SWC Day 2 Synopsis

Paradigm vs. OMG B

OMG looked to be well prepared for game 1. Knowing the god choices of Paradigm, OMG took Freya and Bacchus from the PDG duo lane, and came out strong early in game 1, being able to get a quick gold lead on two early kills. However, the strategy they employed only worked for so long, as the more experienced team was able to snowball their lead and punish the inexperienced Chinese squad.
Game 2 was hardly close from the start. An invade by PDG at the OMG speed buff got QvoFred up early on Thor, and PDG just forced their lead from there, aggressively ganking every lane behind the fed jungler.
Paradigm sweeps the set, 2-0

In the interviews after the game, OMG B spoke about their chances against the number one seeded Paradigm, and said they felt quite good about their chances, having scrimmed against PDG earlier in the week. They went on to say they felt they actually played better on stage than they did in the scrims.
In regards to picking Bacchus and Freya, OMG felt comfortable taking away their favorite gods and playing them.
In the 2nd game, OMG tried to counter pick against Paradigm, and said they were very uncomfortable on those gods, and wished they would’ve stuck to their own god pools.
After being down early to OMG in game 1, Paradigm commented that they weren’t shook up and knew they would get beaten early, but were confident in their late game team comp, and confident they would win.
In regards to the game 2 invade by PDG at the OMG speed buff, coach Dazer commented that they knew OMG, like many of these international teams, only performed well when they were ahead and didn’t know how to fight back once they were behind.
QvoFred commented on his Thor choice, after struggling to play the god in the Fall Split and Super Regionals, claiming that Thor is too good of a god to give to the opposing team, so you have to be good with him, practicing him a lot since Super Regionals, to the point where he’s very confident on the assassin.
In game 2, Funballer picked Ullr into a more dominant OMG duo lane, stating it’s a god he’s very comfortable on, and even though the matchup didn’t favor PDG, he knew he was capable to carry.
Finally, PDG felt very confident they would be playing Enemy in the semifinals, stating they wouldn’t have been very prepared for PaiN, however have scrimmed Enemy enough to feel confident in their matchup on Saturday. Paradigm is also really excited at the possibility of playing against the defending champs, Cloud9, for the title if they indeed make it.

Top Performer Gm 1: FunBaller on Chiron
Top Performer Gm 2: QvoFred on Thor

Enemy vs. PaiN

As we have seen with many of the games with international teams, PaiN was able to control the early game in the duo and mid lanes, pushing Enemy under tower. But yet again, the more experienced and polished team was able to come back and make the right moves. PainDeViande played a great Geb, finding the shields on all of his low HP teammates, allowing Enemy to sustain longer in the team fights than PaiN, thus winning them the game.
The second game of the set was much more died down in terms of kills and team fights, with Enemy looking to just play the objective game. Adjust seemed to be feeling himself from his Serqet play in Game 1 and was first blooded at the mid harpies at sub 2 minutes. That first blood was the only bright spot for PaiN in this game however, as Enemy played much less aggressive, farmed up, and sieged the map one tower at a time until they were too far ahead to control.
Enemy wins the set, 2-0

In the interviews after the game, Vetium spoke on the current state of international teams and their skill to perform against the best teams. Stating the international teams haven’t really played well, but rather it was early mistakes from the SPL teams that were allowing these teams wiggle room due to their unknown strategies.
PainDeViande spoke about their passive playstyle in game 2, stating the loser of that game would be playing game 3 in fear and a better chance at losing the set, so Enemy opted to play smart and play the objective game.
Enemy are all very confident to match up against Paradigm, having scrimmed them this week, with PainDeViande stating they still have some tricky team comps up their sleeve to combat Paradigm.

