SMITE: Enemy look for new jungler after dismissing Adjust, days after SWC Finals

The announcement late last night has caused quite a stir in the Smite Community, as Adjust announced he was being replaced on the Enemy roster for season 3.



Many fans and analysts alike are shocked by the news, as Adjust was a vital player in Enemy’s run from the 5th place team in the Fall Split to 2nd place at the World Championships


Captain and support for Enemy, PainDeViande, did release a twitlonger explaining the decision for the time being, pointing to the need of a more vocal jungler for season 3.

Also in the twitlonger, Pain says Enemy has 4 current Free Agent junglers they are going to give trials to for the open spot.
The first speculated player is Mask3d, who played with COG Gaming at the start of season 2 before being banned for a year for account sharing. Masked has always been seen in a high regard by many in the community, and has a real knack for the jungle role.

The second speculated player is Wolfy2032, was recently brought on to the team as an analyst no less than two days ago. Wolfy has seen his stint in the SPL from season 1 on Thurst Gaming, and is most notable for his ability to play mid, solo, and jungle at a high level. Wolfy has said in the past he is content with being just an analyst for teams, but he could be catching the competitive bug again.

While not on the likely list of replacements, DareToCare is a top Free Agent right now for the jungle after his successful year with Eager in season 2. Pain mentioned he wanted a more vocal jungler, and Dare fits the bill, as he was key to the Eager comms last season.

The last and I think most promising speculation to fill Adjust’s spot on Enemy is another player from Eager last season, mid laner Lassiz. Before he became a mid laner, Lassiz was a highly touted jungler in his days with Team Dignitas in season 1. If you’re a fan of Lassiz and his stream, you would know he’s been very adamant on trying to play in the jungle again for season 3, and has almost solely played the role in ranked. What makes it more interesting was his strange 10-15 min muted conversation on stream a few days ago, where he informed the viewers afterwards that he may have an organization to play with for the upcoming season. Pain just so happened to appear in the chat moments later, and Adjust would be let go shortly after. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Lassiz wearing the red and black next season.

Don’t be shocked if this is only the first of many “shocking” roster changes for season 3. Omega has reiterated both at SWC and on his stream that he believes every single team in the NA SPL will have some sort of new roster next season. Buckle in guys, we’re in for a ride.

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– Sean