Player Rankings: Defenders

Yesterday, I gave out the GK Rankings and now I move on to the defense where a lot of these picks were tough and it’s marginal traits that separate some of these players. Overall, I think there will be a lot of debate and controversy, but I am confident in where I ranked everyone. Enjoy these rankings and check back tomorrow for when I reveal the Striker rankings.


Top 10 Outside Backs

(1st team listed is team they played for last ACL, 2nd team listed was their AVL Team, 3rd team listed will be the team they are on at the moment for ACL)

1.) Rodriguez l2l – (FC Serenity, VPN Arsenal) Rodriguez has typically been known as a utility player but ever since he has joined Serenity, he has found a home at LB. Making his presence known, Rodriguez has been nothing short of amazing since playing there and he has earned the top spot on this list.

2.) NotMikeD – (FC Phoenix, iFVPA Canada) Mike took AVL off to get a break but will be back next season with FC Phoenix as he looks to once again dominate defensively. Mike is one of (If not the best) attacking fullback in the game, as he has turned up on the scoresheet more than any fullback the last 2 ACLs.

3.) Walker l 2 l – (FC Phoenix, VPN Schalke 04) Walker will be joining NotMikeD at fullback at FC Phoenix and will be opposite wing to lock down opposing offenses. Walker is one of the most experienced fullbacks on the list so it’s no surprise that he is playing at a high level and being high on this list.

4.) Gordon23x – (FC Serenity, VPN Hamburger SV, iFVPA USA) – Gordon has been solid ever since he made his shift from ST to RB. Pairing up with Serenity has been a blessing for him, and he has been a part of one of best defenses the VPN has seen. If he didn’t play ST last AVL, he could even be higher in the rankings.

5.) DoN l 2 l – (BigBad FC, VPN Frankfurt, FC Phoenix) – FC Phoenix once again boasts another quality outside back on this list and Don will really help bolster a solid Phoenix backline this upcoming ACL. Don has been on plenty of good defenses, but this one could be the best one yet.

6.)ZPK v2 – (BigBad FC, VPN Leverkusen, Free Agent) – ZPK has been silent but oh so deadly. He has made a beautiful transition from CB to LB and has been just as good if not better since moving to LB.

7.) Briggzyy – (Rare Footage, VPN Norwich, Xplicit FC) – Briggs sure knows how to talk the talk but he actually can walk the walk as well. The RB will look to lead Xplicit into a playoff run while shutting down any LM going down his side.

8.) Logsdon l 24 l – (FC Phoenix, VPN Leicester City, Dab on Em) – It hasn’t taken long for Logsdon to already emerge as a quality fullback. He sparingly played it for FC Phoenix last ACL, then was the AVL Clean Sheet Leader last AVL, and now looks to repeat that performance for Dab on Em.

9.) Lee l 7 l – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, Xplicit FC) – Lee took AVL off but is still one of the better fullbacks around. He has made a progressive rise as a player for the last couple ACLs and Xplicit will need him to keep that trend going if they are to succeed.

10.) Armero l 27 l – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, VPN Leverkusen, InFinite Sports, iFVPA Colombia) – Armero has been around the league for a long time and has never failed to be consistently solid for every team he has played on. He may need to take it to another level for InFinite Sports though.



Top 20 Centerbacks

1.) Ramani x – (Viva Futbol, VPN Manchester City, iFVPA USA) – Mr. #3 has finally made his break at #1.For me, I think he has proved himself worthy of #1 by winning an ACL on three different teams, and once again performing highly in AVL. He has been as dominant as ever and has been playing like the best CB.

2.) Aztecas l 8 l – (FC Serenity, VPN Monchengladbach) – Aztecas once again was the leader on the Serenity backline and has proven to be a nightmare for opposing attackers. Ramani gets a slight edge over him, but regardless Aztecas is still miles above many other CBs.

3.) Viva Pep – (Viva Futbol, VPN Wolfsburg, iFVPA Mexico) Pep once again helped Viva to another ACL title in what was a very solid campaign. Pep will lead Viva into another ACL hoping for his second already this FIFA

4.) Dirty l 6 l – (Viva Futbol, iFVPA USA) Dirty decided to hang up his managing boots and go join Viva and it paid off swimmingly for him. Winning the ACL with Viva while also dropping his mixtape, you could say its good time to be alive for Dirty.

