this season and I don’t expect him to put up massive numbers this week. He faces off against two of Europeans up and coming star mid laners in Sencux and Perkz. In his matchups against Splyce and G2 Esports earlier this split, POE averaged 10 fantasy points per game. If POE repeats his numbers, it could ruin your teams chances at winning your matchup this week. I wouldn’t be starting the Origen mid laner this week. If you have no choice or have the faith, stick with him.

Sleeper Picks


Mithy (Origen Support):

It’s crazy to think that Mithy is on a sleeper list given his performance last year, but the fact of the matter is that Mithy is the 17th highest scoring fantasy support this season. He was a top 3 scoring support last season and owned in basically every league, now he is only owned in 65% of leagues. If Mithy is available in your fantasy league and your starting support has rough matchups this week, consider picking Mithy up this week. Games against Splyce and G2 Esports may turn into blood baths and allow Mithy to pile up assists. He’s worth a look this week.

Loulex (Unicorns of Love Jungler):

The Unicorns of Love are making another move at the jungle position and have brought in Loulex for the rest of the split. Despite being the 4th jungler for UOL this season, each of the previous junglers for UOL had performed well and put up good fantasy numbers. Loulex is already owned in 10.8% of leagues and that number could very well go up after one good game. If you are looking for a jungle option this week and Loulex is available, give him a call-up to the first team squad.


Freeze (Renegades ADC): Freeze might permanently be a sleeper in my fantasy articles for the rest of his life. He manages to find ways to play well despite him being on awful teams season after season. This week Freeze and the rest of Renegades do battle with NRG and Dignitas. NRG is substituting in a new ADC this week (LOD) and Apollo has not been that great for Dignitas this season. Freeze is mechanically better than both his opponents this week, but his team may hinder his ability to put up ridiculously large amounts of fantasy points this week. He’s a stretch, but he might explode this week.

As always, I hope this insight can help you make the necessary moves in your fantasy league this week and bring home another win. The season is coming to a close in a couple weeks, so make your title push now. Until next Wednesday, make the right choices summoners.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy