GSL Code S. Ro32 Group B

GSL Code S. Ro32 Group B


The second day of GSL Code S, hosted by AfreecaTV and sponsored by Hot6, consists of CJ Entus herO, Leenock, Seed, and Dream. I believe that herO and Leenock are the two players expected to advance from this group but Seed has been playing extraordinarily well lately, and Dream has not been in too many games lately to really know much about him.

GSL Group B

GSL Code S Group B (Click image for link to VOD)

herO vs Leenock


GSL Group herO vs Leenock

herO is a player many Protoss have been looking forward to; considering he was one of the best towards the end of Heart of the Swarm it should be really exciting to see how he plays in the PvZ matchup which many Protoss are having issues with. On the other hand, Leenock is also a player who performed very well all throughout HotS and is always a threat.


Game one is played out on Dusk towers, and is opened pretty standard from both players; Leenock going 3 Hatch before pool, while herO went for quick 3 base as well with double Stargate for Phoenix. herO is quickly put in a defensive position as Leenock gets Lurkers out and starts to siege the middle of the map as well as sending ling drops into the main.  After a while of trying to hold off the aggression with Stalkers and Disruptors herO tried tech switching to Carriers, which seemed like it was going to work However, Leenock pulled herO every which way, dropping lings and hydras into the main while running lings into the 3rd, and burrowing lurkers at the fourth/fifth bases of herO and getting so much damage done. Eventually herO just pushes across the map after taking care of the attacks and ends up in a base trade having lings clean up his bases while he lost his main army to Leenock and not having enough minerals to replace his interceptors and leaves the game.

Game two is moving on to Lerilak Crest with herO being down one game I would expect any hidden builds to maybe be pulled out here. The players end up spawning on the right side of the map which is important to note for air distance as well as where the Zerg is likely to expand. herO opens with a quick nexus into Stargate again which he uses to go straight into Phoenix. On the back of his Phoenix aggression he also is making Adepts back home for defense and a follow up attack. Once Resonating Glaives finishes up herO takes his cloud of Phoenix with his Adepts to Leenocks base which has already been beaten up by the Phoenix’s and herO lifts a lot of the army while the Adepts take care of everything on the ground and takes out Leenock in game two.


The final game of the series is played out on Ruins of Seras and the players both spawn on the right side giving the close air distance again. Leenock goes for the quick Ling queen drop (which is seen by herO having the watchtower) and upon the overlords getting to herO’s base is met by the probes and a few Adepts. herO is able to hold off the attack, but at the cost of his natural base and quite a few probes, and then takes the Phoenix’s across the map and is able to pick off a few Queens. Double Stargate is the follow up from herO knowing that Leenock is not on Lair tech quite yet and picks off anything he can between bases. Leenock loses his third, and then goes for a Nydus worm to the front of herO’s base in an effort to do some damage. herO pulls back his Phoenix to help fend off the pure Roach army from Leenock. Leenock gets Burrow and Roach burrow movement to start harassing herO considering he has no detection. However it is not enough and herO just keeps doing more and more damage with his Phoenix before Leenock goes for a final attack and loses everything and leaves the game herO takes the series 2-1.


Seed vs Dream

GSL Group Seed vs Dream

Game one of Seed vs Dream has a very exciting beginning as there is a quick mine play which burrows with only 6 hp remaining to take a huge chunk of probes out. Dream then takes a small advantage as well as being able to keep Seed at home. On the back side of this Dream is macroing getting a slower third then normal but having a bigger army which is able to take on Seed’s and Dream pushes Seed out of game one in a very convincing fashion.


In game two on Orbital Shipyard both players start off fairly standard, and early on both players go for drops, Seed has a 4 Adept warp prism going to Dreams base while Dream has a mine drop heading to Seeds base. The mine drop is cleaned up with minimal losses while the Warp Prism is able to pick off a tech lab and just be annoying at Dreams base. After this Seed follows up with a standard Blink Robo opening, while Dream moves out on the map and eventually drops the pocket natural and picks off the nexus. Dream regroups and then prepares a mine drop for the third and while he uses that to pull Seed’s attention he drops three Medivacs worth of bio into the pocket natural picking it off again. Upon seeing the Templar from Seed Dream went into a lot of Ghosts and hit some key EMP’s and then proceeds to kill Seed to take the series 2-0.


