Fantasy LCS Week 2: Who to Start, Who to Sit, and Those Pesky Sleepers

The openining weeks of your fantasy LCS league are very important in your run for a championship. Fall behind too early and you may never recover. If you need to know who should be in your starting lineup this week just take a took below. Also provided are the players you should shy away from this week and those sleepers that can earn your team a big win. Let’s get into it.


Starters Without Question


Freeze and Remy (Renegades Bottom Lane):

Renegades have a very favorable schedule this week with Team Dignitas and Team Impulse as their opponents. Freeze has proven in past splits the ability to put up good fantasy numbers even when his team loses. Renegades has a very good chance to go 2-0 this week and their bottom lane should be winning both matchups. Remy will rack up assists with her engages or picks while Freeze racks up the kills. I’d start both bottom lane members this week.

Trick (G2 Jungler): 

Trick scored the most points in the EU LCS last weekend and I think he can retain his spot at the top of the EU LCS point total with another great week ahead of him. G2 face off against Giants which should yeild him plenty of points. The game against H2k may be a bit worrying, but it should be a bloody game where Trick gets plenty of kills and assists. Trick should be in your starting lineup if you have him.


Rush (Cloud 9 Jungler):

The 2015 NA LCS summer split MVP will most likely once again be one of the top scroring junglers in fantasy this year. Althought Cloud 9’s opening game against Immortals was not a great one for Rush, he remains fearless and talented. Matchups against an inferior Team Impulse squad and an inconsistant CLG team should allow him to re-establish himself as one of the highest fantasy scorers in the NA LCS.

Notable Others: Piglet (Team Liquid ADC), Sneaky (Cloud 9 ADC), Alex Ich (Renegades Mid Laner), and Hjarnan and Kasing (Vitality bottom lane).

Owners Beware

Stixxay (CLG ADC):

Stixxay had a good first week in the LCS posting the 6th most fantasy points for ADCs across both regions. This week he has two tough opponents at his position. CLG faces off against Cloud 9 and Team Liquid this week. Sneaky and Piglet are two of the best in North America and Stixxay may struggle against them. I’m not saying bench Stixxay, I’m just saying beware. If you have a better option at ADC you may need to make a lineup change.



Fox (Unicorns of Love Mid Laner):

Unicorns of Love went 2-0 last week and Fox was only the 12th highest scoring mid laners across both regions in fantasy points. Fox faces off against two of Europe’s best mid laners this week in Febevin and PowerOfEvil. Fox will not be able to hang in with the top notch talent. I’d stay far away from Fox this week.

Gamsu (Fnatic Top Laner):

Gamsu had an incredible opening game for his new team last week. His second game for Fnatic was really poor though. He managed to finish the week as the 9th highest scoring top laner across both regions and he doesn’t have an easy matchup this week either. H2k look like the Europe’s best team right now, and Vizicsacsi on UOL is no pushover. I don’t expect Gamsu to hard carry either game and may find a hard time making cross map plays. If you have no other options, just play him.

Notable Others: Froggen (Echo Fox Mid Laner), Shiphtur (Team Dignitas Mid Laner), Mithy (Origen Support), and Rekkles (Fnatic ADC).


Wake up! Don’t Sleep on These Guys



ROCCAT are not expected to be a great team this split, but thier win over Vitality last week helps their team morale and confidence if any. Safir could be a good option this week if you are in a deep leauge and are struggling to find an ADC. ROCCAT has games against Elements and Splyce this week, two games ROCCAT may be favorites in. Both games should be bloody as well. Safir could clean up and put up big numbers this week.

Smittyj (Team Dignitas Top Laner):

Who was the highest scoring top laner across both regions last week you ask? Smittyj is that answer. He had a great week 1 and could potentionally have another good one this week. He faces off against RF Legendary and Hauntzer this week, two matchups that yield a lot of points to opposing top laners. Dignitas may not win either game, but I think Smittyj can put up some viable owners for a team looking for a top laner this week.


MrRallez (Elements ADC):

MrRallez did not have the greatest week in the world last week, but it wasn’t terrible. The only week I would experiment with any Elements players is this week. Elements faces off against ROCCAT and Giants Gaming this week, two of the weaker teams in the European LCS. MrRallez is a vertren on his team and could show the young bucks what it’s like to carry this week. If you need another ADC in a deep league, he deserves a look.

Notable Others: Lourlo (Team Liquid Top Laner), Keith (Echo Fox ADC), Hybrid (G2 Support), and Eika (Elements Mid Laner).

Hopefully some of these players can help you get off to that 2-0 start you dream of or help you rebound to that 1-1 record you need to acheive to stay in the hunt. Keep coming back each Wednesday for more Fantasy LCS help.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy