AVL Playoff Preview/Regular Season Review

AVL Playoff Preview/Regular Season Review

What We Learned This AVL

  • You can literally put ANYONE at striker, and if Viva Suarez is the CAM, he will make them good. Viva Suarez has actually been THAT good this season. He has all of the qualities of being a star, including the oversized ego and attitude.
  • If you haven’t noticed the last few seasons, Itz Hotpants is one of the premier GK’s in the league. The numbers say it all, yet he gets no hype. Look at what he did this season.
  • JibraheelHD is the toned-down version of Thibeault x; all goals, no assists.
  • DiLo l 19 l is actually a really good manager.
  • FHz Ozil 11 might be the best overall midfielder in the FVPAA.
  • Unlucky Dblock is still a quality player in the league.
  • There is plenty of quality CBs in the league that no one has talked about.
  • JimmY x JoneS really knows how to manage Cup games.
  • The “Park, Bark, and Heart” strategy was only a one-hit wonder.
  • Rodriguez l2l is still the most versatile player in the VPN and arguably a top 5 overall player.


Playoff Predictions


*** I am doing this after the Round of 16***


Arsenal vs. Watford

How They Got Here:

Arsenal – Arsenal ran the table this year led by managers, l Marvinho l and Rodriguez l2l, they took first place and never looked back. They scored 36 goals in the league which was the most in the EPL by 8 goals. FHz Anarchy 7 helped the offense with 6 goals and 8 assists while Fiddleton and TheePastorDave made a great pairing, and they theoretically put offenses through hell all season and got to enjoy a first round bye. They hope that TheePastorDave will tell God will accept them into the heavens of AVL History.

Watford – Watford was a total different story. Watford barely snuck into playoffs by beating out Norwich on the last day by 2 points. Led by striker, iFarrell, who carried the offense, Watford snuck in and pulled off an upset by beating highly favored Manchester City in the first round in a highly contested Golden Goal finish. Watford look to keep that momentum going as they try to pull off another upset and become the Cinderella story of the AVL winning as the lowest seed.



Arsenal 2-1 Watford

Watford 2-4 Arsenal

Arsenal wins on aggregate 6-3 over Watford. Last time I doubted Arsenal, I was wrong. (Look at my Pre-season predictions) Although, I thought they’d be good, but not this good. I can’t see them bowing out this early but Arsenal has had a history of exiting playoffs early. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Watford were to come away with the victory, but Arsenal certainly is a heavy favorite to move on.


Leicester City vs Liverpool

How They Got Here:

Leicester- They took a while to get going but once they hit their stride, they took off. They even had a chance to win 1st seed on the final day but lost to Arsenal. Leicester were led by a strong defense throughout the year with HELIX l 7 l and Twistd AsSaSsin at CB tied for leading the league in Clean Sheets. Then on offense, Manager, Midget l 23 and Thibeault x were able to carry the workload offensively and the up-and-coming jlane91 was able to put up 6 goals and 3 assists to help them stabilize their offense. Leicester were able to relax and skip the first round with a bye, but now face a tough test in Liverpool.

Liverpool – Viva Pony and Viva Suarez were able to show off their skills this season and absolutely dominate the midfield. The defense was led by denverocks and they only allowed 16 goals all season. In the first round, they barely squeaked by a tough Chelsea squad 3-2. Viva Suarez led the attack with 7 goals and 6 assists this season and Viva Pony had 7 assists as well. Liverpool went 0-2 against Leicester this season, so revenge will certainly be on their mind as they go up against them in playoffs.



Leicester 2-0 Liverpool

Liverpool 1-1 Leicester

Leicester wins on aggregate 3-1 against Liverpool. In the regular season, these were high scoring games but I think both teams will tense up in playoffs. Although Liverpool were a solid offensive team, I don’t see them getting much offense together against a very good defensive Leicester team. Leicester will score enough to move on through the playoffs.




Monchengladbach vs Werder Bremen

 How They Got Here:

Monchengladbach – Well… The tiny twerps did it. FHz Ozil 11 and Aztecas l 8 l were able to get their team to listen and took advantage of Frankfurt’s mistakes on the final day to push themselves into first place. This team is very well balanced and proved it all year. With FHz Vallejos 8 and FHz Ozil 11 controlling the attack and Quenchingfir834 helping Aztecas l 8 l in the backline, they were able to have a +23 Goal Differential which is miles ahead of everyone else. The Bundesliga could run through these guys and coming off they a bye, they will face a surprising Werder Bremen who they split the season series with 1-1.

