National StarLeague Vant 36.5 Final Review

As a Starcraft fan I have occasionally watched old BroodWar vods, but seeing as I do not speak Korean nor did I know anything about the game, I never really knew what was going on. However, thanks to AfreecaTV the National StarLeague Vant 36.5 Final was broadcast with an english cast by none other than Tastosis which was absolutely amazing. First, I would like to say they did an excellent job at casting the game, as well as kind of giving a crash course to the game, not shoving everything in your face all at once but breaking it down by phase of the game, as well as what the meta usually holds. Secondly, you could feel the nostalgia effect this game had, as they just radiated with excitement; they made everything feel intense and with not having the production tab, resources, supplies, or anything of that nature, it just puts you that much more on the edge of your seat. For example, there was one moment in the ZvZ where the zerg had a spire so everyone assumed (including the opposing player) that Mutas were coming; however, to our surprise a bunch of Lings came out of the eggs which left the opponent with a ton of useless spores while lings flooded to his base. While we only got to see a ZvZ and a PvZ finals, the game was very fun to watch, and considering I saw the channel exceed 10k viewers each time, others seemed to agree.



While I do not think this game will ever have a huge foreign scene, as it is just very mechanically demanding as well as no real scene support outside of Korea, I do believe what Tasteless said about it deserving a place to be watched and cherished. Considering without Broodwar the size and direction of eSports could be vastly different, I feel as if this game should live on for as long as there are players playing and people willing to watch. My biggest concern, would of course be what would happen once people got through the initial nostalgia of the game – if it would start to decline being a regular event rather than being on once in a blue moon.  But with seeing a lot of people  in twitch chat say something along the lines of “This is my first Broodwar event that I have ever seen”, I feel like the game could retain steady foreign viewership.



As a spectator, I thought this game was absolutely incredible to watch.  It’s kind of like discovering a movie you really like; everything is so new to you and seems so cool to watch as you  see the cool worker micro tricks that are not possible in SC2, and things like the intensity of Muta micro. All of these things balanced on a knife’s edge. Another interesting aspect of the game was brought up about how having a bigger army is more taxing. In SC2 if we get a sizeable army advantage, we can just hit that F2 key and a-move to the opponents base and call it a day. Sometimes, however, in Broodwar having the selection cap at 12 units  can lead to you still losing from trying to juggle too much at once, which is a whole new concept and aspect to the game that I would have never thought about otherwise. If I could ask Afreeca for one thing to help this scene, it would be to bring some sort of all star showmatches or something of that nature.  Having set days where you could get names like Flash, Jaedong, Bisu, Stork, and others, back for some show matches. I am sure this would be good for viewers because even though I had never kept track of Broodwar, I know about the Jaedong vs Flash rivalry. Obviously the biggest issue for this would be the players not wanting to show a poor performance and opting not to play; but if they could arrange this somehow I think it would be a wonderful addition.

bisu vs effort

Last but not least we also discovered that the Artosis curse is not limited to Starcraft 2 as his prediction was reversed in the final score. After watching the games, I had the passion to download the game to give this game a shot (you can find it free at a few places, I personally used ICCUP).   I enjoyed it quite a lot, although the bots and few ladder opponents had there way with me. However, to end on a serious note, if we want to continue seeing things like this on a more regular basis in English, please reach out to Afreeca and let them know. While our views mean a lot feedback means much more. I hope to see Broodwar stick around, and with the communities help anything is possible.


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