Xbox Invitational Semi-Final #2 Preview: eGr v EnvyUs

As we progress into day three of SWC, the game that not everyone is talking about is the Xbox Invitational Semifinal #2 between EnvyUs & Team eGr. Team eGr was the first team to qualify for the Invitational through the UMG LAN held at HiRez studios. They’ve been dominating the Xbox scene since it’s very beginning and the core of the roster has stayed the same besides the addition of Jungler Matt Koiz and Support Jelly. On the side of EnvyUs, many may know the majority of their roster from the PC team whom despite finishing in first place of the Fall Split in the North American Region, they were unable to qualify for SWC at the Super Regionals. EnvyUs landed the fourth and final spot at SWC by stampeding past eLevate and Orbit to win the Open Bracket by a landslide.

So now I will break down the matchup that everyone in the Xbox scene is waiting for, Lane-by-Lane.



Well there’s really not too much to say about Omega other than the fact we can almost all agree he is the best Solo laner in Smite and arguably one of the best overall players. Since his unsuccessful run at a second world championship on PC, he joined the EnvyUs team and so far on console has showed off his experience as a previous professional console player. He of all the players on the Envy xbox team, look the most comfortable playing with a controller in his hand and hasn’t shown any troubles adapting.

When asked about how he feels facing a top Xbox team and Solo laner, Omega stated:

“I’m not really worried, none of the Xbox Solo laners are very good so I should be fine.”


Many of you who may have been following the Xbox scene for quite some time may remember that Dwurst was once the Hunter for this eGr team. Before he made the role swap he was widely known as the best Hunter on Xbox and always saw very good success while playing. A few roster changes resulted in Dwurst being moved to Solo where he has done nothing but accel. Throughout the entirety of the Pro League, Dwurst found himself very successful against opposing mid-laners but facing Omega will be a task that he hasn’t dealt with competitively.

Matchup Prediction

I’ve been covering Xbox Smite for quite some time now and truly can’t remember a time that Dwurst has lost lane but I think that day might come today. Omega has had an answer for every Solo laner he has faced. However there were a few mistakes made in his matchup v Orbit and Sealcar was able to Solo him and punish him for trying to proxy his minion wave between his tier one and tier two towers. I believe if Omega tries these cocky like plays against Dwurst that Dwurst can not only punish him but also keep the advantage he is given off of it. This matchup should be a very interesting one and I think it will really come down to how well Dwurst can contain Omega as well as be effective for his team in late game team fights.


Matt Koiz

Matt Koiz has been a part of the of the Xbox scene for quite some time but started out his competitive career on Jumping is Useless now known as Onslaught. Matt wasn’t originally recognized as the best Jungler on Xbox but after he declared his Free Agency and joined eGr there has been little to no question on whether or not he is at the top. In almost every situation that eGr has been struggling, Matt has been able to carry this eGr squad past all the trouble. Matt had a lot of success in the Pro League and has done amazing at every LAN but one thing he hasn’t faced is a Jungler with the mental knowledge and skill as Weak3n.


Weak3n widely renowned as a top Jungler on PC but not necessarily the best has been doing a good job on Xbox Smite. His god pool is quite large but while playing on PC he has in the past tended to play more supportive junglers instead of lethal ones. However, with the current meta his favorite pick in Mercury is a really strong pick and he is absolutely deadly on this god. Weak3n’s knowledge of the game is second to none and he has not struggled at all on Xbox.

Matchup Prediction

I think everyone knows that Weak3n is the better Jungler but I however think that Matt Koiz is a force to be reckoned with. He has a ton of experience with a controller while Weak3n is still getting used to having a controller in his hand. Weak3n has shown that he is not strong in the early game on Xbox and I think Matt and Sam in the midlane will absolutely punish Envy for this. So for this matchup I choose Matt Koiz to outplay Weak3n but I’m not so sure if that can be enough for eGr in this matchup.



Sambam has been solid in the midlane for this eGr team since the beginning. Sam has always brought really solid performances regardless if the rest of the team is struggling and this is something that will be very important today. Sam has always had a really large god pool with in the meta picks and this is something that will also be useful for eGr as they may need to try some different strategies against a great EnvyUs side. What goes down in the mid lane will be what really decides how this matchup goes.


Allied is a widely known PC Smite player but he is known on PC to be in the Hunter role rather than in Mid and this is something that could punish this EnvyUs team. Allied however has done a very solid job in Mid so far on Xbox but he has also struggled in the early game which could be a huge problem in this set. Allied has played some rather off-meta picks in Mid lane but they have worked well so this could be something that will mess with eGr’s mindset in this set.

I asked Allied if we could expect to see some uncommon draft picks and how he was preparing to play against SamBam.

“You might see me play some uncommon gods. Gods like Kukulkan are just really good to play on Xbox because you can’t really move out of the way very easily. 

We’ve scrimmed eGr a lot and they really are the ones who taught us the meta so tonight should be some good games and I hope they are closely contested. I have almost three years of experience playing competitively while Sam only has since Xbox I believe so that should be in my advantage.”

Matchup Prediction

As well as with the matchup in the Jungle, I know that Allied is just a better Smite player with more experience with the game but SamBam has been a rock for this eGr squad throughout all LAN’s and the Pro League and will continue to do so on the main stage. I think that Sam will be able to punish Allied and Weak3n for the lack of early game presence but whether their success in the mid lane can carry over into late game team fights is a huge question mark for them.



Jelly is the best Support on Xbox and the only person who even gives him contest is Kenshin. Jelly has a tendency to play more aggressive supports and those are the ones we see him be really successful on and force down the fact that eGr is better than the opposing team. Jelly’s mechanics at Support are his greatest upside and has been why he is so successful. He’ll have to flawless today against an amazing Envy side if he wants to help his team win.

I asked Jelly how he expects his aggressive Support style to work against Envy and how he feels going up against them.

“I like to play a lot of aggressive supports like Bachus and Ares. They should end up working out really well against Envy because they like to play squishier gods and those picks have some burst damage to counter those squishy gods.

I’m really excited to get up on the main stage and play. We’ve done really well at LAN’s to date and playing on LAN is a lot more fun than playing online. It will be awesome to play in front of a huge crowd as well.”


Kiki just recently moved to Support at the end of the Fall Split for the PC team and actually found zero success as they didn’t qualify for Worlds. So far on Xbox though he has been quite successful but has ran into some problems with the mechanics. You’ll see him making smaller mistakes like Geb shielding the wrong person or missing khepri ult. This is something that could be a huge problem for Envy if eGr can keep this game close.

Matchup Prediction

I think that Jelly will just provide a more solid performance in this matchup. A lot of the final result will come down to the carry’s but I think Jelly will be able to outplay Kiki and be more crucial if the team needs to fall on the Support. Regardless, this matchup should prove to be the best Xbox match we’ve seen.



AirCougar started off in the Xbox scene and on this team as a Jungler but with the addition of Matt Koiz he moved to ADC. He has been impressive while at the role but has struggled at times which is something that can’t happen today. AirCougar has a lot to prove today not only as an ADC but as a leader of this team. This is probably the first time that eGr has gone into a match as an underdog and how they react to this will show how great of a leader Cougar is and what the mindset of this team is.


Cyclone has always been a mechanical monster, really making his name in a back to back pentakill game for Envy against Cloud9. The only struggle that can be foreseen for Cyclone is the lack of experience at the ADC role. He has been very successful so far on Xbox however, putting up a really solid performance as Chiron and Xbalanque. His rotations in the mid and late game have been what have turned the games into stampedes for Envy so far.

After watching the Open Bracket, I noticed that Cyclone had only played Xbal and Chiron so I asked him the reasoning behind that.

“There aren’t that many really good ADC’s to play on Xbox and with Sol on auto ban there isn’t too much to choose from.”

Matchup Prediction

I don’t think AirCougar has the mechanics to take Cyclone out but I do think he may be able to hold his own if he gets a good god choice that he is comfortable with. If eGr wants to remain in this game however, they need to do everything they can to shut down Cyclone and prevent him from being able to carry Envy out of the early game. The laning phase for the Duo Lane will be an exciting matchup to watch.

Match Prediction

As much as I would love to see my Xbox originals come away with this set. I think that the experience and skill level of this EnvyUs team is just too much to handle. I do think that there is a gap and a window for them to seize a victory Envy. I personally think this matchup will come down to how much Omega and Cyclone can carry this Envy team and whether Dwurst and AirCougar can stand toe to toe with them come late game. Only time will tell! Make sure to tune-in after Cloud9 v. Epsilon on