Werder Bremen – This is probably the hardest team to judge due to its inconsistencies. They can beat Monchengladbach one night then lose to Schalke the next night. I truly believe that out of all the playoff matchups, this one is the most lopsided, in favor of Monchengladbach. Everything will need to go right for them to advance. Air Japes and l Sanders l will need to keep producing up top, and Air Ronaldo and Cpt Juizo will need to control the tempo. They got 4th place though, and beat Hamburger SV on aggregate 3-2 last round, so the upset is very well possible.


Monchengladbach 3-1 Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen 1-2 Monchengladbach

Monchengladbach wins 5-2 on aggregate to crush Werder Bremen. I think the firepower that Vallejos, habsguy11 and Ozil possess on offense will be too much to stop for a rough Werder Bremen defense, and Monchengladbach soars through to the next round.



Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich

How They Got Here:

Frankfurt – DiLo l 19 l and AntDP425 were one rough night away from surprising everyone and finishing in first place. Unfortunately, for them, they were pummeled by Leverkusen 4-0 then shutout by Bayern 1-0. But that doesn’t take anything away from the great season they did have. l lVlESSI 10 l led the team in goals and assists (8 and 3) and Frankfurt were able to use enough rotation to create a truly deep team which is typically unsuccessful in AVL. They will be up against it against Bayern which could be the best matchup thus far. They tied 1-1 in the season series, it certainly should be a good couple of games between these guys.

Bayern Munich –Bayern relied on defense all season and got rewarded for it in their first round matchup all season. In a matchup with Leverkusen, the best defense met the best offense, and Calvo and Bayern were able to shutout Leverkusen in both games to win 1-0 on aggregate. Those games defined the season for Bayern as they were able to do enough offensively while keeping composed on defense. Bayern will need to step up offensively if they are to get past Frankfurt in a tough matchup in which goals could be sparse.


Frankfurt 0-1 Bayern

Bayern 0-1 Frankfurt

Golden Goal: Bayern 1-0 Frankfurt

Bayern Munich barely survives against Frankfurt and beats them 2-1 on aggregate. To me, there is some sense of urgency when it comes to close games and in playoffs, you need experienced people to come through in those urgent times. Bayern have the experience, they have enough talent, and they will scrap through it and survive to the next round.




Arsenal vs Leicester City

Regular Season series: Arsenal won both games and had a 6-1 Goal Differential.


Arsenal 2-1 Leicester city

Leicester City 3-2 Arsenal

Golden Goal: Arsenal 0-1 Leicester City

I am sticking by my Pre-Season pick to keep it going and move on to the Finals in a very exciting Semifinal matchup. The game will provide a lot of offense and while that may favor Arsenal, I think Leicester’s defense will make more crucial stops in key moments, and the goal to take Leicester City to the Finals will be scored by jlane91.


Monchengladbach vs Bayern Munich

Regular Season Series: Tied 1-1 overall in wins with a 1-1 Goal Differential between the two teams.


Monchengladbach 0-0 Bayern

Bayern 1-1 Monchengladbach

Golden Goal: Monchengladbach 1-0 Bayern

Monchengladbach wins to move onto the finals by the skins of their teeth. This one is a tough call because it is two extremely even teams but I give the nod to Monchengladbach because they had showed more throughout the year that they get the job done. Calvo and company fall just short in this semifinal.



Monchengladbach 2-3 Leicester City

Leicester City takes it all and surprises Monchengladbach with a goal frenzy. AVL is always unpredictable and is always a toss-up. I made this prediction based off of games I have seen and Leicester City rarely crack under pressure and have shown ability to fight back after doubt. FHz Ozil 11 and the rest of his team put up a valiant effort but do not finish their season with a title.


Thank you all for reading and supporting the hard work we put into bigbadesports.com. There will be a lot more content coming, especially with ACL right around the corner. Good luck to all AVL teams this playoffs, and please by all means, prove me wrong. Make every prediction I have wrong. Please subscribe to the FIFA Newsletter to keep up to date with every FIFA article/video we post. Once again, thank you guys!