Player Rankings: GK

Over the next few days I will be ranking players based on positions. On Tuesday I will release the Defenders, Wednesday the Strikers, Midfielders on Thursday, and giving some love to Utility players and Managers on Friday.  But for now, the Goalkeepers are up. Due to the different pool of players and depth of talent in certain positions, the amount of players being ranked will vary per position.


GK Player Rankings:

Goalkeepers were a little challenging to rank because I think this position is always the hardest to judge. Perspective is always the biggest difference when people rank GKs. Sometimes the GK can have a rough game and make a legacy off of a rough game (z Uh Oh losing 10-0 in a two leg playoff against Unleashed) or they can be legendary by amazing performances (Viva Ideen carrying iFVPA Canada to a Gold Cup Title). Either way, name value needs to be thrown out the window and the focus needs to be put on stats and pure performance, especially in big games. Without further ado, here is what I think the Top 10 GKs are in FVPAA.

  1. Birgerk1ng – 16 total Clean Sheets, plays for FC Serenity and VPN Hamburger SV. This #1 spot may be disputable because he doesn’t play, but when you look at pure talent, look no further than Birgerk1ng. If he actually cared about the game, the sky is the limit on his ability.
  2. Ikerinhoooooooo – 22 total Clean Sheets, plays for Dab on Em and VPN Chelsea, sits on the bench at iFVPA Jamaica, and he was previously on BigBad FC. He’s cocky, arrogant, and just an overall terrible guy 87% of the time, but he’s a hell of a GK. One day he’ll win an ACL… Right?
  3. Itz Hotpants – 27 total Clean Sheets, Co-Clean Sheet leader in AVL. Plays for FC Phoenix and played for VPN Leicester City. Hotpants has been proving himself to be a top GK and has made great strides to be the best around in FIFA 16. I gave him the nod over Bottle because I think Hotpants is a slightly better GK in terms of talent, even though Bottle’s teams have done slightly better. Hotpants will look to lead FC Phoenix to another deep playoff run in the upcoming ACL.
  4. ThatBottleface – 29 total Clean Sheets, Co-Clean sheet Leader in AVL, playing for FC Serenity this upcoming ACL and is on iFVPA USA and he previously played for FC Dragonz, and VPN Manchester City this last AVL. Bottle has made his mark the last couple seasons and looks to lead Serenity back to a title.
  5. Viva Tracy – 18 total Clean Sheets, ACL Clean Sheet Leader. Tracy is playing for iFVPA USA, Viva Futbol, and VPN Newcastle. Tracy is overall a solid GK, but behind Viva, it is difficult to assess his full ability due to his lack of activity in games. Take nothing away though, he done holds his own and is a fantastic GK.
  6. z Uh Oh – 19 total Clean Sheets, plays for American Outlaws and VPN Frankfurt. Uh Oh usually plays decent but he is the definition of a hot and cold player. His streaks are extreme one way or the other. Nevertheless, Uh Oh is still a very solid GK who can carry a team when playing well.
  7. CAMBALACHE11 – 13 total Clean Sheets, plays for Arrechos SC and VPN Bayern Munich. Camba is one of the more incredible GKs in this league with no stats to back it up. Playing on a dismal Arrechos last ACL helped show how valuable he was. He couldn’t do enough to keep them out of D2 relegation, but Arrechos stayed in the fight because of him.
  8. Joker l 1 l – 14 total Clean Sheets, still a Free Agent for ACL on the VPN App and played for VPN Norwich this last AVL. Joker has admittedly declined in terms of skill but has stayed good enough to make the Top 10 and is still overall a decent GK who is consistently… Average….
  9. Inform Vidal – 18 total Clean Sheets, plays for Xplicit FC and VPN Arsenal. Arsenal won the AVL led by him at GK and in ACL he has played well too. If Vidal can keep his success going, he could help Xplicit surprise a lot of people by making a run in playoffs.
  10. oLdSkooLKaRmA – 12 total Clean Sheets, plays for DEMOLITION FC and VPN Watford and was on Rare Footage last ACL. Karma was always been a good but not great GK and it has stayed that way in FIFA 16. With him over at DEMOLITION this season, he will try to help them recreate their D2 magic and make playoffs this upcoming ACL.

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