Fantasy LCS Week 5: Fantasy Advice

Week 5 of the LCS approaches and with it, the midway point of the season. Teams will have played against one another at least once by the end of the weekend and started the back half of their seasons. This also means that it is the midway point of everyone’s fantasy league. Whether you need to protect your top spot in the standings or make a miracle rally to the top, hopefully, we can help you bring home a win this week with our knowledge. Let’s dive in.




GBM (NRG Mid):

GBM is only the 9th highest scoring mid across both regions thus far, but there is no doubt that he is the main man for NRG. His damage output per game is insane. He leads everybody in damage done and that’s while playing utility picks like Lulu and Zilean. GBM likes to fight and his schedule this week should allow him to rack up many kills. An inconsistent CLG and a visa issue filled Echo Fox team should both be underdogs this week against NRG. GBM should be able to win his lane matchup in both games and play a big role for his team this week. Put the man in your starting lineup this week for sure.

Bjergsen (TSM Mid):

TSM has matchups against Team Impulse and CLG this week, which bodes well for fantasy owners with TSM members on their team. Bjergsen is the 5th highest scoring fantasy mid laner per game across both regions and could find loads of points this week against CLG’s Huhi and TiP’s Pirean. TSM will look to continue their brief win streak and establish themselves as a top 3 team. Bjergsen should benefit from his teams rise and put up great numbers for his owners. Definitely, start him this week.


Betsy (ROCCAT Mid):

I know what you’re thinking. Betsy? A must start? Let me explain. This is the only week I would ever start Betsy or any other ROCCAT member for that matter this season. They face arguably the two worst teams in the league and Betsy will match up with the two worst mid laners in Europe. Giants are poised to go 0-18 this split and Xpepii has been one of the most disappointing players of the LCS this season. If that isn’t a juicy matchup, maybe Element’s mid laner Eika can tip the scale for you. Betsy should be able to outperform both mid laners this week and has a chance to have his best week of the split. I say start him if you have him.

Owners Beware

Shook (Vitality Jungler):

Vitality has a rather difficult schedule ahead of them this week as they face off against the 7-1 G2 Esports squad and the pre-season league favorite, Origen. Shook may have trouble keeping up with two of the most active junglers in Europe and has a good chance to fall behind in the mid game. Shook is a mechanically gifted jungler, but can tend to make mistakes when he’s not ahead. Look for Amazing and Trick to punish Shook this week and try their best to keep him down. I would think twice before starting Shook this week.


Rudy (Unicorns of Love Jungler):

Rudy made a huge splash last week in his debut on the LCS stage and helped his team bring home two wins. This week, however, UoL will face off against the league’s best team H2k and defending LCS champions Fnatic. Rudy will not find as much success this week against Jankos and Spirit like he did against Shook and Airwaks. If you picked up Rudy after his blazing start last week in the jungle, you might want to find another option to start in your jungler position this week.

Balls (Cloud 9 Top):

Balls had his best week of the split last week while Cloud 9 was able to secure 2 wins for the first time all season. They have a date with the unstoppable force named Immortals this week, however. Balls has not shown me enough for me to think that he has a chance against Huni and Reignover on the top side of the map. In their other matchup, Cloud 9 takes on Team Liquid who has gotten better each week. Balls may not be able to contribute much in either game this week, so I would stay far away from him.



Matt (Team Liquid Support):

Matt has been the 6th highest scoring fantasy support player across both regions since coming into the starting lineup for Team Liquid. The strange thing is that he is only owned in 13% of leagues right now. If you are looking for a good support to start each week or even a quality backup support, here’s your man. Matt faces off against Cloud 9 and Renegades this week, two bottom lanes he and Piglet can take advantage of. Stop sleeping on Matt people.

Adryh (Giants ADC)

First Betsy, now Adryh? You think I’m insane right now don’t you? Adryh has been the worst ADC across both regions and his team is currently 0-8. But here’s why he could be a good sleeper pick up this week. The 2nd and 3rd worst ADCs across both regions this split are on ROCCAT. A team Adryh faces this week. And his other matchup this week, Kobbe from Splyce, just so happens to be the 4th worst ADC across both regions. If there was ever a week for a hopeful Giants player to score big, it’s this week for Adryh. He’s only owned in 12% of leagues, so if you really need an ADC this weekend just take the chance.


MrRallez (Elements ADC):

Yeah, I’m going big or going home this week. MrRallez was on my sleeper list a couple weeks ago and put up decently good numbers. I think he has a better chance this week to show up for an owner willing to take a chance on him. He’s available in 86% of leagues and has the potential to be one of the highest scoring ADCs this weekend. Elements will be doing battle with a very inconsistent Fnatic squad and the abysmal ROCCAT bottom lane I was speaking about earlier. MrRallez is the highest scoring fantasy member of Elements and that’s because his ability to CS very well and position well in team fights. Look for MrRallez to pick up a good amount of clean up kills and rack up a good amount of points this week.


As always, I hope some of these picks can help you make those tough roster decisions and help lead your fantasy squad to another victory. If the picks don’t work out this week, I’ll be back with another week of fantasy advice next week. Sorry for the delay on this article coming out. I’ll get back to the Wednesday afternoon schedule for fantasy articles I had. Hopefully, you fantasy owners get a chance to make the changes you need before the games start tomorrow.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy