Why the Addition of Omega Could Put EnVy Over The Top

In every sport, there is a team which gets under everyone’s skin. The Patriots, the Detroit Pistons of the 80’s, the Miami Hurricanes in the 80’s, the New York Yankees, and most recently the Miami Heat when LeBron joined – all had supreme talent, were arrogant, and let you know they were better than you. Team EnVy have become Smite’s team of Bad Boys, the ones we wish were as good as, and the ones we love to hate.

Late Monday evening, Omega announced on his Twitch stream that he would be joining EnVy for season 3. While many may have seen it coming, the decision for EnVy to pick up arguably the best solo laner in Smite did not come without controversy. Incon, the team captain, would be removed from the team, allowing EnVy to keep the same roster they had from the Xbox World Invitational, where they would be crowned World Champions just two weeks ago. Many have been critical of the move, with fan favorite Incon being kicked after a lackluster performance in his role change to mid at the Super Regionals. Regardless of the controversy and the way things may have been handled, the addition of Omega to this lineup will put an already top 3 North American team into the talks of one of the best in Smite.


Omega has had an illustrious career in competitive gaming, going back to his days as a Halo 1,2,&3 pro. Omega was also a part of the World Champion COG Prime team that won the first Smite World Championship last year, and as mentioned above, won the Xbox Invitational with EnVy this year.
Always been seen as a top solo laner and only rivaled by Divios in his role, Omega will provide EnVy with something they have never really had; a tank front liner.

So how will this roster change help EnVy become an even better team? With the new map layout coming out in season 3, the meta may change. It’s possible the days of the tanky front line warrior is no longer needed, and a carry in the solo lane will be more valued. Whatever the case may be, and however the meta may shift, Omega is one of the few players in the solo lane who can literally play it all. We’ve seen him prosper with the tank meta, where he no doubt is the best in the world. We’ve seen him take unconventional gods like Geb into the solo lane and lose his lane correctly, all the while continuing to provide that front line his team needed. Finally, Omega is a Masters joust player, and has proved his proficiency on virtually all 72 gods that Smite has to offer. With his undoubted flexibility to play anything in the solo lane and play it to a world championship caliber level, Omega will be able to adjust to anything this new meta has to offer.


In terms of EnVy’s jungler, Weak3n, this makes his job a lot easier and a lot more fitting to his preferred style of play. During the Fall Split, Weak3n was forced into a more front line jungler in order to allow CycloneSpin to play the hypercarry gods he performs so well with. This kind of playstyle was not a comfortable one for Weak3n, as he is known better for his ability to play the assassins like Serqet, his favorite god. With the addition of Omega, Weak3n can now go back to his comfort picks and really shine as the jungler we have seen him to be. No longer will he be relied upon to initiate for his team, and should prove critical to the success of this team.


Now in the adc role, CycloneSpin should feel very at home, back in a position to be the carry for his team without it putting the rest of his team in unorthodox god pools. Some of have been critical of his performances on the Xbox, but I tend to chalk that up to being on a controller instead of his preferred keyboard and mouse. Cyclone is very familiar with the hunter gods, having played virtually all of them in the solo lane at one point in time, whether competitively with Ullr, or just in ranked. The transition should be simple, as today’s hunter seems to just farm until late game, something EnVy based their entire strategy around in 2015.


KikiSoCheeky will now have the full time job as support for EnVy, after his rather impressive performance at Super Regionals when the switch from mid first occurred. Kiki has always been comfortable with a more supportive role, as his go to gods in the mid lane were less damage oriented and more healing based, keeping his team alive in team fights. Kiki has proven he can play virtually any guardian, as well as Aphrodite in the support role, and has a great partnership with Cyclone in the duo lane. He still has a lot to prove in terms of top play ability, and until we see more of this team play together on PC, should be considered one of the weaker spots on this team due to his limited time in the role.


The last and final piece of this team has Allied moving from the adc role to the mid lane. Having played both support and adc professionally, this will be Allied’s third role in competitive Smite. Affectionately known as the “People’s Vulcan” by his Twitch chat, Allied is no stranger to mages. Maybe the player with the most to prove in his new role, Allied with be relied upon in season 3 to really perform at the highest level. In my opinion, this is the most critical for EnVy moving forward, and will be the reason the team is either highly successful or a flop.

Until we see them play competitively on PC, it is uncertain how good this team can become. While all the pieces seem to fit together on paper, it’ll be interesting to see it play out on PC. Sure, they won a title together on Xbox, and yes they had to beat the best on console, I don’t put very much weight in their title when it comes to their ability to beat the best on PC. If all holds well, I think this team has a very good chance of repeating their successes from last year, with Omega being that key piece to get them to Worlds.