Top Performer Gm 1: Adjust as Serqet
Top Performer Gm 2: SaltMachine on Bellona

Cloud9 vs. QG Reapers

“Easy games, easy life”, the direct quote from captain and jungler Andinster during the pre-game interview on stage. As expected, it was just that for the reigning World Champs, as they completely annihilated the 2nd place team out of China. The only fun part about watching this set was getting to see the hometown hero, BaRRaCCuDDa, finally play, as well as him teasing an Ah Muzen Cab god choice, only to break our hearts to play Chiron. Domination was the name of the game for Cloud9, only having roughly 6 deaths in the two game set, compared to the almost 40 kills they racked up. Cloud9 will have a much tougher test as they face iRaffer and Epsilon for the chance at defending their World Championship on Sunday.

At the interview after the set, QG felt they had the early advantage, but unfortunately misplays held them back from getting anything out of it.
MasterLu, QG’s adc commented how difficult it was to lane against BaRRa based on his overall skill and his passive play, jokingly calling him a “weenie”.
After exciting the crowd with an Anubis pick in the group stages, QG mid laner Night stated he loves the god and chose him in hopes that HiRez would make him better and more viable.
Cloud9 had a lot to say in the interviews after the set against QG.
In regards to god choices against QG, BaRRa stated the Khepri/Chiron picks were just safe, quality picks and wouldn’t show their hand for the next round against Epsilon.
Cloud9 were very confident in their ability to beat anyone, stating once they ban the OP gods out, the game becomes a matchup of us vs you, with overall skill being the deciding factor.
JeffHindla commented that he was ready for QG’s Ne Zha’s support, and was well aware of his power and synergy with a Neith adc.
The Cloud9 team stated they didn’t know much about the Epsilon team in terms of experience against them, having played them only once.
Baskin: feels he’ll be fine against Dimi in the solo, although he’s not very familiar with Dimi or the team itself
Andinster: Not going to concern himself with what Adapting picks, instead focusing on his own god choice, as he feels more confident in his teammates to win their lane and let him play freely.

Top Performer Gm 1: Andinster as Thor
Top Performer Gm 2: MLC_St3alth as Nox

Fnatic vs. Epsilon

The most hyped game of the day, everyone at home was looking forward to seeing the scrim partners from the Fall Split battle it out for a spot in the semifinals. Fnatic, the most tenured team in Smite, versus Epsilon, who have been nearly unstoppable behind MVP jungler Adapting. Game 1 lived up to the bill, with a fight at Fire Giant late in the game securing Epsilon a Deicide and ultimately Fnatic’s titan. With the room buzzing, comfort picks came out for game 2, with Realzx’s famed Rama at adc, as well as Adapting playing the hyper carry Mercury in the jungle. What looked to be another high performance tight matchup between the two turned into a quick slaughter by Epsilon, starting with an invade on Fnatic’s speed buff, killing ManiaKK. This tactic by Epsilon put the most dangerous player in Smite ahead, and kept FNC jungler CaptainTwig behind in experience, which he was never able to make up.

After the set, CaptainTwig commented on his peculiar choice of Winged Blade on Hun Batz in the group stages, stating he had to change the itemization on the god based on the opposition’s team comp, and moved back to the basic item build against Epsilon accordingly.
Fnatic were very confident in their chances against Epsilon, with captain Realzx stating they weren’t worried about giving Thor to Adapting, having known what he can and cannot do with the god.
Newly appointed coach and advisor, Krett stated his role in the team was simply to help them focus and prepare rather than his own “theory crafting” since he hadn’t had much time with the team to prepare for such a change.
On the Epsilon side, iRaffer talked about the leveling up of the Ymir wall over the damaging abilities, stating it was a strategy the team had worked on against gods like Zhong Kui to keep them out of fights for as long as possible.
Adapting was very confident in his choice of Mercury for the 2nd game against the team comp of Fnatic and his ease at playing the god.
Following that, Adapting also stated the invade on Fnatic’s buffs was originally just to steal the buff, but when Fnatic chose to fight back, they ended up with the early kill.

Top Performer Gm 1: Dimi as Xing Tian
Top Performer Gm 2: Adapting as Mercury