Top 5 Teamless Players

As many of you know there are always some gems in the rough as far as sports teams go, for example in the NFL a few years ago a player named Arian Foster walked on the Houston Texans and ended up being one of the biggest names in the NFL at his position. Starcraft is no different if not worse about having good players scattered out left teamless as it is much harder to get onto a team if you are not winning a lot of tournaments. Today I will be going over five tremendous Starcraft 2 players who are currently teamless. Seeing as I do not know a ton about non signed Korean pros this will only cover foreigners. Also taking into consideration the newness of Legacy I will be basing this off of how they were in Heart of the Swarm as well as ladder results. (All of the players pictures were taken from there respective liquipedia pages)


#5: Arium??


Arium is my number 5 for a few reasons but my biggest one ends with a question mark. He has recently been let go of for inactivity/not showing up for events, now I am not going to pretend to know what it is that he has or has not done but when a team says that is the reason they are releasing someone it definitely is not good for their stock value. In Heart of the Swarm Arium proved to be quite the player qualifying for WCS America and playing some very memorable games, and he was mostly renowned for his blink stalker control. Sadly seeing nothing from him in Legacy along with the recent release from his team I am not sure if this will be his form of a silent retirement or a short break from the game, but either way I do hope to see him play again.



#4: NaNiwa


Naniwa is perhaps one of the most iconic foreigners in Starcraft 2 being one of the few to be able to make deep runs in GSL as well as beating players like NesTea, Dongraegue, and MVP during their respective eras of dominance. The problem is he has quite a bit of notoriety for his behavior as well as his Twitter prowess. His initial cause of being teamless was from him refusing to play due to sound issues at IEM World Finals which led to him taking about a half a year off of Starcraft altogether to play League of Legends. However upon his return he quickly exploded back onto the scene quickly qualifying for WCS Europe on his first try, sending the community into a hellstorm discussing his return, as well as every other player in WCS Europe calling him out over social media to try and make a name for themselves. Whether you love him or hate him there is no doubting his skill at the game, he has started recently streaming Legacy of the Void and he is showing promising ladder skills on his Korean account. If he can figure out the PvP matchup in Legacy I know he will be a force to be reckoned with.


#3: iaguz


iaguz was the Australian Terran player for Root gaming for the majority of Heart of the Swarm leaving the team shortly before Legacy was set to release. iaguz was a WCS mainstay during the HotS era and I was excited to see him play in Legacy however that has yet to happen with him not being able to attend the last event he was invited to due to lack of funds to get himself to the event. The main reason I keep hope for seeing him again in the scene was from a tweet he sent shortly after the announcement of him leaving, which was that he was still playing and to consider him available. Not seeing him play yet in Legacy does make me a little doubtful but I really hope to see him playing soon.



#2: ForGG


While I know that ForGG is Korean and has moved back to Korea he happens to be one of the big name players who is not signed to any team nor has he made any announcement about what it is he is going to do now that he is back in Korea. He could be going to do his military service soon, or he could be looking to rejoin a Kespa team who knows, but with him still consistently streaming Starcraft at a high level it leads me to believe he will be a part of Starcraft as long as he is capable of playing.


#1: Neeb


Neeb is a player who turned heads while switching from Terran to Protoss, and qualifying for WCS as both races, towards the end of Hots, and did not stop upon release of Legacy of the Void by showing his dominance over the NA ladder showing a beautiful winrate of above 89% across the board (some were much higher but I do not recall exact numbers) as well as placing high GM on the European ladder also. Just the other day I had the pleasure of casting his qualifying game into the second round of the IEM tournament for which I have high expectations.


Honorable Mentions:




While I know that Select is actually retired he has returned to Starcraft in the form of fulltime streaming with that in mind he has shown that he can still play quite well and we all know that when players do things like this a return to the game is never out of the question. SeleCT did participate in the IEM NA qualifiers last week and this leads me to believe if given the opportunity he will return to some competitive play.




State is my other honorable mention instead of in the list purely because he lives in Korea, while I do not run a team nor do I manage anything internationally I can only imagine having a player not from your region is not the easiest thing. State has shown time and time again he is a top tier foreigner maintaining mid GM in Kr while occasionally streaming with MC. Recently State was knocked out in the IEM NA qualifiers in the qualifying round two days in a row, hopefully he will be able to pull it out in a future qualifier.


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