5.) Fiddleton – (FC Phoenix, VPN Arsenal, FC Serenity, iFVPA USA) – This one may be surprising but I think the next tier of CBs starts with Fiddleton. Fiddle proved himself an amazing CB with good performances on Phoenix then winning an AVL title with Arsenal before slithering over to FC Serenity for his next ACL.

6.) l Marsbars11 l – (Artistic, VPN Liverpool, FC Phoenix, iFVPA USA) Mars may be crazy, but he is also a crazy good CB. Once again proving all his doubters wrong and playing at an extremely high level, Mars looks to lead FC Phoenix into uncharted territory and win his first ACL title.

7.) HELIX l 7 l – (FC Dragonz, VPN Leicester City, FC Phoenix)- HELIX was dominate this last AVL earning himself Clean Sheet leader with Leicester and also put in an exquisite performance with FC Dragonz last ACL before making his way back over to Phoenix.

8.) James l 15 l – (BigBad FC, VPN Wolfsburg, FC Phoenix) – James is a long tenured CB and has been proving it this FIFA. His solid, consistent performances has showed and he is still getting better as an overall CB. Making his way onto Phoenix could be his final step into winning a title.

9.) l TerryGod l – (FC Serenity, VPN Watford, Xplicit FC) – If you ask me, there really isn’t much to separate Terry from James, HELIX, or even Mars. He was able to pair up with Aztecas last ACL but now his task is much taller at Xplicit where he will have to do more than usual to help stop conceding goals.

10.) LoCoTrAcK5tAr – (FC Dragonz, VPN Frankfurt, iFVPA Peru) – Loco has quietly had an extremely successful FIFA. Making the ACL Finals with Dragonz and semis with Frankfurt and seen him really develop into a star of a CB. With new CB partners this ACL, the road gets a little tougher but he should still hold his own.

11.) Viva Fbn – (Fc FiFa HoLiCz, FC Serenity) – Fbn did his best Brett Favre imitation by retiring after last ACL then reappearing on FC Serenity’s roster. Last time he played for them, he won an ACL. This time could very well produce the same results.

12.) Tripc0unt – (FC Dragonz, VPN Chelsea) – Tripc0unt has found his way back to defense after a short stint in midfield and occasionally ST. Being a defender is his niche and has been excellent since returning back to CB for Dragonz and Chelsea.

13.) Unlucky Bogey – (Rare Footage, VPN Leverkusen, Never Unlucky FC) – Bogey has been exactly what you expect him to be. A reliable, smart CB. He may not be in the upper echelon, but he is still solid and is is back to his old stomping grounds at Never Unlucky.

14.) DeStefano x – (BigBad FC, VPN Tottenham, Crusaders FC) – DeStefano got unlucky to be drafted by Tottenham in AVL but nevertheless he still a solid CB that can play at an extremely high level. Taking his talents to live the D2 dream could be a little more relaxing for him this season.

15.) Owen l 10 l – (Rare Footage, VPN Watford, American Outlaws) – Owen is another ST converted into CB but he has made the transition fairly well. He has been solid and above average everywhere he goes and he outperforms expectations. Overall, a solid 6/10.

16.) Lvl 0 arcanine – (Bohemian Grove, VPN Manchester City, Artistic) – Arcanine is an uprising star in FVPAA. I previously had him predicting to be good but not this good, especially this fast. He is name you will hear more of him for seasons to come.

17.) TheePastorDave – (Crusaders FC, VPN Arsenal, FC Dragonz) – Dave is also a breakout star like arcanine. Dave has managed to go from a 5th place D2 team, to an AVL champ, to now on FC Dragonz going for a D1 ACL title. Talk about a rising star.

18.) TwisTd AsSaSsIn – (American Outlaws, VPN Leicester City, FC Dragonz) – Twistd will be joining Dave on the backline of Dragonz as he tries to help fill the void that HELIX left behind. Coming off his best ACL and AVL seasons, Twistd will look to continue this success and make another step further in his FIFA career.

19.) FP l Alaba 27 – (FP United, VPN Hamburger SV, Eclipse CF) – Alaba was another guy I predicted to be an upcoming CB. He hasn’t progressed quite as well as arcanine, but he still has gotten better every season and should continue to improve on a dangerous looking Eclipse squad.

20.)Unlucky Masters – (Black Market FC, VPN Leverkusen, Never Unlucky FC) – Masters has regressed a little bit from his former self but is still a good CB overall. Maybe playing on Never Unlucky again this season will light a fire on him and help get him back to his peak form.