Top Performers of SWC Day 1

Here are five players who had spectacular performances for their teams on Day one of the Smite World Championships.

Adapting – It comes as no surprise that the European MVP balled out in the first day of the SWC. His work on Hun Batz in their first game against Isurus was phenomenal. The jungler for Epsilon see
med to be on point with every ultimate and every ability; the jungler was almost perfect throughout the entire day. If he was a quarterback in the NFL, he would have received a perfect QB rating.

Vetium – Vetium has without a doubt put himself in the conversation as one of the best hunters in the game of Smite. He played lights out against one of the best hunters in Europe, Realzx, and ended up carrying Enemy late game to secure them their second win of the day, and a seat into the knockout stages. He will match up against Arkanja when Enemy plays PaiN Gaming in the quarters, and should be able to bully his lane and ultimately help secure Enemy a spot in the semifinals.

ManiaKK – QG Reapers did themselves a great disservice when they allowed ManiaKK to play Bellona in their first match of the day. One of his favorite and best gods, the Portuguese solo laner has been critical for Fnatic thus far and will need to play at his best next round, when he faces against one of the best solo laners in the world, Epsilon’s Dimi.

PainDeViande – The captain and support for Enemy had a fantastic day at his first trip to Worlds, helping his team finish 2-0 in the group stage. Pain has a great amount of confidence, each time telling the interviewer before games “the hardest thing in this game will be putting on the headphones”. While some may see it as bad manners (BM) or just plain arrogance, he and his team sure backed it up, beating both teams convincingly.

Emilitoo – The man is just good. Flat out good at his craft. We haven’t seen someone play Anhur the way he did against PaiN Gaming since BaRRaCCuDDa in game 5 of the World Finals last year. He didn’t miss an impale when it mattered, and was able to set up a lot of kills for his team. He will have to be at his best against Fnatic, as Realzx will surely be playing some of the best hyper carries in the game in Freya, Sol, and Rama in their set.