GSL Code S. Ro32 Group A

GSL Code S. Ro32 Group A


On January 17th the very first group of the GSL Code S, hosted by AfreecaTV sponsored by Hot6, was played for the 2016 season 1. The group included Zest, Taeja, Rogue, and Journey. This group had two clear favorites to win with Rogue and Zest while Taeja was a huge foreign favorite, and Journey who has played well lately but still is not expected to take out Zest or Rogue. This group was a very exciting start to the season and if it is any indication as to how the GSL will go this year then I am very excited moving forward.


Rogue vs Journey

Journey is an up and comer in the Korean scene who made his Code S debut this season, and has shown he has made many improvements during his Code A matches. Against him was a well known Zerg in Rogue. Rogue was predicted to win this series pretty handily.


Journey came out and showed that he belonged on the stage in game number one by using very good positioning on the map GSL Rak’Shir sieging liberators in good positions and well positioned tanks took a very convincing game number one off of Rogue. Game number two was played on Dusk Towers and Journey started slowly picking Rogue apart via Marine Mine drops coupled with Liberators sieging some of the mineral lines. After the initial harass from Journey, Rogue just started falling farther and farther behind until he was forced to leave the game losing the series 0-2.


Taeja vs Zest


I think this was any foreign fans most hyped game, while you have a guy like Taeja who just a few years ago was absolutely dominating the foreign scene winning Dreamhack’s, IEM’s, and anything he could get into going up against Zest who is easily one of the best Protoss players in the game right now. Zest has made a name for himself by winning a GSL as well as typically finishing very high in the GSL, and also performing well in Proleague for KT Rolster.


As much as I would like to hype the game one that was had between these two players the game was over in 5 short minutes as Zest DT dropped into Taeja’s main and Taeja had no scans or turrets and immediately GG’d upon the first DT swipe. The second game plays out on Dusk Towers and has a very Deja Vu feel to it when Zest opens with a Robo and Twilight into Dark Shrine. Right before the initial drop with 3 DTs go into Taeja’s base he actually scans Zest’s main which leads him off to a bad start being down one scan from the beginning. Zest pushes one DT to the front and two in the natural which pick off the Turret and cause a lot of trouble for Taeja which puts him in a terrible position after cleaning up the DT’s. This transitions into quite the game by the 20 minute mark the players had split the map in the middle with a Planetary Fortress, and Sensor tower facing a set of pylons with canons while Tempest and Templar danced against Vikings and Ghosts. After a while of teetering back and forth Taeja finally goes for a big fight in which both armies are killed off but with Zest having a bigger bank remaxed on pure chargelots and was able to kill off Taeja. In the end Zest claims victory taking the series 2-0 over Taeja.


Journey vs Zest


In the winner’s match there was another TvP between Journey and Zest. Zest had just finished disposing of Taeja in a very convincing series, while Journey had just shown good games against Rogue and he should have a small idea of what Zest might be bringing to the series.


Journey gets off to a fast start with a small bio moveout in game one that kills off a lot of probes which set him ahead in the game and led to the eventual stim follow-up victory from Journey. In game 2 Zest gets a lot of value out of more DT drops and ends up getting around 25 workers with 4 DT’s, after suffering these losses Journey was just a little too far behind and Zest’s army is much bigger when the main fight happens and wins the game. Game 3 shows little change from Zest still opting to go for more DT drops showing that this can be a good solid build to use. Journey flubs a Tank drop harass, he likely hotkeyed the medivac on accident but left the tank by itself and was picked off by a DT. Throughout the rest of the game Zest shows off his use of a warp prism and slowly kills Journey. Zest shows us why he is considered one of the best and dispatches Journey 2-1.


Rogue vs Taeja

The third series of the day is a TvZ between Taeja and Rogue who had shown a poor showing in his earlier TvZ while also potentially showing Taeja some of what he had in store for the series. Rogue opts to play a Ling, Bane, Muta style the first game, and Taeja is able to play very well using Marine Liberator, and with the use of good splits and the liberators shredding Mutas he takes an easy game one. In the second game Taeja opens with cloaked Banshees. The initial Banshees end up getting no damage, which leads to both players just going to a macro oriented play Taeja going for Marine Tank against Rogues Roach Ravager to fend off until he gets Hive Tech. As Rogue gets up to his Hive Taeja was already making preemptive Ghosts which should help him take care of the Ultralisks. Both players max out and are at a standstill mid map, but Taeja is able to start picking off some Ultras with snipes which allows him to take a favorable fight, and then get on top of Rogues hatcheries before reinforcements can come out and Rogue loses the game. Rogue is eliminated after yet another poor showing in TvZ which sends Taeja to the winners match.


Taeja vs Journey


In the past Taeja has shown great TvT but obviously with this being a new game that may not hold any weight as Journey had also been playing very well that night. Game one was very explosive between Taeja and Journey with a lot riding on the Tankivac and super fast paced game from the two players. These players played super well, and both players were able to secure leads at seperate phases of the game but Taeja with superior positioning as well as better drop play takes game number one. Game two Taeja opens with a Cloaked Banshee, but Journey opens with a viking and a Cyclone to stay more then safe against that opening which kills the initial Banshee setting Journey ahead from the start. Taeja continues to make Vikings and tanks and sieges the front of Journey’s natural which Journey surrounds with a set of bio for a flank and crushes Taeja’s push and sets the series at 1-1. The last game to decide which player goes on and which is eliminated is to be played on Rak’shir. Both players open reaper into Tank with Medivac’s. The early game is played out pretty passively with just light harassment from both players using single Medivacs Taeja using a tank while Journey had a Medivac of Marines. The mid game has a few pokes at each player but neither committing to anything as per usual for TvT. Up until Taeja and Journey are nearly maxed and meet in the middle of the map Taeja gets a bit of a favorable engagement as he unloads his Tanks first and they get a volley off first, and Taeja cleaning up the majority of Journey’s army. After regrouping Taeja is able to secure a strong position between the natural and third of Journey and all of Journey’s units bottleneck causing them to be massacred by Taeja’s tanks, and that ends the game GG Taeja is the second player to move into the round of 16!


Zest and Taeja are the two players to advance to the GSL Ro. 16 from Group A!


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