Fantasy LCS Week 3: Lineup Advice

Here again with your weekly Fantasy LCS advice that can hopefully help lead your team to a win this week. Last week was pretty rough with all the upsets and visa issues. Substitutes are a fantasy owner’s worst nightmare. Let’s take a look at who should be in your lineup and who shouldn’t be.


Must Starts


The Entire Origen Lineup:

Origen looked better in their 2nd week of action but still have not performed at the level we expected from them. This week should be the week that Origen finally brings home 2 wins from. With matchups against ROCCAT and Elements, Origen should be favored in both games and should have no problem racking up kills. If you have any Origen players on your fantasy team, definitely start them.

Spirit (Fnatic Jungler):

Spirit has had a good start with his new team in Europe, but he has the potential to break out this week with big numbers. Fnatic start their week against G2 Esports which could pose a threat to Spirit, but I expect the game to be bloody and full of kills. Fnatic will then face off against Splyce, who has not looked like a good team in the opening two weeks. I expect Spirit to go big this week, so make sure he’s starting for your team.


Darshan (CLG Top Laner):

Darshan has proven that he is still a top tier top laner in North America in the first two weeks of the spring split despite his team’s 2-2 start. Darshan can potentially put up huge numbers this week if given the chance to play carry champions for his team this week. Darshan faces off against whoever will be in the top lane for Echo Fox and against RF Legendary from The Renegades. Darshan is on another level compared to his matchups this week, I expect him to take advantage of it and put up huge numbers.

Send Them to the Bench

Vizicsacsi (UOL Top Laner):

Unicorns of Love were hit with the Visa issues that have impacted so many teams in the first couple of weeks. Diamondprox is no longer the jungler for this team which is disappointing since UOL were off to a great start. Vizicsacsi may struggle with synergy this week with a brand new jungler and UOL are playing two teams that have a 3-1 record, G2 and Elements. If you have a better option for your top lane position, I would consider sending Vizicsacsi to the bench for this week.


Moon (NRG Jungler):

For starters, Moon hasn’t exactly stuffed the stat sheet when it comes to fantasy numbers. He averages the least amount of fantasy points for his team and does not have the greatest kill contribution. NRG sits at 3-1, but their loss to Immortals may put a dent in their confidence. Games against Team Liquid and TSM may be much harder than they appear to be for NRG. Beware if you are starting Moon this week.

Keith (Echo Fox ADC):

Keith has performed at a great level even with multiple substitutes and a 1-3 start to his team’s season. Keith faces off aginst CLG and Immortals this week, which should be their toughest week as of yet. It will be difficult for Keith to carry Echo Fox to victory this week as well as putting up good fantasy numbers. It may be hard to bench Keith, but I would be careful with him this week.

Stop Snoozing, Sleepers are Here


Apollo (Dignitas ADC):

Apollo is the 10th highest scoring ADC when it comes to fantasy points per game, but he has a chance to move up with a great week this week. He will face off against his former team, Team Impulse, in a game he should put up great numbers in. The second game of the week for Dignitas is against Cloud 9. Depending if BunnyFufu or Hai is starting, they could be a tough opponent or mince meat. If you need to take a chance, Apollo might be a good one for your team this week.

Dardoch (Team Liquid Jungler):

Dardoch is the 5th leading scorer in fantasy from the jungle position across both regions so far this split. He has performed extremely well since taking over for IWillDominate after his retirement. Dardoch and Team Liquid face off against NRG and Team Impulse this week. It could very well be the turning point for this struggling Liquid team that has plenty of talent on it. If Dardoch isn’t on a roster yet in your league, go scoop him up quickly and start him this week if you need to.


Steve (Elements Top Laner):

STEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!. The crowd favorite in Europe has performed better than anyone has expected to start the spring split. Elements sits at 3-1 and Steve has had a great impact in that happening. On paper Elements should be going 0-2 this week though. UOL and Origen are better teams, but have had recent issues that could create an opening for Elements and Steve to play great. UOL will be with a new jungler that could hurt their laners. Steve could farm his way to a lead and outperform Vizicsacsi in team fights. His matchup against Soaz is more interesting. Soaz has performed really poorly to start the split and Steve could frustrate him even more. Don’t believe in the Steve hype unless you need to. He’s a very deep sleeper in my mind.


Hopefully these picks this week can help you earn that win in Fantasy LCS that you desperately need this week. If not we’ll give it another go next week so stayed tuned every Wednesday for our Fantasy LCS lineup advice.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy