Smite: Team rivaL – Xbox EU

With SWC over and season three finally reaching the PTS. It is time for things to really start shaping up in terms of the Rosterpocalypse that hit not only PC but also Xbox. With things starting to come together, I’m pleased to help introduce everyone to EU’s newest Xbox “Dream Team”, Team rivaL.

Before I get deep into discussing what we can expect to see from Team rivaL. I want to take a moment to discuss the history behind the name Team rivaL and what helped them get to the point they are at now.

Team rivaL started as an organization around the middle of last year where they were originally centered around World of Tanks, as well as Smite. In the later part of the 2015 year, seeing potential in the brand, Ravage and TDubs acquired Team rivaL. With the organization under new management, they have found themselves already back into World of Tanks and the acquisition of this stacked Smite team will be their first as of yet in the Smite scene.

I asked the co-owner of Team rivaL, TDubs, what made them decide to come into the Smite scene at this particular time.

“We had a good relationship with the players in the EU Xbox scene and were obviously passionate about Smite overall. We were aware of the possibilities of roster changes that usually happen at the end of the season so we wanted to do what we could to get a solid team under the rivaL name. We contacted a few players that we knew personally from top two EU teams, Paradigm and Aware, then the rest just fell into place with a well-rounded Smite team.”

With that being said, here is the official announcement on behalf of Team rivaL on their huge acquisition.

“We at rivaL are extremely excited to pick up this talented group of players to represent our organization in EU for Smite on the Xbox. A lot of us in the organization have been involved with the competitive Smite Xbox scene since its inception in one way or the other so we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring on what could possibly be one of the top teams in EU and the world. We were also thrilled to be able to add a talented coach like Lydia, who is so involved as a major member of the smite community, to this already impressive roster. So with the announcement on Friday of the Xbox pro league qualifiers coming up in March, we have no doubt this team will make a push to not only be a part of the pro league but also have the Team rivaL flag hanging at SWC in 2017 as they compete to be world champions.”

The Roster

So on to the part that everyone is excited to hear about, the roster. This team is filled top to bottom with some of the best players from the EU Xbox scene and a couple of them showed that not only do they rule in the EU scene but that they can clearly compete on the global stage at SWC.



Snakeskin like many others in the Xbox scene has made the transition to Xbox from PC SPL out of the European region. Snakeskin formerly played for the team London Conspiracy in SPL EU. He was benched and then proceeded to leave the team at the end of the Summer Split after his team stated he was having poor performances. While his team may have felt that, Snakeskin still put up some rather impressive numbers in the Solo lane and has a lot of experience coming from it. He should be a huge impact player for rivaL if he can adapt to a controller quickly.



Watson showed up to SWC 2016 with a lot of hype revolving around his name and whether or not he would be able to compete against the NA scene. This man not only competed, but he destroyed. While his team was not able to come away victorious against Cognitive Gaming, his presence was felt throughout the whole set and he extended games single handedly that could have been 20 minute pubstomps into 35 minute battles that at times looked like they could go in his team’s favor. While he is no longer in Solo where he originated, he is however playing a role that will allow him to “carry” more by playing more hyper aggressive gods. He is widely known for having an insane Mercury so it’ll be interesting to see how this role swap turns out for such an amazing player.



Kajee is a player that has been in the Xbox scene for quite some time now. He has predominately been a Solo laner and made his presence known across the globe when ranked first was released for Xbox One. He has swapped roles into the Mid lane for Team rivaL. He may not have originated in this role but he has mechanical skills that are next to none and has shown he does have the capabilities to play Mages quite well. He even found himself substituting for NA Team eGr in MLG tournaments during Season 2.



Ruler has experience that is honestly second to none in the Xbox European scene. He started out as a coach for ELOFishers and Direwolves and once he made the transition to Xbox for Paradigm he was able to change that team’s dynamic completely. His game knowledge is quite superior and was the workhorse behind Paradigm’s winning of the ESL qualifier and their rather decent result at LAN. His ability to provide intelligent shotcalls on top of the one’s already being called will be a huge reason this team is successful.



While we saw Skizzle play in the Jungle during Aware’s unsuccessful trip to SWC. We saw some very good gameplay and synergy out of Skizzle. Skizzle favored a very aggressive god selection throughout Season 2 so it’ll be interesting to see how that translates to Season 3 as he has returned to his origins at ADC. Skizzle has immense experience in this role and should be quite comfortable being back here. I expect to see great things from Skizzle in his old role against ADC’s that are looked at to be of lesser skill than NA.

I asked Skizzle how he planned to use the experience and chemistry with Watson to their advantage this season.

“Watson and I have played together for quite a long time now, we get along very well and are not just friends on Xbox but in real life as well. We have very similar play styles and mindsets so we are going to make sure we grind out these new roles to make sure there is nobody who can stop us.”



A lot of people don’t always see the value in having a great coach or manager when it comes to Smite. But those who do understand it know how much of an impact having someone with great experience and just another voice can have. Team rivaL has managed to land Lydia, known by many as Paradigm Lydia, who did a phenomenal job in 2015 with the Paradigm team.

I’ve had the privilege to talk and meet with Lydia multiple times over the past couple of months and I’ve really gotten to understand how fully devoted she is to being a part of the Smite scene and filling a role that not everyone expects her to be able to. So I asked Lydia how excited she was going into Season 3 having a full role in the Xbox scene this time around.

“The current Xbox One Smite scene reminds me a lot of the old school closed beta days. If you would have asked me a week or two ago if I wanted to coach Xbox Smite, I would have said no but Team rivaL did an amazing job recruiting a highly talented team but what really impressed me the most was the amazing management staff already on hand. I truly believe I can bring my experience in the past of coaching smaller regions’ teams to the table for this season.”

So as you can see, Team rivaL has done a fantastic job of getting their players and coach to buy into whatever they are selling. Their roster looks to be one that can compete quite easily at the highest level in Europe and hopefully can patch up the loose ends that made EU fall at SWC. With the most recent announcement of the SPL for Xbox in both EU and NA. I asked co-owner TDubs what he expected to see from his team going into qualifiers and the HiRez hosted scene in 2016.

“I fully expect this team to make the Pro League as they all have a lot of experience in the competitive scene so far. We most definitely want to be at SWC in 2017 representing the EU scene and hopefully doing so with much success.”

With all of that being said, whether you’re a fan of NA or EU Smite, this is a team that you need to keep your eye on because not only will they be a fantastic show to watch in the European league but they will most definitely be on the radar to be playing on the grand stage in Atlanta in 2017.