herO vs Dream

GSL Group herO vs Dream

The winners match between herO and Dream is started off on Prion Terraces, which is the same map that Dream had beaten Seed on earlier which could lead one to question if Dream will change things up this time around. Dream starts with the normal Reaper expand and herO starts an early nexus as well. herO quickly moves across the map with an Adept MSC and Probe signalling he wants to Pylon rush Dream. herO was able to pick off a Depot and Reactor to start. Protoss gets really far ahead from this play killing some infrastructure as well as a handful of Marines and a Cyclone losing only the Adepts, MSC, Probe, and a few Pylons. herO is able to take his third at the other gold base location, while Dream is stuck on two bases and if he over extends could easily die. However Dream holds the follow up attacks from herO beautifully and then is able to kill off herO’s Colossus after herO overextends which puts Dream into a hard counter attack to kill herO Dream takes game number one.


Game 2 opens up pretty similar to the previous TvP’s that Dream has played in with a mine drop while the protoss went for a quick warp prism.The two cross paths so it just becomes sort of an awkward dance between adepts and the medivac keeping them both from doing damage, and then herO transitions into Colossus. Later Dream does get the mines into the natural of herO getting 7 probes and in retaliation herO gets a few DT’s into the main and natural of Dream getting a few free SCVs. After this the armies meet and there are constant trades back and forth, with herO eventually edging out Dream pushing the series to 1-1.


Game 3 is one for everyone to watch. herO starts with another Pylon rush which kills quite a few SCVs and a supply depot while also allowing the Adept into the natural to get more kills and then eventually even gets out of the base. after this Dream sends out his medivac for a mine drop however herO has good vision through observers and sends his Phoenix over to pick of the medivac with the mines. Through some questionable unit choices from herO Dream does repeatedly push him back into a counter push with Liberators sieging herO out and eventually killing herO.


Leenock vs Seed

GSL Group Leenock vs Seed

The loser’s match consists of Seed and Leenock, it will be interesting to see if Seed uses a different approach to the matchup from herO as well as if Leenock will change up his play style at all. The first game looks pretty similar to the early series Protoss gets an early stargate, and Zerg gets to Lair tech pretty quickly and gets Hydra Lurker as quickly as possible. Leenock moves forward with a 12 Lurker contain but Seed busts out easily with and Immortal chargelot composition by picking up a lot of the lurkers with Phoenix.


Game 2 is played on Ruins and unlike the last series the players got cross spawns. Seed plays very standard and safe, taking a fast third into double stargate, while Leenock went 3 hatch into heavy drones while making a couple Roaches to stay safe from any Adepts or anything. Unfortunately Seed did not have enough to hold his third from Leenock’s big Roach Ravager Hydra push and was forced out of the game.


Map 3 is Lerilak and we have the players spawn top left and top right. Leenock takes three quick hatches with his third being really close to the protoss showing that he definitely wants to put on pressure and he breaks the rocks to Seed’s base and through the use of really good force fields and Photon Overcharge Seed is able to hold. After holding a few waves of aggression Seed starts to mount a counter attack and has little to no real attack distance with the location of Leenock’s third base and through even more good forcefields and strong unit comp just pushes over Leenock taking the series 2-1 knocking Leenock out of GSL Code S.


Seed vs herO

GSL Group Seed vs herO

The final player to make it out of group B will be decided in a PvP between these two players. Game one starts with a proxy Robo cheese from herO and Seed had taken his natural nexus already, which did not help his cause. herO was able to get an immortal and stalker army into Seeds main which forced seed to pull the probes but was still not enough and Seed starts the series down 1-0.


Game 2 starts in favor of herO by pylon blocking the natural of Seed, which he then cancels but Seed not realizing this makes a Zealot anyways. Seed attempts to pylon rush but it just ends up feeding 5 pylons to herO, and then herO follows up with an Oracle which kills 15 probes and 2 Sentries. Needless to say from here that herO is so far ahead that Seed makes a desperate push across the map which does not work and Seed just has to GG out.

All images used in article are from the GSL stream.

Dream and herO are your players to advance to Code S Ro 16.


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