Old Flames Reunite For Eager’s Season 3 Roster

Late Saturday afternoon, Eager owner and ADC Zapman announced his new roster for Season 3, months after losing his entire roster following the disappointing non qualification for SWC. Joining Zapman for season 3 will be Divios, formerly of TSM, DJPernicus of COG, as well as two former teammates of Zap’s, Aror and TheBest, also of COG.
The new roster reunites Zap with his former support, Aror, who left Eager during the Summer Split due to lack of meshing as a team. Many were surprised to hear Aror would be back on Eager because of this, but Zapman details in his vlog announcement that the two talked about their differences at this year’s SWC and were ready to give it another shot.
In another reunion, mid laner TheBest will be back with Zap after their time together on Team Dignitas/Curse Gaming in season 0/1. Having played with each other for more than a year during that time, both know exactly what to expect from each other.
As for season 3, what can we as Smite fans expect from this new Eager roster?

Zapman: The godfather of the ADC role, Zap had a very successful Fall Split, just missing out on the ADC MVP voting behind Cloud9’s BaRRaCCuDDa. Always known for his very aggressive play style, Zap should prosper in the new meta and the return of Aror as his support. While Zap has been very successful in his ventures with the branding of Eager across both Xbox and PC, a SWC birth still alludes him. This new roster may give him his best shot to finally break the curse, with each player having something to prove.

Aror: Aror will look to have a standout season this year, following COG’s less than stellar 5th place finish in the Fall Split and early departure from Super Regionals. Maybe the most aggressive support player in North America, Aror is well versed in an array of gods. From Awilix to Odin to his favorite God Fenrir, Aror has never shied away from the non conventional support picks, and has shown him success in the past. His aggressive play style is something Zap has been searching for, for a while now, and should provide the duo a lot of success. His Ares play is phenomenal, earning respect bans of the god throughout season 2. In the current meta of nerfed beads, I expect the ban against Aror to continue, that is if the enemy knows what’s good for them.

DJPernicus: Pern hasn’t had the most prestigious career on Smite to date, but has been successful in other games. A veteran of the Counter Strike scene for over 6 years, Pern was an influential captain and player, with many successful players like Summit attributing his leadership as their influences for their success. While Pern may not have won anything yet in Smite and may not lead junglers in KDA or GPM, he was a key component in the success COG did have last year. He has a wide god pool, being able to play anything from his patented Guan Yu to Ao Kuang, as well as all the assassins. Known for in depth game knowledge and theory crafting, Pern will be Eager’s captain and critical for this team’s success.

TheBest: TheBest was considered one the premier mid laners with his time on Team Dignitas in the early days of competitive Smite. Since then, we’ve seen Best on middle of the pack teams in season 2. Best had a relatively solid season on COG last season, being their carry in the mid lane for most of the season. While being one of the bright spots for the COG roster, it begs the question what he can do now with an even more solid team around him. Could we see the return of TheBest from the days of old Dignitas? Best has a lot to prove this year, and this may be the team he needs to get back to that form.

Divios: One of the premier solo laners his entire career in Smite, Divios has had nothing but success in his teams and in the solo lane. Divios was one of the best if not the best solo laner in Smite for all of season 1 while on COG Red, and is maybe the only solo laner in North America who can go toe to toe with EnVy’s Omega. During the Fall Split, Divios was kicked from Team SoloMid for a “toxic attitude” and was unable to join another team due to roster locks. While his hiatus has been long, Divios is back, this time with Eager. A very aggressive player like everyone else on this Eager roster, the young Canadian will be primed to come back to competitive Smite with a vengeance, proving to everyone he still has what it takes to beat anyone.

The biggest concern many in the Smite community have for this team is their individual attitudes. Each player has strong, alpha type personalities, and many think this may hinder their chances to bounce back if things go awry during the Spring Split. Zapman addressed this in his vlog and seems very confident this team can put aside their egos for the overall goal of being the best team. I believe this team can beat anyone in the world when they play at their best. Every one of them can carry the team, even Aror in the support role. It’s very reminiscent of Eager’s team last season; a strong mid lane/jungle partnership, a top solo laner, and Zap working with a new support. Last year’s team was one set away from making it to SWC last season. This year, Zap and his new roster look to break the curse.

The team is very well rounded, with Zapman and Divios being maybe their biggest stars, and DJPernicus being the brutally honest leader. Each player has something to prove going into season 3, whether it’s finally making it to SWC as a player for Zapman, or the COG transfers proving they are top tier in their positions, or even Divios making a comeback to competitive Smite. I look forward to seeing what this team can do moving forward, and are certainly one of the more hyped up teams going into season 3.

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– Sean