Fantasy LCS: Week 6 Lineup Advice

Back once again with your weekly Fantasy LCS lineup advice. We are beginning the home stretch of the spring split and it is make or break time for your fantasy teams. If you have a player from Immortals then you are probably looking pretty good right now. For the rest of your line-up though, let’s see what we have going on this week.

Give Them The Starting Nod Coach


Aphromoo (CLG Support):

CLG will do battle with 7th place Team Impulse and 10th place Renegades this week, which makes all of CLG’s players a viable option in fantasy this week. Aphromoo is only the 11th best support when it comes to fantasy points per game this split, but Aphromoo scored above his average the previous matches this split against Impulse and Renegades. The CLG support should find many assists coming his way this weekend and that will lead to many fantasy points coming to your fantasy team.

Perkz (G2 Esports Mid):

Perkz has been a top 5 mid laner in fantasy this season, which is impressive since it is his rookie season. G2 find themselves in first place with an 8-2 record and look stronger each week. This week they face off against an inconsistent Fnatic squad and the last place team ROCCAT. Perkz should once again be able to put up big numbers in the mid lane and make his fantasy owners very happy. Put him in the game coach.


KFO (Echo Fox Top):

KFO was able to finally rejoin his team this past week after his visa issues and boy did he look good. Echo Fox picked up 2 wins and look like a much better team with KFO and Froggen back in the lineup. I like KFO’s chances to put up big numbers this week. Echo Fox faces off against Team Liquid and Team Impulse, two teams with below average LCS top laners. KFO can make his owners extremely happy once again this week and I think that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Grab Some Bench Son

Moon (NRG Jungler):

After what was, without a doubt, Moon’s worst week in his LCS career, many questioned his spot in the starting lineup. A DailyDot article that came out Sunday morning also hinted at a possible lineup switch from NRG in the jungle position. This week NRG and Moon face off against Cloud 9 and Dignitas. The Dignitas may seem promising, but the Cloud 9 game is really scary looking at this point. Cloud 9’s jungler Rush dominated Moon in the first meeting between these teams and made Moon look invisible and earning less than 2 fantasy points that game. I’d stay away from Moon for a little bit if I were his fantasy owner.


Hjarnan (Vitality ADC):

Hjarnan has not put up big fantasy numbers this season, and I expect that trend to continue this week. Vitality has 8-2 H2k and 7-3 Unicorns of Love on their schedule this week. Each of their opponents this week has one of the top ADCs in Europe this season and could pose trouble for Hjarnan.  I don’t think Hjarnan will be able to get ahead of either matchup and push his advantage. I would be hesitant to put Hjarnan in my lineup this week.

Soaz (Origen Top):

Maybe this is the week Soaz turns his bad season around? I’m going to bet that it isn’t though. He really struggled against H2k the last time Origen faced off with the co-league leaders. He failed to make a huge impact in the last matchup with Elements as well. Soaz could very well go back to his old ways and dominate the top side of the map this week, but I’d probably bet on somebody else this week for my lineup. Maybe next week Soaz.

Zzzzzz Sleepers zzzzzZ


Big (Echo Fox Support):

Big is owned in 3.5% of leagues. 3.5! He has been playing with subs all year long but looked really good with his team when their full roster is playing. Games against Team Liquid and Team Impulse could see Big putting up some good fantasy numbers again this week. If you are desperate for a support player, pick up Big. There’s a 96.5% chance he’s availble to you.

Kirei (Team Dignitas Jungle):

Kirei is owned in 10.4% of leagues and could provide an owner with a jungler if they are desperately looking for one this week. His matchup against NRG may be in his favor, but his game against an improved looking TSM squad may scare people away. If you need to take a chance, maybe Kirei is your guy. Let’s just hope Team Dignitas stays away from the baron.


Sencux (Splyce Mid):

Sencux was supposed to be a giant fantasy sleeper coming into the spring split in Europe, but he has not performed to the same level we saw in the European Challenger scene where he was dominating his opponents. Sencux is now only owned in 6.5% of leagues and seems to be a forgotten player in the EU LCS. He’s actually scoring better than Origen’s PowerOfEvil, so there’s that. He should be able to put up big numbers against ROCCAT this week and could give Febiven and Fnatic a run for their money. If you want to take a chance on a guy that could explode this week, then Sencux is your man.

As always, I hope this can help fantasy owners that seem to be in a bit of a bind this week. The number of weeks remaining in the spring split continues to drop, so every win matters at this point. Hopefully, this advice can help you pick up a win this week and make that title run push. Tune in next Wednesday for the fantasy rundown for week 7.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy