Player Spotlight: Puck

Anyone familiar with the NA scene of starcraft 2 more than likely knows about a Protoss named Puck. Along with being highly ranked on the NA GM ladder, he is often regarded as one of the best North American Protoss players, alongside HuK and Neeb(occasionally Scarlett): and recently at DreamHack LOTV was boasted as being as good as top Korean Protoss players by TY in an interview.

Puck truly got his start into professional gaming in a trial by fire by competing with a player named Fitzyhere in a best of 21 to decide who would get a spot on ROOT Gaming’s team. Puck would go on to win this series 11-8 to claim his spot on the team’s roster. Root would be Puck’s home for the majority of what I would consider his uprising in the pro scene.  While he never had any championships or extreme titles with Root during the 2012-2013 seasons, there weren’t really many foreign winners aside from Stephano; however Puck did have some notable series versus Minigun, and Qxc during this year which is arguably when they were in top form.

Puck had a huge hand in putting his next team on the map. Once Puck was signed to ivd, the team was immediately placed on a bigger platform.  He was not alone however, having other people like Temp0, Phog, Apocalypse, and Ruff on the team. Temp0 is known for his popular YouTube channel, which has a massive appeal to Starcraft themed music parodies, while Ruff has earned quite the name for himself by being the “unorthodox” NA Terran with some very wonky builds, that if you are not prepared for will bop you. Then there was Phog, a former member of Quantic gaming before its infamous demise, found himself on ivd; a player who I believe never lived up to his potential, before going inactive. With Puck and these other players the team had a solid foundation for becoming a solid NA team. Puck would prove to carry the torch the farthest becoming a WCS mainstay.  Always finding himself in the Challenger league but usually alternating between premiere round of 32’s or Challenger promotions, with the occasional Ro16.

After leaving IVD it was soon announced Puck would be joining a team that has become really strong in the Starcraft scene lately in Flipsid3 Tactics. Since joining the booming team he has been recognized for his amazing ladder results right beside Neeb. Neeb and Puck have recently played in the NA Ladder wars hosted by Feardragon and in the finals taking second place. Things have been looking up for Puck since the release of Legacy of the Void, but with the new WCS system who knows what could happen. I personally believe Puck has what it takes to be one of the best foreigners in the game, and with the new year just underway only time will tell who will come out on top this year.

I also had the pleasure of getting a brief interview with Puck to share with everyone!


How did you pick your name?

puCK: I picked my handle because I liked the character name puck at the time and I thought when I picked it I was the only one to have it, I really thought I was original!

I remember awhile back you went through a phase of changing your name a lot, are you still considering changing it or was that just for fun?

puCK:  I never changed my handle? I sometimes pick a different name on the ladder just because I don’t like having the same handle online all the time. I still go by puCK always at tournaments.

What was your first competitive game?

puCK:  I never really played an official competitive game where you can make money off of until Starcraft II. There were games in Brood War and Warcraft III that I would play called basketball and risk devo, those were the good days.

When did you realize you could be competitive at Starcraft?

puCK: I knew after the first few days that this is what I wanted to do, it just felt really good when I would win and I was improving really quickly.

What are your goals for the 2016 season?

puCK: I really just want to do well overall and be the most consistent that I can be. I don’t really set any goals because than it’s very easy to get frustrated.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

puCK:  Not really, I just try to get energized maybe go for a small run or something.

What are some of the other games you play?

puCK: I like to play a bit of h1z1 occasionally a small amount of Minecraft. I don’t really play much outside of Starcraft.

How are you enjoying Legacy of the Void?

puCK: Legacy of the void has been quite a lot of fun compared to the other expansions. There is a lot more ways to come back into games that you may have lost otherwise in HOTS.

Who is your greatest rival? Either from tournaments or ladder experiences?

puCK:  Recently I don’t really have any rivals. During HOTS I used to consider Jaedong and Hyun a rival but I haven’t played them in forever.

Considering JD or Hyun as your rival for a short period of time what was your favorite game/memory of being with said players?

puCK: My best memories were probably vs Hyun, I would generally always beat him in the first few sets we had against each other, he even said I had the best stalker sentry micro at one point (This was before everyone used this strategy vs Zerg). I consider Jaedong a rival because I would generally always win the first game but then lose 1-2 it was always saddening! I eventually did 4-0 him in a show match but he probably wasn’t in best condition.

Are there any up and coming players you think people may not know about?

puCK: Hmm it’s really hard to say, a lot of up and coming talent kind of stop playing all the time. There were players starting to show quite a bit of improvement like Schnitzel, Brent, and Zan but they don’t really play too consistently.

If Starcraft was done tomorrow what would you want to do, would you go to another game or something of that nature?

puCK: I honestly have no idea, I would probably find a job somewhere! For the most part I enjoy what I am doing right now, I will look into it when the time comes!

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