FIFA 15/16: VPN 2015 Awards/Year in Review

VPN 2015 Awards/Year in Review

Before I start, I would like to point out that the seasons taken into account are:

  • ACL Seasons 9-11
  • AVL Season 6 & 7
  • AVL Champion’s League & Europa League

I would also like to say that 2015 saw a lot of different things happen to the FVPAA that have changed the landscape of the VPN as we know it. We saw a whole new set of Admins come in, teams created, fold, and come back again, a different wave of champions in ACL with Serenity and an improbable run to the title in AVL Champion’s League with Atletico Madrid. The league has progressed and regressed in a countless number of ways; 2016 could prove to be a huge turning point in the league and could pave the way for the future of the FVPAA. Let’s look at some of the top stories that made 2015 so special:

Serenity Finally Wins Their Title

FC Serenity was arguably one of the most teased teams in the league for having the biggest egos with nothing to back it up. From people like LickMyBalotelli, to Lucio l 3 l, and to Birgerk1ng, all these players had the ego of a title holder, without the title. In season 9 though, the tides had changed and Serenity led by streets1014 won their title and finally were able to shut everyone up about their 10-0 crucifixion by Unleashed in seasons past when they were known as The Rec Center. This title propelled them to go on and win a second title in ACL Season 10 to be back to back champions.

Miracle Madrid

At the beginning of 2015, barely anybody knew who JimmY x JoneS was; but by the end of the year, everybody has at least heard of him and how he got a Champion’s League title with AVL Atletico Madrid in season 7. JimmY x JoneS (at the time) was being recalled as the guy who mercilessly picked up Walker l 2 l and Zephy l 7 l without consent, and they would tell everybody how bad the team was. Well Jimmy eventually traded both of his best players away and picked up Aclrian and Cherry I 10 I as replacements. After the window, Atletico went on a late season run to finish in a decent position in the table, but in Champion’s League they took out EPL Giant Manchester City, who was the favorite to win, 4-0 over two legs. This started a streak of upsets that led to them winning the Champion’s League out of nowhere and shocking the VPN. There was no bigger surprise in the year.

Dragonz Get Their Flame Put Out

Going into this game, Viva Futbol was the highly favored team, and for good reason. Viva won the league in the regular season and they were a force to be reckoned with. After struggling against Fc FiFa HoLiCz and FC Phoenix in the earlier rounds though, it seemed as though they were vulnerable. FC Dragonz finished 2nd in the league and were still doubted to even make the Finals. After beating Rare Footage in the first round, and knocking out 2-time defending champs FC Serenity, Dragonz were confident they could take out the highly-touted Viva squad. Very quickly that confidence turned into sorrow and disappointment as Viva clicked on all cylinders in the Finals and thrashed the inexperienced Dragonz with 7 goals over 2 legs. Dragonz are likely to return in 2016 but they’re loss in the finals will not be forgotten by anyone anytime soon.

A Change for the Better… Right?

For so long the VPN was under the reign of Adriani10, tgpdtp, and secretary Gordon23 x. Then out of the blue, after many rumblings of corruption and lying to the community, they all stepped down mid-season and the community was distraught. Soon after Ronaldinho x l0 and Cheeky Vision stepped up to lead the community and brought in ll Foehammer ll, Forevershiek, and That Bottleface to cover up the other Admin positions. Now though, after all of the change due to poor admin decisions and poor handling of the community, the VPN is in even more question about the intellect of their Admins. AVL Season 8 has just started and people are already calling it the worst ever. Me personally, I don’t think we’ll ever have good enough Admins to satisfy the community’s wants and needs, but I would love to be proven wrong.

VPN 2015 Team of the Year


GK – Birgerk1ng – 2 ACL Titles, 61 total Clean Sheets, ACL Season 9 Clean Sheet Leader

CB – Viva Pep – 1 ACL Title, 61 total Clean Sheets, ACL Season 10 Clean Sheet Leader

CB – Ramani x – 2 ACL Titles (2 different teams), 1 AVL Title, 75 total Clean Sheets, ACL Season 9 Clean Sheet Leader, AVL Season 7 Clean Sheet Leader

CB – Aztecas l 8 l – 2 ACL Titles, 44 total Clean Sheets, ACL Season 11 Clean Sheet Leader.

