Fantasy LCS Week 4: Lineup Advice

The substitutes and visa Issues continue to mess with some of my predictions each week. The unpredictability is hard to judge, but I’m here to help you with that. As always I’ll run down who you should be starting, who you should be sitting, and who to watch out for. Let’s dive right into it.


Start At All Costs


Doublelift & Bjergsen (TSM ADC & Mid):

The biggest damage dealers on TSM should have no problem outputting loads of damage this week as they match-up against the 9th and 10th place team in the NA LCS. Renegades and Echo Fox have both had roster issues, whether it be visa issues or players stepping down, and should not be able to prevent TSM from going 2-0 this week. I’d expect Doublelift and Bjergsen to rack up kills and CS in both games. They are must-starts this week.

Gamsu (Fnatic Top):

Much like TSM, Fnatic will face off against the 9th and 10th place team in their respective league this week. Fnatic are not as strong as they used to be, but they should be heavily favored to go 2-0 this week. I think Gamsu will have big numbers going up against Atom and Freddy this week. He should dominate both matchups and rack up solo kills and play a big part in team fights. Along with other Fnatic members, Gamsu should be in your starting lineup this week without question.



Forgiven is only averaging the 7th most fantasy points per game out of all ADCs, but he should move up in the rankings after this week. Kobbe from Splyce and MrRallez from Elements are not on Forgiven’s level. He will gain his advantages in lane against both opposing players, and translate that into kills in the mid/late game. I expect Forgiven to put up huge CS numbers as well as bring in a good amount of kills. He’s a must start in my book.

Grab Some Pine Son

Kobbe (Splyce ADC): 

As previously stated, I don’t see Kobbe having a good match against Forgiven and the rest of H2k this week. Splyce also has a matchup against G2 Esports. Having games against the top two teams in the standings is tough for anybody, but I haven’t seen enough from Splyce to justify playing Kobbe. He should find a nice place at the end of your fantasy team’s bench and drink up for next week.


Shiphtur (Dignitas Mid):

Shiphtur has been great for his fantasy owners in the first 3 weeks of the LCS. He currently sits 6th in points per game across both regions. This week, however, he faces off against the super hot Team Liquid and their mid laner Fenix. Dignitas have been able to stretch some of their games to long lengths this season, and that might save Shiphtur’s fantasy value this week. Depending on who will be manning the mid lane for Echo Fox, Shiphtur may find himself behind two quality mid laners this week. I’d caution his fantasy owners to maybe hand him a towel and a chair.

Freeze (Renegades ADC):

He only played one game last week, but I believe his is good to go for the split. He is the star of the team, but he will be playing with a new lane partner after Remi decided to call it quits. The Renegades roster has not formally been announced for this week, but with games against Cloud 9 and TSM, you shouldn’t start anyone with a Renegades jacket on this week. Freeze has performed well in the past even while being on a bad team, but I don’t think he can do enough to earn a start on your fantasy team this week.


Look Under the Covers for These Sleepers


Steelback (Unicorns of Love ADC):

Steelback is only owned in 50% of fantasy leagues, but It should be highers. He is the 6th highest scoring ADC in fantasy across both regions and faces off against ROCCAT this week. Vitality will be a tough match-up for Steelback, but if he performs well against them, he may be a fantastic play this week. Don’t sleep on this particular Unicron.

Perkz (G2 Esports Mid):

G2 Esports are 5-1 and Perkz is the 3rd highest fantasy scoring mid laner across both regions, yet Perkz is only owned in 46% of fantasy leagues. He has a tough game scheduled against Origen this week, but he has shown that he can play with the big boys so far this season and this week can continue that trend. If you don’t start him this week, at least, pick up Perkz and store him on your team. He can be a fantastic pick up in the long run for your team.

c9 Hai

Hai (Cloud 9 Support):

Cloud 9 has not announced their lineup for the games this weekend, but if Hai starts both games, he could be a valuable start in the support role this week. Hai is owned in only 44% of leagues and scores in the top half of fantasy supports across both regions. Games against Renegades and NRG should be bloody, which could lead to many assists for Hai. It’s all a risk at this point however since we are not aware of the lineup Cloud 9 will be running. If you have no other option, put him in the game coach.


As always, I hope this list can help some people with their lineup troubles they are having and help them bring home a win this week. As always, I’ll be back next Wednesday to bring you some more fantasy advice for you lineups. Until next time summoners.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy