SWC Semifinal Predictions

Cloud9 vs Epsilon –

This is the matchup we’ve all been waiting to see. The defending World Champions (or 4/5ths as Omega wants everyone to know) Cloud9 versus the all star, nearly unbeatable Epsilon. In a true clash of the titans, Epsilon and Cloud9 have been the most consistent and most dominant teams in Smite since the Fall Split. Both teams boast some of the best players in Smite, as well as both MVPs of the Fall Split in BaRRaCCuDDa and Adapting. Here’s a rundown of the matchups, and who i think will win.

Duo Lane: BaRRaCCuDDa/JeffHindla vs emilitoo/iRaffer – In this matchup, both teams have the best duo in their respective regions. BaRRa and JeffHindla have been playing together for over two years now, while emilitoo and iRaffer have only been together since Epsilon was formed. Comparatively in each role, both Cloud9 players are a tad stronger than their Epsilon counterparts, and with their history together, put the C9 duo ahead of Epsilon in this matchup.

Mid Lane: MLC_St3alth vs Yammyn – MLC has been considered the most consistent and mechanical mid laner in Smite since his amazing performances on Scylla at SWC 2015. Known to hit his abilities and make them count, Stealth is a force in every Cloud9 game, and compliments jungler Andinster very well. On the side of Epsilon, Yammyn is a very technical and smart player, yet is young in his Smite career. Stealth should have the upperhand in this matchup with his experience at Worlds and his overall skill level.

Solo Lane: Baskin vs Dimi – Both players are very young and very new to the top level of Smite, and both are rising stars in the Smite pro community. Baskin has the slight upperhand in terms of competitive history, playing on Denial and COG during the 2015 season, but Dimi has more technical skill. Baskin has been known to be solo’d while Dimi is famous for almost never dying. The edge here goes to the German from Epsilon.
Jungle: Andinster vs Adapting – The matchup everyone cares about. Andinster, the best jungler in North America and some say the World, versus Adapting, Europe’s MVP and best mechanical player Smite has seen. Both play a wide variety of assassins, and to an exceptional standard. While Andi has the experience, there’s not enough in my eyes to split the difference and choose who is better. Both have proven they can carry their team, and both have played their best so far this tournament. This matchup is a wash.

Overall, Cloud9 has more experience in these big games and are as confident as ever. Epsilon have played great up to this point and really showed off their prowess when they decimated Fnatic in the 2nd game of their quarterfinals match. Indeed these teams are playing the best Smite at the moment, I give the 60/40 advantage to Cloud9, dependent on the duo and solo lane winning early. Look for Cloud9 to win the first nail biter of this SWC, 3-2.

Paradigm vs Enemy

In a game of veterans against rookies, David vs Goliath, Enemy set off to shock the world yet again and beat the number one seeded Paradigm. Paradigm have been together for long time and synergize well with each other, as well as the ability to play a wide variety of gods in their roles. Enemy have surged onto the scene, beating EnVy and TSM on their way to securing their spot here at SWC 2016. Enemy have taken no prisoners thus far in the tournament, destroying Avante Garde, Fnatic, and PaiN on their way to this semifinal matchup. No longer considered a real underdog but more of a true threat, Enemy will look to silence the haters once more with a win against Paradigm. Here are the breakdowns by role.

Duo Lane: FunBaller/Trixtank vs Vetium/PainDeViande – Funballer and Trix have been a dynamic duo since they joined forces earlier this year. Both have a tremendous amount of experience, as well as success, having been playing since the Launch Tournament and placing high in almost everything they have played. On the other side, Vetium and PainDeViande have upped their skill in the last few months where I don’t think they fear anyone. These guys have been amazing, with Vetium showing off that he may indeed be up there in the top 3 category for adcs in Smite, and PainDeViande playing fantastic in the support role and playcalling. If this was during the Fall Split, I would give the advantage to Paradigm, but right now the hot hand is with Enemy, and these boys can’t be beat.

Mid Lane: Lawbster vs Khaos – Lawbster is a seasoned veteran like the rest of this Paradigm squad, having been around since the inception of competitive Smite. Khaos however is a green thumb, but has quickly adapted his play in recent weeks to prove he can compete with the best. While Khaos seems to favor the mage gods for the mid lane, Lawbster has shown he can play virtually anything, with Neith, Sol, and Chronos among his off meta picks. With his array of gods to choose from, Lawbster has little to no matchups he can’t win. Strength goes to Paradigm.

Jungle: QvoFred vs Adjust – In the jungle role, both of these guys have been playing exceptional, especially Adjust, who has come a long way like the rest of the Enemy team. QvoFred, another veteran of the game, has been on the cusp of solid, and versatile hunters since the beginning of Smite. Both players play a mean Serqet, so expect her to be instabanned every game. In this matchup, I give the advantage to Qvo and his experience with not only his teammates, but also the limelight.

Solo Lane: Xaliea vs SaltMachine – Both are exceptional solo laners, with Xaliea being the best solo laner in Europe, and SaltMachine becoming better and better every day. While SaltMachine is known for his Bellona, Xing Tian, and other front line gods, Xaliea often opts into hybrid itemization in his gods, allowing him to play the front line while also carry if need be. As one of the premiere solo laners and one of a very few Omega himself says he has a hard time playing against, Xaliea comes out the better player in this matchup.

Paradigm are perennial powerhouses, and have been in this situation before, playing on the biggest stages Smite has to offer. Meanwhile, Enemy have embraced the doubt everyone has thrown at them and use it as the spark that fuels their amazing run thus far. However, all good stories must come to an end, and the one of Enemy will end at the hands of Paradigm, 3-1.