CDM – Rewind l 7 l – 1 ACL Title, 9 goals 17 assists.

CDM – tgpdtp – 1 ACL Titles, 7 Goals 8 assists.

RM – Midget l 23 – 49 goals, 51 assists.

LM – Omar l 1 l – 2 ACL Titles, 31 goals 42 assists

CAM – Viva Suarez – 1 ACL Title, 76 goals 54 assists

ST – Viva Calvo – 1 ACL Title,104 goals 62 assists, AVL Season 6 Assist Leader, ACL Season 11 MVP Winner, Best Offensive Player

ST – Draxler x10 -1 ACL Title, 1 AVL Title, 84 goals 69 goals, AVL Season 7 Assist Leader

 TOTY 2015

VPN 2015 Awards

Most Improved Player: Midget l 23

Honorable Mentions: Clutch l 23 l, ll Foehammer ll, l EcuaDT 10 l

Best Team: FC Serenity

Honorable Mentions: Viva Futbol, AVL Manchester City

Worst Team: Sporting Elite

Honorable Mentions: Astros Football, AVL Reading

Worst Player to Get Team of the Season: Ronaldinho x10

Honorable Mention: Everest l 42 l

Best Playoff Performance: Viva Futbol in 7-0 victory over FC Dragonz

Honorable Mentions: Vardy l 9 I vs AVL Norwich, Rejectum vs AVL Arsenal

2015 Wasn’t Their Year Award: IToniGI

Honorable Mentions: Viva Ideen, Henriques l 3 l

Most Likely to Improve: FP l Alaba 27

Honorable Mentions: Lvl 0 Arcanine, Live Easily

Most Likely to Decline: Joker l 1 l

Honorable Mentions:  Paul l 5 l, Boateng x

Best Single-Season Performance: Ramani x (ACL Season 9)

Honorable Mentions: Viva Calvo (ACL Season 11), Vardy l 9 I (AVL Season 6)

Biggest Disappointment: FC Serenity finally winning an ACL

Honorable Mentions: Viva Ideen’s rapid decline, FC Dragonz performance in the Finals of ACL Season 11

Worst Player to Win a Title: l John x l

Honorable Mentions: nojsoccer12, Jnice17

2015 Awards


Ballon D’Or Winner and Finalists

The 2015 seasons that occurred in the VPN were incredible seasons full of drama, blowouts, controversy, and everything that makes these tournaments great. Players have improved, a new wave of players are on the horizon, and the last ACL was the most competitive one yet, and more teams are being formed so the talent is being more spread. Throughout the year though, you saw certain players stick out from the rest and their efforts will be noticed. I will be going with members who were the most valuable to all teams they played on and how well they played throughout the year. Without further ado, here are the top 10 finalists for the Ballon D’Or, and your 2015 winner.

10.) Viva Reyes

9.) streets1014

8.) Birgerk1ng

7.) Midget l 23

6.) Aztecas l 8 l

5.) Viva Suarez

4.) Dylshkin 67x

3.) Ramani x

2.) Draxler x10

And the winner of the Ballon D’Or is…

Viva Calvo

Not a surprise to many that he is the winner of the award but he certainly has earned it and proven his value. At the beginning of 2015, he was managing his club Unleashed (RIP) and even though they were on a gradual decline, he was still showing up, his team just wasn’t the same. Calvo eventually made his way to Viva Futbol to lead them to another title while having one of his best seasons ever with 28 goals and 10 assists. Even in his “down” seasons with Unleashed, he put up 15 goals and 9 assists in ACL Season 9 and followed that with 23 goals and 12 assists in ACL Season 10. What might be even more impressive though, is that he was just as good, if not better, in his AVL seasons. In AVL Season 6, he managed Chelsea and had 18 goals and 19 assists then in AVL Season 7 produced 20 goals and 12 assists for Crystal Palace. Calvo has constantly proven that he is always a threat and is undoubtedly the best at what he does. Calvo is the Ballon D’Or and doesn’t look like he will slow down in 2016. Congratulations to Viva Calvo and the rest of the Ballon D’Or Finalists!

2015 is now over and we look forward to 2016 and what will happen in the VPN. Will there be another Admin change amongst the community? Will we see new faces win an ACL? Will aVL finally do something different? Who knows. IF 2016 is anything like 2015, it should be quite interesting.